The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 141

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Time Has PassedQuiet Years 

      “Nan Xun?” Yan Han murmured a few times in his mouth and suddenly felt the blood somewhere in his body was boiling strangely.   

    Somehow, since then, Yan Han prefers to call her Xun Xun instead of Yao Yao. 

    After a long time, the news of the new emperor’s ascension reached this remote town. It’s said that the last emperor died suddenly, and the empress and emperor were deeply in love. The empress hung herself to follow the emperor. Xianwang was supported by all the officials and was given the title Zhengyan. He ascended to the throne and granted amnesty on the day of his accession.   

    During the past ten years, under the governance of the new emperor, the country that was weathered down, adjusted to peace and stability and the emperor won constant praise.  

    In a remote town, outside the Yan House, the eccentric family, Nan Xun enjoys the cool breeze under a big tree and Yan Han practiced his sword dance in the courtyard.  

    After nibbling on melon seeds for a while, Nan Xun heard little eight’s lament again.   

    “I thought this world would be the fastest one to complete the task, but I didn’t want to … ying ying ying ……” Little eight cried. 

    Nan Xun was appreciating the man sword dancing and hearing his words, she leisurely replied, “I didn’t expect that the final 0.5 boss’s evil value would stagnant. No matter how deep our feelings are, it stays at 0.5 and I can’t’ move it. I can’t help it. Can I just give up and leave? Hold on, are you willing?”

    Little eight immediately replied, “No, not reconciled, not reconciled at all! If you leave now, all our efforts will be wasted.” 

    Nan Xun nodded, “That’s right. I’ll do everything I can. Now the big boss has become particularly positive. Yesterday, he went next door to landlord Zhang to give him porridge. We can only wait, maybe one day the big boss’s evil value of 0.5 points will suddenly disappear?”  

    Little eight: … 

    Why was Nan Xun messing with him? 

    No, it can’t be. He’s usually the one deceiving Nan Xun, how could Nan Xun mess with him?        

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but scold little eight, “Hey, why do you have to eliminate all the big boss’s evil value to get merit? Who hasn’t had an evil thought? Even if it’s the child of fate, won’t there be a moment where an evil thought occurred?”  

    Little eight snorted, “So just to say, merit isn’t easy to collect.” 

    “The villain bosses in the worlds are full of evil value. In the original timeline, they were all killed by the child of fate. Since you are stealing the child of fate’s merit, there are only two ways. One is to kill the villain boss before the child of fate, but this method is too blatant. I’m sure it won’t work, if it’s known by the Heavenly Dao, this lord will be finished. The second method is to eliminate all the evil value of the big bosses. Because it’s the big boss villain, it’s easy for his evil values to rebound. The first world’s Demon King is a real example. Therefore, only be completely eliminating the evil value and changing the big bosses, can you get merit.”   

    Nan Xun didn’t have much interest. She continued to watch her man sword dance.  

    Little eight was annoyed by her, and suddenly said, “If the big boss doesn’t get rid of his evil value for this grandpa, this grandpa will really stab him to death.” 

    Nan Xun snorted, “You don’t dare.” 

    Little eight smiled and said: “This grandpa doesn’t dare to kill people openly, but I have a lot of poisons. I can sprinkle it on you, so when he brews in your sauce, he will die, humph~”   

    Nan Xun’s action of breaking melon seeds gradually slowed and said, “You’re a kind-hearted beast, you won’t do that.”  

Little eight : “Stop and buckle this grandpa’s high hat.” 

    Seeing Yan Han finished practicing his sword dance, Nan Xun no longer care about little eight. She walked over with the long prepared towels and wiped his sweat, then said, “How can there be so much sweat? Blame yourself, you have to toss around this morning, now it became late after tossing around and the sun is out.”  

    Yan Han pulled her into his arms and laughed, “Well, it’s this husband’s fault. I’ll take furen’s scolding.”   

    “Xun Xun, I want to eat the mung bean cake you usually make.” Yan Han said suddenly. 

    “I’ll make it for you now.” Nan Xun said with a smile, escaping from his arms and turning to the kitchen.  

    After the person left, Yan Han suddenly covered his chest, and the sweetness rising from his throat was swallowed back by him. 

    At noon, Nan Yue next door led a five-year-old little dumpling to Yan House.  

    Nan Yue is Cuihuan. When she left with Nan Xun, she changed her name to Nan Yue. Nan Xun wanted her to be her sister, but for little Cuihuan, some hierarchy concepts were deepy ingrained. She still called Nan Xun “furen”.  

    At first, Cuihuan didn’t want to marry anyone. She wanted to stay in Yan House to serve the two. So, she spent four years. Nan Xun really didn’t want to delay such a good girl, so she had the cheek to say that it was inconvenient for her and Yan Han that she was there.1Dude, but what if, she has a fetish for hearing others making pancakes? YOU TOOK THAT AWAY FROM HER! YOU MONSTER! 

    Cuihuan didn’t expect that she would cause trouble for her furen and was a little confused.   

    However, she soon found that her laoye was there and she didn’t need to do anything for her furen. She appeared to be redundant. At that time, Landlord Zhang was courting Cuihuan and Cuihuan agreed. The only condition was to live next to her furen.  

    The outsider liked Cuihuan very much, and soon bought the house next to Yan House at a high price. After renovating it, he married Cuihuan. 

    Nan Xun saw the little dumpling held in her arms. She laughed and teased: “Little stone, why does it seem that you gotten fatter again? I can’t hold you anymore.” 

    Little stone’s face shrunk and said: “I said I wanted to eat less, but father always asks me to eat more. Now even Aunt Xun scorns me.”  

    Nan Xun was amused by him. 

    Cuihuan beside her mentioned again, “Furen, if you like little stone so much, you can adopt him as your son.” 

    Cuihuan also learned later on that her furen couldn’t get pregnant for a lifetime after drinking infertility soup. She resented Yan Han for being unworthy of her, but she smiled and winked at her and made a silent gesture. “I can only tell you a secret. Even if I didn’t take that infertility soup, I couldn’t get pregnant for a lifetime. Yan Han has always been guilty of this matter, but I destroyed his throne, so he wasn’t angry. If I really wanted to hate him, then he should also hate me.”  

    Although Cuihuan didn’t quite understand Nan Xun’s words, but she heard that furen didn’t blame Yan Han at all. She wasn’t bothered by this matter anymore and pouted, “Furen, you let it go. How laoye dotes on you is incomparable with my family’s laoye.” 

    Despite this, her face was filled with sweetness and happiness. 

    Nan Xun looked at her and smiled. Suddenly she felt that time had passed, and the years were quiet. 

    It would be nice to live such a life, however, only if.   

    Another year passed by, and the big boss’s evil value still remained at 0.5 and little eight wanted to give up. 

    But at this time, the big boss caught a cold and suddenly became very sick.  

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    Probably Yan Han still had regrets that is why still woth 0.5?

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    Awwww, it’s so sweet to see Nan Xun and her man finally be happy… and I wish the system wouldn’t pressure her so much! She’s gone through so much drama… just let her be happy for a while, you jerk system!

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