The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 188

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Yan Luo’s Heart, If there is a Next Life

    Yan Luo didn’t expect that Yan Man would be kidnapped in his own territory, and that Little White wasn’t afraid of dying to save her. His worries overcame his displeasure and he took his brothers to save people. 

    When he saw that Little White’s blood stained his entire trouser leg red, and he was dying, he completely went crazy with anger. His younger brother, who was his heart, was hurt. Even he was reluctant to scold Little White, but he was actually bullied by a group of thugs like this!

    He asked people to take Little White back for treatment, and personally picked up a machete and cut all the people of Green Tiger Gang into minced meat like a madman. 

    When everything was over, he couldn’t wait to go back and stay beside Little White to take care of him.

    Fortunately, Little White’s life wasn’t in danger, otherwise he couldn’t guarantee he wouldn’t do anything crazy.

    If Little White had a complication, even if Yan Man was the person who Little White tried to save, he wouldn’t let her go, even if she was his little sister who he personally raised for many years.

    At this time, he was somewhat disgusted with his initial decision. If there wasn’t a Yan Man, then he and Little White could live better together.

    As soon as this thought emerged, he was frightened.

    Little White is a normal man. Sooner or later he will get married and have children. How can he be selfish and tie him to his side?

    However, as soon as this thought emerged, it couldn’t disperse. From time to time it would slip into his mind. He even thought that if Little White really liked men, then he wouldn’t marry a woman. He was confident that he didn’t like men, but what if that man was Little White?

    When he thought about it, it didn’t feel disgusting at all. On the contrary, there was a strange sense of excitement that seeped out from the deepest corner of his heart. This kind of feeling grew stronger every day. It was like a poison that couldn’t be stopped.

    Yan Luo began to deliberately shift Little White’s eyes seamlessly, so that his attention no longer fell on Yan Man.

    Yan Man seemed to have no intentions towards Little White. She was very grateful towards him, but was intimidated. She didn’t dare like Ji He anymore, nor did she dare like Little White. She obediently went to school every day and became his good little sister again. 

    Yan Luo was very satisfied with this.

    When he discovered that there was a traitor in the gang, Yan Luo never suspected Little White. After filtering out all the suspicious people, he targeted Ji He.

    That time in the office he only told Ji He the incorrect news. Then on that day, the police came as expected.

    He thought that he found the traitor, but didn’t expect to hear news that was like a thunderbolt out of the blue from Zhao Dui’s mouth. 

    Little White was also… undercover!

    He had never been so angry, and the feeling of being deceived almost made him act out violently on the spot.

    But soon he returned to his senses. Although he felt deceived, the child’s eagerness to explain comforted him.

    Even if Little White was undercover, he had never done anything to hurt him.

    He dismissed all the brothers who clamored for revenge and left behind the real traitor— Ji He.

    Ridiculously, Ji He personally begged for him to let go of Little White. Little White is his closest brother. It’s too late to protect him, but how could he hurt him?

    A traitor who betrayed his trust has no right to say such things to him!

    He shot Ji He twice, and also cut off the relationship between him and Little White.

    Little White owed Ji He for his kindness, so he repaid him.1Remember the first scene, cause Ji He babysat Little White in prison, so that’s the kindness he’s talking about and Yan Luo repaid him by letting him live

    After that, Yan Luo secretly inquired about Little White’s whereabouts. Although Little White was protected within the police, he didn’t believe in the police’s strength. There were too many radical brothers under him. Even if he stated that Little White knew nothing, these people no longer believed that, and thought he was covering up for Little White. How could a man who lives in the same home as King Yan Luo know nothing?

    The person he brought out, he knows best. They wouldn’t let go of Ji He and Little White. Ji He was tough to the bone, so their goal would soon turn to Little White.

    Yan Luo successfully found Little White and locked him in a small room in the underground casino. Because no one believed him, he personally brought him three meals a day. When he left, he locked the door, which created the illusion that no one was in the room.

    He could see that Little White longed for his forgiveness, but at that time, he still had unresolved anger in his heart and wanted to teach the child a lesson. So, he kept silent and didn’t verbally forgive him.

    If he knew that something would happen later, he would definitely have told Little White that he didn’t blame him at all.

    His Little White died before he could say he forgave him.

    When he hugged his cold body, he felt like he was dreaming.

    How could Little White die? Why did he die like this?

    He thought about it. After he found the traitor, he should have slowly washed his secret industry to legit businesses. He would have opened a big company. He would become chairman, and Little White would be his personal assistant, creating a kingdom that belonged to them both.

    When everything was stable, he would hand over the company to a trusted person to manage, then take Little White to travel around the world. After so many years of hard work, it was time to stop.

    Their years would be wasted in that journey, then Little White will miss the age of marriage. At that time, he would naturally say to him, “Little White, forget it. Even if you don’t get married, you can depend on brother for a lifetime. If you like children, we can adopt one later.”

    He clearly thought about everything, but why did this happen?

    Little White, his dearest brother, was killed by his radical brothers and didn’t have a single piece intact.

    He was covered in blood and fell to the ground lifelessly. His face as pale as paper.

    He could hardly hold him. His hands and whole body were trembling.

    He wished he could open his eyes again and call him brother again.  

    If his Little White could come back, he would do anything. Even if he had to stay in prison for the rest of his life, as long as… his Little White could come back.

    At this moment, he finally realized that he lost his most important person. He cried while holding Little White’s body.  

    His Little White was really gone, he will never hear him call him brother again.

    He wanted to ruin the world. He wanted to kill everyone around him to vent his anger, especially those brothers who had vowed to follow him. He wanted to kill himself, because if he didn’t raise such a group of fierce and terrible people, they wouldn’t dare to kill his Little White.

    After a long time, these extremely bloodthirsty thoughts subsided. Then he saw the last words that Little White left. Every word from the bloody message seemed to nail his heart, which was so painful that he wanted to squeeze it.

    He knew that Little White didn’t want his brother to become a devil.

    Little White, did you know? What I regret the most is that I didn’t tell you what I thought in time. I was used to sharing my plans after all the dust has settled, but now it’s too late.

    If there’s a next life, whether you are a man or woman, I must tell you in advance: I like you.

    When Yan Man got the news, she also came. She cried, and was very sad. 

    In a trance, he heard Yan Man say, “Brother, do you know, in fact, Little White doesn’t like women. It was all a lie, he likes men— no, he likes you.”

    After Yan Luo heard this, his mind went blank. After a brief period of bewilderment, he burst into tears and began to laugh, crying like a fool.  

    Little White, you liar.

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