The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 19

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Pregnant, Forced Abortion

    When Nan Xun woke up, there was a strong smell of medicine in the room, which was very pungent.

    She blinked, after seeing the man sitting by the bed, she sat up and asked: “You’re not going to spoil those beautiful beasts? How do you remember me?”

    It’s a simple doubt, but it sounds sour when it’s heard by the other person. It sounded as if she was jealous and blaming the man in front of her.

    The Demon King watched her slight movements, and his eyes flickered with emotions.

    “You’re pregnant.” The Demon King suddenly opened his mouth.

    Nan Xun was dumbfounded, then her eyes widened as if she was foolish.

    When she has yet to realize the joy of motherhood, the Demon King suddenly brought a bowl of black medicine to her and ordered with a deadpan face, “Drink it.”

    Nan Xun looked at the black medicine that exudes a bitter flavor and stupidly asked, “What is this? A fetus strengthening broth?”

    The Demon King didn’t speak but licked his thin lips. What complex emotions were there at the bottom of his eyes?  

    Several people looked at Nan Xun and trembled and knelt onto the ground. After hearing the Demon King’s words, they shook.

    Nan Xun suddenly understood, this is not a beneficial broth, but an… abortion.

    Nan Xun stared at the man in front of her and looked down with tears falling. She cried and asked, “Do I have to drink?”

    The Demon King looked at her, cold and ruthless: “You can’t have benwang’s child.”

    Then Nan Xun didn’t answer but took the medicine bowl and drank with her head up. She loosened her hands and smashed the bowl on the floor with a bang.

    She didn’t notice the Demon King’s clenched fists and his palms dripping with blood.

    “Little eight, my heart is bitter, this child I didn’t want. I am a wandering soul and can’t leave my child behind in any worlds, but I feel guilty when I think that I’ve killed my unborn child.” Nan Xun looks down and looks mournful.

    She wouldn’t have abandoned her unborn child if it wasn’t for the Demon King’s bowl of abortion medicine.

    “In just a few months, I experienced a big marriage, a pregnancy and an abortion, ha ha…” The last sentence is full of vicissitudes.

    The void beast replied to her. “In this world you have suffered and tasted all its bitterness, once we leave this world behind, we will be able to navigate more easily. This was my mistake, and I promise that it will not happen again in future missions.”

    “Little eight, you actually talked, don’t you fear that the Demon King will find you?”

    The void beast replied, “he is in a state of uncertainty right now and he isn’t paying attention to anything else.”

    After watching Nan Xun drink the medicine, the Demon King left. His figure looked bleak and Nan Xun didn’t care about him. She twisted her head and closed her eyes.

    The Demon King’s abortion medicine is really good medicine. She didn’t feel any pain when she drank it and strangely, her spirits felt better.

    Suddenly she heard a strange sound, Nan Xun opened her eyes and looked. She was shock with what she saw.

    Hong Chou buttocks was pasted on the ground, she was sticking out her tongue and licking the ground!

    “Hong, Hong Chou, what are you doing?” Nan Xun looked like a ghost.

    Zi Ling next to her coughed softly and explained: “When the Demon King left, a few drops of blood fell from the palms of his hands, and Hong Chou noticed and immediately went to lick it.”

    Lu Sui Ren said regretfully in an authentic tone: “Fortunately I was lucky enough for the Demon King to give me a drop, and I was able to take shape.”

“Blood, I just saw the blood dripping on the ground, and thought about taking a bottle to collect it, but Hong Chou moves so fast!” She gave Hong Chou a hateful look.

    The corner of Nan Xun’s mouth is drawn and she only saw Lan Shui who was still normal.

    Lan Shui smiled embarrassingly and explained: “Madam, don’t you know that the Demon King’s blood contains powerful magic power? The entire demon realm is eager to get a drop of the Demon King’s blood. But I have not seen anyone who has made the Demon King bleed except for himself.”

    Nan Xun nodded and didn’t ask why the Demon King was bleeding. She was in a bad moon and quickly slept with her quilt.

    Lan Shui gave Lu Sui Ren a look and several people quietly retreated.

    “The reason why the Demon King refused to let Madam have the child was because he was afraid that the child will take Madam’s life…” One of the four maids muttered in a low voice.  

    For several months, the Demon King did not come to visit Nan Xun’s small hall. He heard that Nan Xun enjoys singing, drinking wine and living her days in luxury.

    “Shit, the Demon King’s evil value suddenly dropped by 10 points!” The Void Beast suddenly roared with shock and frightened Nan Xun who was eating melon seeds.

    Nan Xun is happy, but at the same time puzzled. “How could it suddenly drop so much? Could it be that the Demon King suddenly figured out something?”

    It’s common knowledge that the Demon King is very stingy, before she worked so hard with him to brew soy sauce, but at most he dropped 5 points, and then a pitiful 1 point, then 0.5 points. Then it suddenly dropped by 10 points, which is unprecedented!

    Nan Xun suddenly clapped her hands. “I know. It is said that during this period, the Demon King was able to enjoy a number of women day and night. He is probably greatly satisfied physically and mentally. He just discovered ecstasy in the world, so his evil value plummet.  

    The void beast nodded approvingly. “Should we find him more beautiful women then?”

    “Let’s not worry about it. Those old demons in the demon realm must have found almost all the beauties and beasts in the entire realm, it will be enough to fascinate him for a while.”

    Nan Xun was in a good mood and couldn’t help but hum a song. “Fā fēi fǎ, fā wa fēi fǎ, fā wa fā…”1No idea what she was humming. Original – 发飞法,发哇飞法,发哇发

    “This song is so sad.” Hong Chou couldn’t help but rub her sour eyes and look at Nan Xun with a new perspective.

    Lu Sui Ren sighed a few times, Madam has begun to enjoy wallowing in self-misery.”

    That night, Nan Xun had a dream. She first smelled mellow wine, and then couldn’t help but get closer to the delicious wine. She gently moved closer and sipped from the place that was soft and cold.

    Finally, she licked her mouth and smiled slyly. “It’s so sweet, oh…”

    The surrounding atmosphere suddenly became hot, the temperature almost searing was suffocating Nan Xun who was entrapped in its heat.

    Her breathe was taken away, her body alternated between hot and cold…

    The next morning, Nan Xun looked at her face that was blue and purple and was confused.

    “Little eight, did the Demon King visit last night?”

    The void beast nodded. “I only know that he was present. I don’t know what happened. Anytime my eyes get too spicy from watching, it’s automatically blocked. Besides, I’m afraid to watch the scene, if I stare for too long, he will find me.”

    Nan Xun asked, “Do you think the Demon King is sick? He already has so many beautiful beasts, so why is he trying to provoke me?”

    The void beast snorted, “I thought about it, it’s because your vessel is what he naturally craves, so he…. has an endless taste?”

    Nan Xun: …

  1. No idea what she was humming. Original – 发飞法,发哇飞法,发哇发

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    So sad she had to abort her child….

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      He realized the possibility of joy of having his own family and hates the world less~ he wants to be a father someday with her bearing his child. He realized that after months of pondering in isolation

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      I know it’s so sad. But I promise the author is building his character so we can see he becomes a better male lead in the future!

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    Super sad chapter but appreciate the consistency her response is very normal I am happy the author did not have her brush off the event so sad…..and then she deals with the surreal situation of watching the maid licking up blood….I am extremely interested in the story/origin of little 8 can’t wait to learn more about him….l

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