The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 187

Novi’s Notes: So, I’m finishing up the last three chapter of this arc since MadPanda asked me. She’s bedridden and is unable to translate. Also, for this upcoming arc, I’m trying out something new for my translations and seeing if I like it enough to ‘stick’ with it.

Next arc will be exciting and I will probably finish it in less than a month quite easily. Hopefully MadPanda recovers by then. If not, then I will just do this novel by myself like I did for the first 140 chapters anyways not a big deal.

Also, my new sacrificial proofreader said that this arc she died as a virgin…I didn’t notice until I translated quite a few chapters of the new upcoming arc and saw Little Eight’s strange behavior and words….haha hinting he missed out on brewing sauce in this world.

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by ScallopedPotato

Yan Luo’s Recollection, Natural Favorable Impression

    Yan Luo had affection for that child Su Mobai. When he was led into the cell by the prison guards, Yan Luo just glanced at the boy and saw his clean face. A pair of wet and beautiful deer-like eyes. 

    While eating in the canteen, someone broke into his territory unknowingly. He had mysophobia and didn’t like these dirty and rough men near him. Everyone knew that. So, the person who dared to break into his territory should be a newcomer. Somehow, he thought of the child he had seen previously.

    When he finished his meal without any issues, he glanced back and saw it was that child.

    This child had a big heart. He stared at the back of his head for a long time, but the child was dazed and had no awareness at all. He ate his food with more relish than a pig would.

    In fact, he just wanted to take another look at the child again.

    He wasn’t worried, there would be more opportunities later. It seemed that there would be a welcome ceremony in the evening, which he didn’t care about before, but at this time, he had two expectations.

    Yan Luo quietly sat in cell 419 and waited. He thought he was really bored, so he looked out through the small iron window on the other side of the cell every few minutes.

    Finally, Dao Ba’s people gathered in the hall on the first floor and the child was pushed into the area.

    In the clamor of the crowd, the child was about to be humiliated. Yan Luo suddenly moved to walk on the fourth-floor corridor and briefly interrupted the welcome ceremony of humiliation. He realized that the child was peeping at him. His dignity couldn’t be infringed on, thus he coldly swept a glance at him.

    That brief glance made him realize that this child might not be as weak as he thought, because at this moment, he didn’t see any fear in his eyes.

    This kind of cognition caused him to have mischievous intentions, and inserted a rare sentence. “You, do as you wish.”

    Then, he returned to his cell and peered through the small iron window.

    Unfortunately, he couldn’t see anything. The prisoners around the iron bars blocked his view.

    He didn’t know how long it was after that, but he heard everyone’s excitement and all kinds of cheers.

    Hehe, that child actually won.

    Yan Lou was still thinking about it when he took a bath later that evening. How can a clean child knock down the fierce Dao Ba? Maybe the reason was because the other person underestimated the enemy?

    While he was thinking about it, the child came.

    Yan Luo was surprised. This child really didn’t hear about his reputation? It made him a little displeased. He felt his dignity was provoked, so he planned to teach the child a lesson.

    Yan Luo didn’t expect that the child really knew some moves, and his legs hung around his neck.

    This action made Yan Luo feel funny, and his displeasure immediately vanished. He couldn’t help but tease the child, so he took off his pants and clothes and teased him that he was like a porcelain doll.

    He liked the feeling of teasing children. He didn’t actually want the child to scrub his back, and didn’t expect the child to seriously scrub him.

    Yan Luo couldn’t help but smile after listening to all kinds of flattery from the child.  

    He thought, this is the only person who sincerely flatters in front of this King Yan Luo. He didn’t feel disgusted at all, but was instead very pleased. 

    Everything afterwards seemed logical. He thought the child was interesting, so he always took him along. 

    Originally, he felt that prison life was boring. That child happened to come over, so he easily incorporated him into his life. But he didn’t expect that he would become more and more fond of this little boy named Su Mobai. He didn’t want to see his Little White suffer the slightest wrong.

    So, he beat Ji He and killed several prisoners in the mine, because no one can bully his Little White.

    But that time in the mine, Yan Luo didn’t expect that Little White would rush out to save him, which made him feel that he was everything to Little White and that Little White would even die for him.

    This kind of realization made him secretly taste joy.

    When he was released from prison, he didn’t look back. He was afraid to see Little White’s unwilling eyes and hesitate.

    Later, Yan Luo got Little White out of the prison at the fastest speed.

    See you again later Little White. There was an indescribably softness in his heart. This feeling couldn’t be replicated. Not even Yan Man, who lived together with him for many years, could replicate it.

    Initially, he adopted Yan Man on a whim, and his relationship with Little White was also on a whim. But the feelings he had towards the two were completely different.

    He thought that Little White was different to him and his position in his heart was better than anyone else.

    No, it can be said that only Little White was in his heart. Before that, no one could move his heart.

    His brothers might think he attached great importance to his little sister Yan Man. He did treat her well, and cared about her studies and life, but these were just praises for her obedient companionship with him over the years. She was an adjustment he made in his boring life. It was interesting to cultivate a little girl to become a smart and sensible little sister.

    It was a rule in the gang to hold a welcoming reception to wash the dirt. In the future, Little White was definitely going to join the gang. Thus, Yan Luo personally took him and called some of his best assistants.

    On that night, he heard a shocking secret from Little White’s mouth.

    Little White, do you like men?

    For a moment, his head went blank into nothingness. Only the phrase ‘like men’ echoed in his mind, echoed in his heart. His heart that was silent for many years thumped for the first time.

    Once Little White was drunk, he sent him back, and his heart still inexplicably thumped on the way back, thumping and making him upset.

    This night, Yan Luo had insomnia. Except for the years when he was young and begged for his life on the tip of a knife, he hadn’t had insomnia for a long time. He didn’t know why he was so upset, and thought about it. It was because he was led astray by Little White.

    He tried to persuade Little White to go astray, but unexpectedly that boy told him he lied before. He didn’t like men. He was just shy and didn’t want to do such a thing in front of so many people.

    Then, Little White really took his card and went to the bar. He listened to the fierce movements from outside the door and breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time, a feeling that made him more anxious struck him.

    He took a cold shower, hoping to diminish the anxiety and restlessness from the bottom of his heart, but it was useless. His mind was full of images of Little White and strange women doing those kinds of things.

    At this moment, he was so angry that he wanted to kill people.  

    When Little White is with any woman, he will feel that the other person defiled him.

    He knew that he was a little abnormal. He didn’t like such things between a woman and man. But he was still absolutely sensible and didn’t prevent his brothers from seeing prostitutes, instead he advocated it because it improved their stability. Once there was a case where his brothers in the gang were deceived by the enemy through women who stole the gang’s secrets. He wouldn’t let this happen a second time.

    But all this was different when it regarded Little White. He personally pushed him onto other women, but instantly regretted it.

    He was reluctant to give up on Little White. He wanted to put Little White under his eyes, so they lived together. He could see Little White every day. When Little White grows up, he will marry Yan Man to him and the three of them will live together.

    He arranged everything. This idea was firm until Yan Man said that she liked Ji He. However, he regretted it the moment that Yan Man ran away and saw Little White was so worried about her.

    Did Little White already like Yan Man so much?

    He didn’t like this feeling. In Little White’s heart, Yan Luo should be ranked as first and the most important person to him. He doesn’t want someone to take his place. Yan Man can’t either!

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