The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 17

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Terrible, Old Virgin

    “Little eight, little eight, mission failure! Let’s run away!” Nan Xun screamed in horror in her heart.

    The void beast whispered quickly, “Don’t give up. There’s still a chance. You must try to make him feel better physically and mentally than the temptation of flesh and blood. Come on, hurry up, you’re going to be eaten if you delay any longer!”  

   In a hurry, the void beast continued to play dead.

    Then Nan Xun’s brain paste, although she had died once before and was less afraid of death, but she really didn’t want to be eaten alive, this method of death is too torturous.

    So, Nan Xun threw the man down on the bed, kissed his lips without saying a word, and bitterly bit him randomly. Her little hands wandered upon the man and gradually moved downwards.

    The man’s chest fluttered up and down, and at some point, he inhaled a sharp breath of cool air.

    At last, he gave up the idea of devouring Nan Xun and placed his big palm on the back of her head and wrapped his lips on her pink lips and sucked them fervently.

    “Woman, you don’t want to be happy. It’s useless to regret later.” He said between his lips and teeth and then flipped and pressed the woman under him.

    Nan Xun suddenly felt a chill on her body. Her dress was grabbed by the man’s big hand. In a twinkling of an eye, it ripped into pieces.  

    In the next moment, Nan Xun stared in horror.

    There was a tragic scream in the room. It was sad to hear and brought tears to those who listened.  

    The bed beneath was sturdy and didn’t know what to do. It squeaked and jumped, from high to low, from fast to slow. At last, a fierce sound was heard, and it collapsed.

    Lu Sui Ren and a few people felt the Demon King’s aura left, and quickly rushed to the room, hoping to collect Nan Xun’s whole body. There was no one on the bed, but the remains of a tattered skirt scattered at the foot of the bed.  

    The bed was collapsed with a puddle of blood visible.

    Hong Chou wiped her tears, “I’m afraid Xun Xun was swallowed by the Demon King.”

    The other three couldn’t help but turn their eyes to her

    Lan Shui: “Hong Chou, don’t you smell it?”

    Hong Chou nodded and continued to cry. “Of course, it smells of blood! You guys have no heart, Xun Xun was our sister for more than a month. Now she was eaten by the Demon King, you’re not sad at all!”

    Zi Ling couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s clearly the smell of lust. I’m afraid the Demon King has spoiled Xun Xun. We’ll call her Mrs. Xun in the future.”

    Hong Chou opened her mouth wide and exclaimed: “How is this possible? The Demon King has never had any luck with women!”

    Seeing that the three people had the same expressions, Hong Chou asked, “Where is Xun Xun? Why is she missing?”

    Lu Sui Ren hid her smile and laughed. “Naturally, the Demon King didn’t have enough. He took the girl back to his bedroom to continue.”

    “But no one has ever stepped into the king’s domain!” Hong Chou was surprised again.

    Soon after, Hong Chou believed the words of the other people, because the next morning, Nan Xun laid on her newly changed bed, her face pale.

    Several people looked and were shocked.

    The woman’s original silky white skin is full of blue and purple bruise marks, it was dense and looked horrible.

    They were both happy and sad.

    Don’t say that the Demon King never let anyone step into his palace, this woman was actually an exception!

    But seeing the tragic appearance of the woman, people couldn’t help but express their worries.

    Man is no better than a beast.

The person’s body is too weak, so how can it withstand the excessive demands of the Demon King?

    Several people hurriedly waited for Nan Xun to bathe and change clothes. After washing and cleaning, Nan Xun laid in bed with a lifeless look.

    “Little eight, that man in bed, he treated me like a rag doll and threw me.”

    The void beast can talk now, because the pervert has stopped monitoring Nan Xun at last.

    “You should be thankful, because I gave you advice, the Demon King didn’t eat you.”

    Nan Xun gave a loud cry and looked up with empty eyes. She cried in her heart, “Little eight, I’m not clean. People didn’t even have time to talk about love before. As a result, when they came here, they didn’t have anything…”1What she means in this sentence was that while she was alive, she was a virgin and was never in a relationship. Then after she entered this world, she doesn’t have anything aka she was defiled and no long has a “pure” soul/virginity. She’s just referring to herself as the third person, not sure if this meant to be funny.

    The void beast calmly comforted her. “This body is not yours. No matter what happens, your soul is very clean. You can think of this as a game, when the task is completed, the game is over, you can return to the real world.”



    The void beast doesn’t know what it’s talking about, but it persuaded her, it allowed Nan Xun to set herself free. It was both gratifying and gave a headache.

    “There are two good news. First, the blackening value of the Demon King is only 80, which means he hasn’t completely blackened. The second is that the evil value of the Demon King has dropped from 100 to 95.” At this time, the void beast saw that Nan Xun was in a bad mood and quickly diverted her attention.

    Nan Xun choked on her spit when she heard that, but she couldn’t help but poke at the villain in her heart. “I was reduced to a rag doll by him, and the evil value was actually lowered by 5?”

    But Nan Xun quickly rejoiced, “Little eight, does this mean that I can eliminate his evil value after being brewed 19 times in the Demon King’s sauce?”

    The void beast was silent for a while and replied: “You can try it.”

    The old virgin just started eating meat, not to mention that the Demon King has not tasted a female in over ten thousand years.

    That same evening, Nan Xun’s tragic blue and purple strawberries had not disappeared and several girls that were laughing with her silently retreated.

    The next moment, the void in front of her eyes distorted, and the handsome man wearing a black robe looked angry and appeared suddenly in front of her.

    Before Nan Xun finished drinking a mouthful of tea, she was carried directly to the palace for the first time.

    The surroundings were dark and only some night pearls were embedded in the walls, illuminating the darkness, it gave a faint green and ghostly look.  

    Nan Xun didn’t like it very much, and she was very shy when she did it.

    Today’s Demon King is very quiet. After seeing her, he didn’t say a word and directly destroyed her clothes and pressed onto her.

    A broken moan flowed from Nan Xun’s mouth. She quickly covered her mouth and didn’t want to disturb the man on her body. “Don’t hold it, benwang likes to listen.”

   The man’s voice is particularly low and hoarse, Nan Xun has never heard his voice like this before.

    Nan Xun’s big eyes were full of water and felt wronged: “Next time, don’t destroy my clothes, it’s a pity.”

    The man paused and whispered in her ear, “Well, next time benwang will gift you some more.” After that, his actions became more and more erratic.

    Nan Xun was tossed around by the man, her body became soft and muddied, the whole person becoming empty.

    Afterwards, she was eaten thoroughly by the man and embraced back to her palace.

    When Lu Sui Ren and a few people bathed Nan Xun, they saw the kiss marks all over the woman’s entire body, blue and purple, which were eye-catching. It’s not difficult to imagine how fierce the fight was.

TL Note: That’s actually quite disturbing, I never heard of being brewed in someone’s sauce…kind of nasty imagery there. Nan Xun has a perverted mouth she deserves to be treated like a rag doll.

  1. What she means in this sentence was that while she was alive, she was a virgin and was never in a relationship. Then after she entered this world, she doesn’t have anything aka she was defiled and no long has a “pure” soul/virginity. She’s just referring to herself as the third person, not sure if this meant to be funny.

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    […being brewed 19 times in the Demon King’s sauce?”]

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