The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 15

Translated by Novice Translations

I Heard That You Want to Seduce Benwang

    The Demon King looked at Nan Xun secretly. He didn’t speak and Nan Xun didn’t speak.

    Suddenly, the Demon King waved his hand at the four people behind the woman and murmured, “You all retreat.”

    Hong Chou still wants to say something but was dragged away by Lan Shui.

    There is only one human woman, even if there is some regret, they don’t have the ability to intervene. They only hope that the Demon King is in a better mood today and would keep her body whole.

    When the people all retired, the tall body of the Demon King suddenly slammed forward, his black shadow completely wrapped Nan Xun inside.

    Nan Xun subconsciously stepped back two steps, “What are you doing?”

    Later, she responded sensibly. At present, this man is beautiful, but he is the Demon King who eats people without blinking!

    Shit, did she say something?

    “Now you know how to be scared?” The Demon King laughed and stretched his long arm around her waist and held her tightly as if he could break her waist with little effort.

    Nan Xun, who was short-circuited in her brain, quickly raised her hands and hugged his neck to death. She nodded dully and out of her mouth jumped the word, “fear.”

    The Demon King’s body stiffened slightly, and his eyes deepened.

    “Afraid to dare provoke me, huh?” The man in front of her suddenly opened his mouth, and the corners of his mouth slightly picked up, creating a charming arc.

    “I’m just telling you the truth. If you are angry, I won’t say these things in the future. Can you not eat me?” Nan Xun looked at him pitifully with her small appearance.  

    “Why do you take advantage and put your arms around benwang’s neck when you are afraid?” The man’s plain words carried an imperceptible smile.

    Very light, very shallow, and fleeting.

    Nan Xun hugged his neck tighter and tighter, with her words trembling, “I’m holding on tight, so when you eat me later, I won’t see you eat me, and maybe I can take the opportunity to bite your neck.”

    That’s a compelling reason.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you for the time being.” The Demon King picked up his eyebrow slightly and said.

    But Nan Xun noticed the word “time being”, so sooner or later he would eat her?

    Nan Xun was so afraid and tried to call little eight, but little eight didn’t say a word.

    She quickly buried her face in the man’s neck, revealing a row of small white teeth grinding there. “Well, please let me know in advance when you want to eat me. I will bite you a few times. I am the kind of person that’s not willing to go down without a struggle.”

    The Demon King looked at the woman for a long time and felt her heat from his neck. His eyes darkened a little.

    His gaze slightly moved down and fell on the woman’s exquisite body, and his eyes couldn’t help but squint.

    Nan Xun hollowly laugh loudly, trying to divert attention, and asked: “Well, I’m in good shape, aren’t I?”

    The Demon King suddenly tightened his arms and a pair of blood-red eyes gazed at Nan Xun, “You, woman is really….”

    She was scared to death and held on tighter.

    He couldn’t see through this woman.

    Nan Xun hugged his neck and stared at the bloody red eyes. Her face suddenly loosened, and her eyebrows curved: “It is rumored that you have a green face and three heads and six arms, so when I first knew I was going to marry you, I was terrified. I didn’t think you would be so beautiful, if I’m going to die sooner or later, I’m no longer afraid.”  

    The Demon King did not bring up her attempt to escape the marriage. He looked at her for a moment and said coldly, “I heard…you want to seduce benwang? Now that benwang is here, how are you going to seduce benwang?”

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    Yes, I’m curious too, how are you going to seduce him?

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    Anyway Nan Xun really likes courting death lol~

    Thanks for the chapters~

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    their interactions are really cute!

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    Thank you for the chapter!

    I love how she tells him straight up she’ll try to get a few bites in too if he really is going to devour her.

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    1. She has no filter = can relate
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    I like her so much! 😂

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