The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 142

TL Note: The next arc will be done by Pan Pan (CrazyPanda/MadPanda) and will be a collaboration project where we alternate arcs. I always get burned out after doing one arc and take breaks.

Translated by Novice Translations 

Messed around by Snacks 

Xun Xun, Die Together with Me 

       Nan Xun held the man’s hand who was on the bed and asked little eight in her heart, “You really didn’t do anything? Yan Han was fine some time ago, how is he sick?”  

    Little eight shouted innocently, “It’s really wasn’t me. I didn’t expect that his body has reached the point where the oil ran out and the lamp is dry.1euphemism for life force, you’re life is dry or out once the oil (energy) is gone I just used my ability and discovered that he had a very serious internal injury! Then I thought about it, I think that it was caused by anger, cough, I can’t say that, but when he fought with himself and damaged himself while he was alive…”2Remember all those scenes of him spitting out blood, its from his Qi going inverse and damaging his insides, every time he spat blood… 

    Little eight’s voice got smaller the longer he spoke.  

    Nan Xun was startled when she heard the words. She looked at the pale man lying on the bed and leaned over to gently kiss his forehead.   

    Yan Han suddenly squeezed her hand with strong dismay in his eyes. He coughed heavily and coughed up a pool of blood again. 

    “Brother Han …” Nan Xun’s eyes flicked and called him softly. 

    Yan Han smiled slightly, and his blood-stained teeth pricked at people’s eyes.  

    He held Nan Xun tightly gasping his last words, “Xun Xun, I can’t accompany you anymore … So, what are you going to do in the future … Who will read you a book, who will make tea for you? Who will feed you fruit … Oh, you’re so lazy, my Xun Xun is so lazy …” 

    Nan Xun looked at him quietly, and her eyes suddenly looked sour. 

    Yan Han looked at his darling with tender eyes. He opened his mouth and said with difficulty: “Xun Xun, you’re still so young. If you meet the right one in the future, then … just remarry …” 

    Nan Xun’s eyes moved, she didn’t speak, and seemed to be seriously considering the other party’s words. 

    Yan Han’s eyes, which were soft and indulgent just a moment ago, suddenly became fierce. The crazy and intense emotions emerged from the bottom of his eyes. He grasped her tightly with one hand, supported himself from the bed with his other hand and tried to lean forward. He opened his mouth wide and breathed heavily: “Xun Xun, Xun Xun, I still can’t let you go! Xun, Xun, would you like to accompany me? Let’s die together, let’s go to the netherworld together!”  

    When Nan Xun heard this, she was startled at first, then the corner of her mouth slightly hooked. 

    She took Yan Han’s hand, pulled it up to her lips, and kissed it. Then she lightly stroked the back of his hand with her cheek. 

    “Okay, Brother Han, let’s go together.” Nan Xun’s tone was warm and gentle, with a touch of indulgence in her eyes.   

    Little eight: … 

    When Yan Han heard this, the craziness in his eyes gradually subsided. His eyes returned to their previous gentleness and greedily looked at Nan Xun.  

    Soon, the light in those eyes faded, then his breathing became lighter and lighter until it disappeared.   

    He kept his eyes open, and looked straight at Nan Xun’s direction, as he gasped his last breath. 

    At the moment when Yan Han gasped his last breath, little eight suddenly screamed, “The big boss’s evil value is zero! It’s actually zero! Ying ying ying, I didn’t expect we would eliminate all the big boss’s evil value. I didn’t expect the big boss to be so good, to give me such a big surprise after death.”  

    Little eight was excited, then stopped. He looked at the quiet Nan Xun, coughed, then said: “After Yan Han is buried, let’s go.”  

    Nan Xun replied, “Let me build a coffin for two first.” 

    Little eight: “No, are you taking the big boss’s words seriously? Are you going to die with him ah?” 

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes, “I say, are you stupid? Anyway, we are going to leave. What’s wrong with meeting the big boss’s requirements? It’s just burying a husband and wife together in the earth.”  

    Little eight suddenly stopped talking. 

    Nan Xun found the best carpenter in town to make two exquisite coffins for her and Yan Han, then asked Cuihuan to help with the burial.   

    Cuihuan cried when she found out Nan Xun decided to be buried with Yan Han, but she knew that although her furen was easygoing on the surface, in fact, she was a stubborn person. Once she made a decision, no matter how others persuaded, it was useless. 

    After Nan Xun has set up the burial and told Cuihuan where the Feng Shui Bao she chose was, she laid in the coffin, shoulder to shoulder with the dead Yan Han.3Feng Shui Bao is a place where one wishes to be buried, it’s an ancient belief, living at such a place is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to the person, buried there can make generations of wealth to your descendants. 

    Slowly, she closed her eyes. 

    When Cuihuan felt something was wrong, she hurried over to check her furen’s breath. The person who was just talking to her had passed.   

    Cuihuan wailed while holding the side of the coffin while her husband held her comfortingly.  

    Nan Xun’s soul was extracted from the vessel. Instead of looking back at her old body and Yan Han in the coffin, she said to little eight: “Let’s go.”   

    Little eight was very happy. Seeing her so determined, he immediately broke to the void.  

    At the next moment, as Nan Xun’s soul twisted and was about to leave this world, Nan Xun’s eyes suddenly widened. 

    She sensed a force dragging her backwards, preventing her from leaving the world. 

    Little eight also felt it, and couldn’t help exclaim, “What’s going on! Why does this world still have so much energy? It shouldn’t be ah!”  

    Little eight immediately worked and increased his spiritual power output. Nan Xun finally felt the external force getting further and further from her. 

    One person and one beast had escaped from that world safety.  

    When Nan Xun opened her eyes again, she was stabbed by the dazzling bright light in front of her and closed her eyes immediately. 

    “Su Mobai, let me tell you! Now that the witness and the material evidence are here, don’t try to make up a story to wash4wash the guilt off yourself. Hurry up and tell the truth, how did you kill Cheng Hao! Laozi has been with you for so long! If you don’t confess, don’t say I didn’t warn you!” 

    The swearing made Nan Xun frown. This man’s voice was thick and coarse, it sounded terrible. 

    When she finally adapted to the dazzling light in the room, Nan Xun finally saw where she was, and her face showed confusion.  

    This is … where the police station interrogates the prisoners? 

    The man sitting across from her wore a police uniform. He was three big and five thick.5It’s a saying that doesn’t translate to English well. Describes people who are tall, large, stout, burly physique. When he spoke, he revealed a big bucktooth, it really didn’t flatter him, his face really wasn’t tolerable.6Well Nan Xun and little eight are face freaks to begin with….I guess you can call them shallow characters who judges people based on their appearances LOL 

    It turned out that the policeman was so ugly, no wonder they arranged prisoners to be questioned via torture here. 

    Nan Xun moved her hands and feet again, and the clanging of metal colliding began to sound.  

    Her hands and feet were shackled. 

    Then, a large wave of memories overflowed Nan Xun. After receiving the memories, Nan Xun lowered her head and saw her flat… chest.  

    This time, he didn’t wait for Nan Xun to ask him, little eight began to shout, “Ma, mommy ah, why is it like this, ahh, I’m going to die, wearing the wrong body!” 

    Nan Xun remained calm even though little eight seemed to have lost his mind, “… … So, little eight, are you trying to tell me, that you let me wear a man?”7Yaoi arc upcoming in prison! 

    Ying ying ying, little eight cried loudly, “When I came to this world to investigate, I found a miserable female soul who suffered a terrible death to help. But then I happened to see an even more miserable soul. I thought that he was much too pitiful, so in passing I decided to guide his soul to peace instead.”  

    Nan Xun said, “This ghost is my current body, called Su Mobai. Can you tell me how miserable his death was?” 

    Little eight coughed and whispered, “He was bullied to death in prison.”8He was raped to death 

    Nan Xun: ! 

TL Note: Also, sorry about the quality for this arc. I am ignorant of ancient time setting for imperial harem focus. For all characters dialects, they always refer to themselves a certain way and I most likely missed it, Niang Niang/this slave/zhen/chenqie/ben gong, etc etc. Just wanted to point it out that the finer details are missing. Especially since it goes from formal talk to casual talk.

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