The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 140

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Go Back to One’s Native Place and Live in Seclusion, My Name is Nan Xun 

      On one side Cuihuan quickly added, “Niang Niang, Cuihuan as well, there will be no Cuihuan in this world. There is only a faithful servant girl who loyally serves laoye and furen.”1laoye is master while furen is madam/lady  

    Nan Xun smiled and pinched her face. “Knows to change it quickly, I will be the furen and the laoye is in the man in the carriage.”  

    “Good, this little one is wrong. Furen calm down.” Cuihuan bowed to apologize with a smile.  

    Yanmo Yu looked at the noisy master and servant and there was a hint of a smile in his eyes. This servant girl Cuihuan also changed and became more lively. In his memory, the former Cuihuan was very cautious.  

    Yanmo Yu handed a bag of silver to Nan Xun, “Buyao, this is my from my heart, I hope you can accept it,” fearing that the other party wouldn’t accept it, he immediately added: “Don’t worry. It’s all silver coins and there’s not much. You will need it along the way.” 

    Nan Xun raised her eyebrows slightly, reached out and took it, weighed it in her hand, then smiled at him and said: “Thank you, then I will accept it.” 

    Yanmo Yu thought it would take a long time to persuade her to accept it but didn’t think she would accept it so simply. He was stunned and smiled.   

    Nan Xun waved her hand at him, turned around and got on the carriage, while Cuihuan was driving the carriage outside.   

    With the sound of Cuihuan driving, the horse trotted. Yanmo Yu watched the carriage disappear in the distance, and took a long time to leave himself. 

    “Cuihuan, hurry up.” Nan Xun lifted the curtain and looked back several times. 

    Cuihuan was puzzled, “Furen, we are outside the gate of the imperial capital. It’s safe.” 

    Nan Xun: “You don’t understand. People’s hearts are unpredictable. Xianwang is indeed a good man, but it’s hard to guarantee that he won’t regret his mercy halfway and step back. To say the least, even if he’s a gentleman, the ministers behind his fu doesn’t lack in ruthlessness. If this thing is revealed, these people will send someone to kill us secretly.” 

    When Cuiuan heard this, her body suddenly tensed, and she immediately whipped to increase the speed.   

    The carriage bumped into the night. 

    In the carriage, Nan Xun looked at Yanmo Han, who was sleeping and thought his face was really good-looking ah, and it wasn’t tiring to look at. It’s just that the goods are sometimes too stupid and lacking, for example Yanmo Han’s scene of poisoning was too funny.  

    With a pfff, Nan Xun thought about it and couldn’t hold back her laughter.   

    While she was laughing, she was suddenly stunned when her gaze met a pair of dark deep eyes. 

    She didn’t know when Yanmo Han had opened his eyes, but when he saw Nan Xun, his eyes were still dazed. He obviously didn’t know where he was.  

    When his mind finally woke up, he remembered that he fainted because of the other party’s drug.  

    Yanmo Han sat up at once, but almost fell to the ground because of his lack of strength. Nan Xun quickly helped him and muttered: “I only sprinkled some drugs on you. I feel that you’ve become stupid.”  

    Yanmo Han was stunned and stared at her for a long time, then his eyes turned and fell on the carriage. He lifted the curtain to look out the window.  

    Nan Xun raised her eyebrows proudly. “I say, emperor, don’t look. We are now a hundred miles away from the imperial capital.” 

    Yanmo Han suddenly turned around and looked at her, shocked on the spot with a trace of perplexity. 

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes at him and snorted, “I’m wrong. You’re no longer the emperor, but a poor man who relies on me. I tell you, you destroyed the most important thing to me, and I also destroyed your most important thing. Now the debt is settled.” 

    After saying this, Nan Xun ignored him and left him alone in a daze. She took out a package from a compartment in the carriage herself and opened it. When she saw the golden ingots and various jewelry in it, her eyes bent with happiness.  

    Nan Xun was very happy, and the man behind her suddenly reached out with his claws and dragged her into his arms, smothering her face with hot kisses.  

    Nan Xun slapped his face away, “Don’t bother me, I’m counting the money.” 

    Yanmo Han reached out and grabbed the bag from her hand and threw it on the ground. He turned her around and hugged her. Then kissed her again without saying anything.  

    When Nan Xun was smothered to death by his kiss, the beast finally opened his mouth and rested his chin on her shoulder. His voice was hoarse and sexy, “Yao Yao…is this what you promised Xianwang? Why didn’t you tell me?”   

    Nan Xun snorted: “Didn’t you say that you will die without the throne? And said you weren’t willing to give it up?”  

    Yanmo Han: “When did I say that?” 

    Nan Xun: “If you don’t admit it, let it go.” 

    Yanmo Han: “I really didn’t say that, you’re the most important in my heart. If you had told me your plan earlier, I would have definitely agreed with you.” 

    Nan Xun glanced at him, “Hey, Yanmo Han, now you’re no longer the emperor, shouldn’t you change your identity? Now, I tell you, you’re a commoner, even this shabby robe on your body is mine, but I’m kind-hearted, so you can follow your furen in the future.”   

    Yanmo Han glanced at the baggage spread around the carriage floor, and suddenly smiled, “Yao Yao, that jade bracelet seems to be a gift I gave you, that hairpin, that pearl flower, and…”   

    Nan Xun quickly picked up the treasures on the ground and held it in her arms like it was a baby. She looked at him with her chin slightly raised. “It’s my reward. You don’t have a cent now, and I’m a little rich woman, you better hurry and flatter me.”  

    Yanmo Han looked at her with a smile on his face, and suddenly felt that as long as the person in front of him was still there, as long as she still stand before him, even if the world collapsed, he wouldn’t care.  

    Yanmo Han pulled the person back into his arms and buried his head in her neck. After a long time, he said suddenly, “Yao Yao, I’m sorry …” 

    Nan Xun knew what he meant and shrugged her shoulders indifferently. “No, I’m sorry. I got my revenge. Besides, we won’t have any descendants in the future, if you don’t mind, so why would I mind?”  

    “Yao Yao, you’re so good. To have you as a wife, what more can a husband ask for?”   

    “Where are you putting your hands, you beast.”  

    “Yao Yao, I think …” 

    “Get out of here!” 

    The two people in the car were laughing and making noise. Suddenly, little eight roared: “God, what the fuck! The evil value reduced by 20! Ahhhh, it’s down 20 points all of a sudden! There’s only three points left! It seems that we will be able to leave this world soon. This time, it’s so fast, bahahahhaha…… ” 

    After reporting the progress, little eight hummed a tune, “Come ya, be happy ya…”  

    Nan Xun: … 

    The three finally chose a relatively remote town and settled down. Nan Xun didn’t dare to be too bold, so she bought a simple house and named it “Yan House”.  

    Yanmo Han smiled as soon as he heard the name of the house. In this life, he was no longer Yanmo Han, but Yan Han, who belonged to only one person. 

    When Yan Han asked Nan Xun what she would change her name to, Nan Xun smiled and said, “In the future, my name will be Nan Xun and my nickname will be Xun Xun.”  

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