The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 189

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Yan Luo’s Future

    Ten years later.

    A woman with delicate makeup walked into City B’s cemetery with a large bouquet of white chrysanthemums. She looked at the man smiling brightly on the tombstone, and the corners of her mouth also gently hooked up.

    “Little White, I’ve come to see you again.” Yan Man gently placed the dew flecked chrysanthemums in front of the tombstone, squatted down, and reached out to touch the man in the photo’s face with her fingertips.

    His life would always stay in the best years of his life, so short.1Basically his life ended short, so when he was alive, he was in the best years of his life.

    “Little White, did you know that our brother opened up Luobai Group,2Takes one chinese character each from both Yan Luo and Little White’s name which is very powerful. It involves catering, entertainment, real estate, etc. There are many chain stores in every industry. My brothers have changed their professions to work as bodyguards in these shops, and don’t do any of that shady business anymore,” Yan Man said softly.

    “However, for the first time, our brother was so irresponsible. He dumped the company on me five years ago and disappeared. After that, I’ve never seen him again, nor can I find his exit and entry records. Brother suddenly disappeared from the world and no one has seen him again. Little White, if he doesn’t come see you, don’t be angry. My brother always loves you most.”

    Ten years have passed, but Yan Man recalled everything that happened like it was yesterday.  

    She clearly remembered Yan Luo crying with Little White in his arms. His crying was excruciating and suffocated her heart.

    She still clearly remembered that when Yan Luo found that video in the abandoned factory, he locked himself in the room day and night, listening to the sound of fighting, the sound of the machete chopping into his flesh, and the sound of bullets assailing his body. He watched until dawn, and became numb and unconscious.

    Yan Man accidentally watched that video once. Even she was in a state of emotional collapse when she saw it, not to mention Yan Luo, who loved Little White very much.

    They saw how those people humiliated Little White, how Little White resisted with all his strength, how he had several knives in his body, and how those bullets in his body splattered out blood. Then his eyes brimming with determination looked out into the distance, as if there was something waiting for him that he was willing to give up everything for.

    Yan Man had no idea what kind of emotions her brother was feeling to repeatedly torment himself like that mentally. 

    He was simply committing suicide.

    After a full month of self-abuse, Yan Luo suddenly thought of something, and began to shift his attention, working day and night. That’s how the Luobai Group was developed.

    “Little White, you say, if you were still alive, how good would it be ah…” Yan Man looked at the smiling man in the photo, and couldn’t help but slightly hook the corners of her mouth as well again.

    The sound of footsteps behind her made Yan Man suddenly withdraw her distant thoughts. She slowly stood up and looked at the approaching person.

    The man wore a tidy city police uniform, looking very handsome and energetic, but Yan Man hated him. 

    “What are you doing here again? Little White doesn’t want to see you at all,” Yan Man said coldly.

    “I am Little White’s second brother,” Ji He said, placing the white lilies in his hand beside the chrysanthemums.

    Yan Man’s mouth twitched, forming a mocking smile. “I haven’t congratulated you on your promotion to Director of the Municipal Bureau. Oh, by the way, I heard that you got married six months ago, it’s really double happiness.” 

    Ji He looked at her with a complicated expression. “Yan Man, I’m sorry for what happened back then. I didn’t know you were—”

    “Enough! I just made a mistake when I was young and ignorant. At that time, you just mistook me as a hostess and accompanied me. Now, you are the Director and I’m a strong independent woman. Just settle down.” Yan Man interrupted him expressionlessly.

    Ji He didn’t continue the topic and instead said, “Zhao Dui resigned a few years ago. He loved police work very much, but his mistakes made him feel guilty. He felt that he killed Little White.”

    When Yan Man heard this, she couldn’t help but sneer. “He’s right. Ah, he indirectly killed him, right? Even if he died, I wouldn’t have any sympathy for him!”

    Ji He rubbed his forehead impatiently. “Yan Man, you don’t want to be like this. Zhao Dui wasn’t being deliberate. No one expected this result. What’s more, he’s already being punished. He lives in regret every day now.”

    Yan Man was indifferent.

    Ji He paused and asked what he always wanted to ask, “Yan Luo he… is there still no news?”

    “Why, are you still being stubborn? Do you want to catch him for merit?” Yan Man sneered.

    Ji He quietly looked at Su Mobai on the tombstone and whispered: “Whether you believe it or not, I’m just worried about him. It wasn’t my wish for the three of us to become like this.”

    Ji He didn’t get a response because Yan Man had already left.

    Standing alone in front of Su Mobai’s tombstone, he flashed a wry smile. “Little White, now that I’ve been promoted to Director of City B, I’m not happy at all. Little White, I miss my previous life in prison. If I knew that things would become what they are now, it would have been nice to stay in prison for a lifetime…”

    The wind blew quietly, the white chrysanthemums and lilies swayed gently in the wind, and the man stood quietly in front of the tombstone for a long, long, time.

Novi’s Note: So, MadPanda never mentioned it, but Little White is actually Xiao Bai in Chinese, and they took his name Su Mobai to make that nickname.

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