The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 135

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What, You Want Me to Kill the Emperor?

     “I don’t believe it. Qin furen looks so kind ah.”

    But soon, Nan Xun quickly slapped herself on the face.1Anyone notice? Every world Nan Xun goes into and person she wears, that vessel’s family always uses her in some way? 1st world was a sacrifice to the big boss. 2nd world uncle sold or try to sell her to old man for sexual abuse. 3rd world daddy Li Chen raises his wife since toddler. 4th world Nan Xun too shameless so wants to get rid of her for justice

    Qin furen hesitated for a moment, then suddenly said, “Yao’er, now the Qin family has become the target of the public. Originally, Xianwang was more involved with the Qin family, but now there’s less movement.”

    Nan Xun’s eyes twitched. Xianwang really wanted to lean on the big tree of the Qin family.  

    Qin furen earnestly said, “Yao’er, this tyrant’s natural disposition is cruel and bloody, he carries out a despotic rule. He isn’t the master of this dynasty. Although my Qin family is loyal, they aren’t blindly loyal. Do you know what mother means?”

    Nan Xun was still in a daze, but Qin furen had already put a packet of powder in her hand and lowered her voice: “Put this powder into the tyrant’s meal and give it to him for ten days.”

    Nan Xun was so scared that she almost couldn’t hold it. “Mom, do you want me …to commit regicide?”

    Qin furen replied, “Yao’er, it’s not poison. It’s just medicine that will slowly paralyze him. Your grandfather and the first emperor fought for this kingdom together. That kingdom can’t be ruined by the tyrant’s hands like this. Your brother, mother and father believes that Xianwang should be the master of this dynasty and it should be handed over to him.

    Nan Xun’s mouth twitched, this was no different from poison. It’s a wonder how Xianwang gave the Qin family the waters of oblivion2mythological magic potion to bewitch for the Qin family to make such a decision.

    Her mother was forcing her to make a decision. On one hand, she had supreme glory and was pampered by the tyrant. On the other hand, she was still a member of her big Qin family. If she chooses her family, the tyrant will be finished, but if she doesn’t, the Qin family will perish.

    What Nan Xun doubts now was whether Yanmo Han knew whether the Qin family had already allied with Xianwang’fu. If he did, why did he let her have more contact with the Qin family?

    Is this Yanmo Han’s test?

    Thinking of this possibility, Nan Xun’s whole body went rigid. She asked little eight whether the big boss left a spy here and if they could hear her conversation with her mother and would report it back to the big boss’s ear?

    Little eight rightfully replied: Yes ah, you’re asking a stupid question.3Suppose to be an asshole remark with sarcasm

    Nan Xun was so frightened that she pushed the powder back into her mother’s hand. “Mother, the emperor treats me so well that I can’t do what you ask.” 

    Qin furen pushed the powder back. “Yao’er, take this powder first. Mother doesn’t want you to make a decision right away. It’s not too late to make a decision after you think about it.”  

    Nan Xun felt that they were rudely pushing and pulling others,4to evade responsibility and push it onto others thus she accepted this medicine powder.

    But as soon as she received the powder, her mother immediately threw another bombshell.

    Her mother suddenly said, “Yao’er, mother is afraid of upsetting you and didn’t want to tell you, but she really doesn’t want you to be coerced by that tyrant. He’s just a heartless man.”

    With a sigh, she looked at Nan Xun painfully and said, “The tyrant gave you infertile soup. You will never be a mother in your life.”

    “Mother, what did you say?” Nan Xun was stunned at first, then immediately widened her eyes in shock.  

    Qin furen patted her on the shoulder. “Yao’er, it’s mother who’s sorry for you. If mother had insisted on keeping you out of the palace, you won’t be like this now, alas…”5lol bro that mom forces a slow-acting medicine to her then forces her to make a decision on the spot by saying that bomb to reinforce family before tyrants – the honest and upright Qin family is sure throws shade on people

    When she left, Nan Xun couldn’t return to her senses and quickly asked little eight, “How does my mother know about this?”

    Little eight said, “Of course, Xianwang said and his spy is deeply hidden, even if the big boss is reborn, not all of them can be discovered.”

    Nan Xun sighed, “It’s really the child of fate, even if the big boss is left hanging to dry. Little eight, I ask you, if I eliminate the evil value of the big boss in advance, he won’t be killed by Xianwang?”  

    Little eight hesitated for a moment, “Life can be preserved, but I don’t think he can preserve the throne. He’s already notorious. I think it’s a bit too much. In fact, compared with the original, the big boss has become more benevolent under your influence, but he’s still a tyrant in the eyes of outsiders.”

    After a pause, little eight said again: “According to the trajectory of the original world, in less than three months, Xianwang and the Qin family will begin to make their big moves. Do you think before that, you can eliminate all of the big boss’s evil values?”

    Nan Xun thought quietly for a while, and her drooping eyes suddenly lifted, “Impossible, there’s not enough time.”

    On the way back to the Moon Palace, Nan Xun directly poured that packet of powder into the water while the big boss stared at her. Wasn’t she courting death by holding onto this packet of powder?

    Little eight suddenly said, “Why did you pour it into the pond ah? There are so many fishes in this pond, what if you poisoned them?”

    Nan Xun yelled ah, “I just forgot! By tomorrow early morning, wouldn’t all the fishes in the pond be turned over on their white bellies? Then, I will feel really guilty.”

    When Nan Xun returned, Yanmo Han was already waiting in the Moon Palace. Now, he basically moved his government affairs to the Moon Palace. If he had nothing to do, he would catch Nan Xun to bake pancakes and then be chewed out by her for being a spermatozoon brain. 

    Seeing that Nan Xun had return, Yanmo Han skillfully carried her in his own arms and continued to read the secret report on the table.

    Nan Xun adjusted into a comfortable posture in his arms, wrapped her hands around his neck, then read with him.

    “Brother Han, this thing doesn’t look like a memorial to the emperor.”

    Yanmo Han bowed his head to kiss her face, then explained: “It’s a secret report from my spy.”

    Nan Xun was a little surprised, reached out and pinched his ear. “You can look at such an important thing in front of me. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll leak it, ah?”

    Yanmo Han suddenly put his hand down and looked at her sideways with a serious expression. “I don’t want to keep any secrets from you.”

    Nan Xun suddenly smiled brilliantly. She rubbed Yanmo Han’s face and deformed it.6Dude, what if his face was splashed with “beauty water” and she used him as a playdoh creation? Beauty water is from Tales of the Unusual on Webtoon She seemed to casually ask, “Brother Han, did you really not hide anything from me?”

    Yanmo Han thought of the report from the shadow guard. Then his eyes dimmed, and he asked instead, “Yao Yao, if I did something bad to you before, will you forgive me?” 

    Nan Xun pouted slightly. “That depends on what it is. There’s no heinous crime you can commit that won’t let me forgive you.”

    Yanmo Han hugged her fiercely and kissed the woman eagerly on her exposed slender, white, tender neck and whispered, “Yao Yao, Yao Yao, I really love you. You must believe me that no matter what I done, you must believe me …”

    That night, Yanmo Han pancakes baked like crazy. Nan Xun felt that half her life was gone, and the other half was still floating in the sky.

    Early the next morning, in the noisy imperial garden, all the fish in the pool died. They turned over and exposed their white bellies. At first glance, the palace maid screamed in fright.

    The news spread somehow. Some people hinted that this was a sign of God’s anger. God was dissatisfied with the tyrant’s rule of the country, so there was a strange phenomenon.

    Nan Xun, the culprit: …

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