The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 139

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Death, Never See Each Other Again 

      But just when the tyrannical thoughts flashed by, no matter what this woman did to him, Yanmo Han couldn’t hurt her.  

    Little eight suddenly said to Nan Xun: “Just now, the big boss’s blackening value is now 100.” 

    Nan Xun: … 

    “Yao Yao, you came back from Baima Temple twice, your body was stained with the smell of sandalwood from Yanmo Yu, which I hate the most.” Yanmo Han looked at Nan Xun with a cold expression.  

    When Nan Xun listened to this, she finally understood how she was exposed.   

    “Yao Yao, in fact, I’ve already decided to abdicate the throne to Xianwang.”  

    Yanmo Han saw the surprise in Nan Xun’s eyes and couldn’t help laughing at himself, “Since you said that you wanted me to give up the throne and only love you, I started to prepare. I dismissed the imperial harem for you, and this was the first step. I didn’t suppress the Qin family anymore, and this is the second step. Not long ago, I slowly started disbanding some forces and didn’t complete the last step when I found out that you had contact with Xianwang.”  

    Nan Xun was stunned. So that time when she rhetorically asked Yanmo Han if he would give up the throne, he deliberately said no?  

    Was he angry because he found out that she met Xianwang? 

    Yanmo Han continued: “I really want to meet all your requirements and become an ordinary couple with you, but why did you meet Xianwang? Yao Yao, I’m the emperor of the country now, I gave you my heart. But you still met him. If I become nothing, will you continue to still follow me?”  

    Nan Xun didn’t want Yanmo Han to misunderstand her, let alone be sad, so she patiently explained: “Brother Han, it’s not my intention to see Xianwang. Last time, my mother asked me to go to Baima Temple, so I went, but I didn’t see my mother, instead it was Xianwang. There’s nothing between me and Xianwang, do you believe me?”  

    Yanmo Han smiled and shook his head bitterly, “Yao Yao, then now, why are you trying to deceive me? At first you didn’t know, but the second time? The second time, didn’t you take the initiative to see Xianwang?” 

    Nan Xun paused for a moment, then immediately said: “The second time I did take the initiative to talk to Xianwang, but—”   

    Yanmo Han interrupted her and secretly tested: “I guessed it. He asked you to poison me, so Yanmo Yu could rightfully inherit the throne.” 

    Nan Xun suddenly wanted to slap Yanmo Han to death. 

    “Yao Yao, can you tell me, whether you love me or not?” Yanmo Han squeezed her hand tightly.  

    He was afraid, but if he didn’t get a definite answer, he wouldn’t be reconciled. 

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes directly to the sky, “I love you ah. You’re the one I love the most in my life. So, Yanmo Han, have you performed enough? I didn’t put anything poisonous in this cup of tea. Do you have any more brain holes?”   

    Yanmo Han was suddenly petrified as if the whole person was struck by thunder, his expression was very wonderful. 

    “No, no that’s impossible! Zhen’s shadow guard saw you personally pour a packet of powder into the tea!” 

    “Brother Han ah, I saw that you look so tired, so I put in a refreshing tonic! “Nan Xun was angry. 

    Yanmo Han opened his mouth and couldn’t say a word, he looked funny. 

    “Yanmo Han, you always say that I don’t trust you, now who doesn’t trust who? I poisoned you? I want to kill my husband? Yanmo Han, in your heart, am I such a poisonous woman?!” 

    Nan Xun’s eyes were wet as she continued to press.   

    Yanmo Han looked very distressed. If this was the case, he has indeed wronged Yao Yao.   

    He had some remorse and regret, but after feeling remorse and regret, a great surprise overcame him. 

    Yao Yao didn’t poison him! Yao Yao loves him! 

    “Yao Yao, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t suspect you, I was wrong, I—” 

    “Too late! Yanmo Han, I tell you, I will destroy your most precious thing today!” Nan Xun said angrily. 

    Yanmo Han was shocked and was about to say that she shouldn’t hurt herself when Nan Xun suddenly waves and sprinkled a fistful of powder on his face.   

    Yanmo Han’s body trembled and fell down. 

    Yanmo Han was dizzy and a faint shadow that lurked behind Nan Xun immediately appeared to snatch the emperor.  

    The other shadow guards were all arranged by the emperor to do other things, so the only one here was second shadow guard.  

    Nan Xun quickly pulled the hairpin from her head and placed it against Yanmo Han’s neck. She shouted to second shadow guard, “Don’t come!”  

    Second shadow guard’s voice sank: “Empress, what do you want?” 

    Nan Xun ignored him and directly addressed Cuihuan: “Time is running out. Hurry up and knock out this guy who is in the way.”  

    The emperor was held hostage, and second shadow didn’t dare to resist, so he fell in the yard after being drugged.  

    Nan Xun thought about dragging second shadow into the house and hiding him, lest everyone finds out that the Empress was missing, they assume second shadow is the assassin.  

    The master and servant changed Yanmo Han’s clothes into eunuch attire and they dressed as palace maids.   

    Yanmo Yu’s people had already met at the designated place. When they saw them, they quickly loaded the “eunuch” they were carrying into the carriage carrying grain and covered the person with straw, then Nan Xun and Cuihuan followed them.   

    From here to the last gate of the Imperial Palace, there were several checkpoints total, but Nan Xun took out the imperial gold medal she obtained from Yanmo Han and left the Imperial Palace without much difficulty. 

    The carriage transporting the grain and straw bumped for a long time. At last, the carriage finally slowed down. Nan Xun lifted the curtain and saw a simple carriage. Yanmo Yu who was dressed in royal clothing was standing beside the carriage.  

    After seeing him, Nan Xun froze for a moment. She nodded towards him, and then, together with Cuihuan, carried Yanmo Han out of the vehicle and transferred him into the carriage.   

    Yanmo Yu looked at her from beginning to end, his eyes a little complicated. 

    He used to think that Qin Buyao was a delicate beautiful flower, which was very pleasing to the eyes. They grew up together since childhood, and the sentiment is extraordinary. 

    But since when has it changed? 

    She was reluctant to enter the palace, but he couldn’t give her any promise at that time, so he could only watch her enter the palace and become the emperor’s concubine. Later, when they met again, her personality suddenly changed. It was true that she had the identity of an imperial concubine, but the strangeness in her eyes had nothing to do with her identity.  

    She looked at him, as if looking at a stranger. 

    After discovering that she made such a decision for the emperor, Yanmo Yu had deep admiration for a woman for the first time. 

    But at the same time, a deep envy grew in his heart that he didn’t want to admit. 

    There were many close female friends around him, but if one day, he becomes a commoner with nothing at all, will these close female friends adore him as much as they do now?   

    “Buyao …” Yanmo Yu couldn’t help but call her name. 

    Nan Xun placed the big boss and got out of the carriage. She imitated those from the Jianghu and cup her fist in her hand towards Yanmo Yu and said with a smile, “Xianwang, green mountains don’t make the water green. Even if I’m destined to see you again, it’s better if we don’t meet again. After tonight, there is no more Yanmo Han and Qin Buyao in this world, there are only a couple of commoners.”  

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