The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 137

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To Decide Privately with Xianwang 

      “Yao Yao, if zhen tells you that being the emperor is imperative, will you leave me because zhen can’t fulfill your wish?” Yanmo Han suddenly asked. 

    Nan Xun froze for a moment, this answer was somewhat unexpected ah. 

    After thinking for a while, Nan Xun didn’t answer the question, “If I said yes, would the emperor set me free?” 

    When he heard this, Yanmo Han suddenly went crazy, rolled over and pressed down. He gnawed on her tender meat fiercely like a beast, “Yao Yao, you dream on! Unless I die, you won’t ever leave me for your lifetime!” 

    Little eight timely called out, “The big boss’s blackening value suddenly increased by 2 points and became 92.” 

    Nan Xun didn’t have time to respond to him. He’s blackened, but this time, a little more blackened. Isn’t this better than the previous blackening?1Daddy Li Chen chaining her to the bed cough Moreover, she was baked into a pancake again and had strawberries all over her body. She was green and purple, and if you look closely, you could see blood.   

    When Nan Xun woke up, Yanmo Han was gone. The quilt beside her was cool and showed that he left long ago.   

    It seems that the big boss attaches great importance to the throne, and it would be crazy for him to abdicate to others.  

    For three days, Yanmo Han didn’t visit the Moon Palace. 

    Cuihuan was a little worried, “Niang Niang, did you quarrel with the emperor?” 

    Nan Xun touched her head and said. “It’s okay. Ordinary couples also quarrel. Besides, the emperor and I will make up in a few days. Don’t worry, girl.” 

    In these three days, Yanmo Han didn’t come to harass Nan Xun. Nan Xun took advantage of this opportunity to plan well. Finally, she suddenly slapped the table and made an important and great decision. 

    This time, Nan Xun wished to go to Baima Temple to pray, but this was only an appearance. She had already arranged an appointment to meet with Xianwang.  

    “The emperor isn’t willing to abdicate.” Nan Xun opened the door and saw the mountain.2To get right to the point  

    Yanmo Yu had already guessed this result, so he wasn’t surprised. He smiled bitterly and said: “It seems that for the sake of this world, my brother and I can only meet on the battlefield. Although it’s a crime of great treason to force the emperor to abdicate, but if father emperor knows, he wouldn’t blame me. This world can’t be buried in the hands of emperor older brother.”  

    “Ben gong can help you.” Nan Xun suddenly said. 

    Yanmo Yu looked at her in shock, “Empress, do you want to …” 

    “Yes! However, Xianwang needs to promise a few things to ben gong. You will be the only one who knows of this. If Xianwang can do it, then ben gong will help you ascend to the throne as the new emperor. But if you destroy the bridge after crossing the river, ben gong has plenty of methods to make your name go down in history with infamy!” 

    No one knows what the two talked about in the room, but this time, the conversation between them was extraordinarily long. 

   When Nan Xun left Baima Temple, it was already two hours later.  

    On the way back, little eight calmly reminded her, “The blackening value of the big tyrant boss just increased by 5 points, and the blackening value became 97, it will be full soon.”  

    Little eight felt it was very strange that the big tyrant boss’s blackening value wasn’t the same as the previous big bosses, where it became full in one go. His blackening value was 75 in the beginning and gradually increased. 

    Nan Xun asked fearfully, “Why did the big boss’s blackening value suddenly grow? Did he find out that I met with Xianwang?” 

    No, Xianwang is a cautious person, it’s impossible that person didn’t handle the matter well.   

    Nan Xun thought she was thinking too much.  

    Yanmo Han had been waiting for a long time in the Moon Palace. When he saw Nan Xun return, he pulled people into his arms, placed the tip of his nose close to her neck and sniffed, “Yao Yao, it’s really fragrant ah, did you take a bath?”   

    When he asked this, his eyes were cold and gloomy with a tint of monstrous hatred as if he was betrayed and deceived, it emitted from the bottom of his eyes.  

    He smelled a very familiar sandalwood fragrance, which is Yanmo Yu’s favorite sandalwood. 

    This is the second time he has smelled this and both time happened to be when Yao Yao went to Baima Temple. 

    The time they spent together for a full two hours, what were they doing during this time? 

    What else can they do alone? 

    Why did Yao Yao betray him? Why! 

    Wasn’t it enough to treat her sincerely? Or she never forgave him of his deception since the beginning, and subsequently she was obedient in order to lull him into relaxing his vigilance, and still wanted to take revenge with Yanmo Yu?  

    But Yao Yao, you can take revenge on me, but why did you betray me? 

    Sadly, even if you betray me, I still can’t bear to kill you. 

    Yanmo Han hugged the woman in his arms and suddenly took a big bite on her neck. 

    Nan Xun hissed, and quickly moved his heavy head away. She rolled her eyes at him and said, “Yanmo Han, you are a dog. I didn’t bathe, but when I went to Baima Temple to pray, I got the smell of smoke all over my body. I didn’t want to come back and see you being stinky, so I changed my clothes. ” 

    Yanmo Han’s expression was a little dazed,” Yao Yao it, is it just like this? ” 

    Nan Xun squinted at him, “What else? Although Baima Temple is full of monks, monks are also men. Is it good for me to bathe there? Is it decent?”  

    Nan Xun said this very calmly, but her heart exploded, “Little eight, did the big boss find out something? Right? He must know that I met Xianwang, but how did he know? This time, I secretly talked to Xianwang for so long, he won’t think that I was doing something indescribable with Xianwang, right?”  

    Little eight hurriedly said, “Shouldn’t, the letter from the spy didn’t mention that you met with Xianwang. Xianwang is good at making things confidential.”  

    Nan Xun’s tone was very certain. “No, he’s not right. He probably knows that I met with Xianwang! It’s very dangerous. Thanks to my quick reaction just now, I didn’t reveal anything.”  

    Yanmo Han listened to Nan Xun’s explanation and murmured lowly. After a moment of being dazed, he suddenly picked up Nan Xun and went to the inner hall. As he walked, his mouth became vulgar, “Yao Yao, I especially miss you.”  

    “Yanmo Han, you—” 

    Through this pancake, Nan Xun deeply felt Yanmo Han’s uneasiness and fear. She wanted to explain that she really had nothing to do with Xianwang, but if she spoke first, that would be asking for trouble. 

    And this time, Nan Xun was very uncomfortable with the process of flipping pancakes. In the past, they heat up the pancakes and put some green onions in the pan before flipping.3heating up means foreplay, and green onions is with her getting wet before being flipped But this time, the beast did nothing and directly lifted her to fry in the oil pan, it hurt so much that she wanted to bite him.  

    The beast also bit her all over. It was like the king of beasts was patrolling his territory. If there was no problem in patrolling, he would leave a mark so that no one else would invade his territory.  

    After the beast toured the territory, he was happy, but Nan Xun was very unhappy. She felt even more confident that she made the right decision. She was used to keeping the beast in a superior position, but she will give him some pain in the future.  

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