The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 190

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World 6: Ancient People in the Primitive Era

    Nan Xun looked at the stars for a long time without blinking.

    Little Eight was worried. He wasn’t afraid of her pounding him into a meatloaf. He quietly rushed to her side and poked her with his small claws. “Dear, are you okay? In fact, I understand…ai.”

    People can be ruthless— not to mention the good big boss brother who would gouge out his own heart and lungs to treat Nan Xun well. He looked really sad after Nan Xun’s death, ah.

    Nan Xun retracted her gaze that looked at the starry sky, turned, and looked at Little Eight.

    She reached out and gently touched Little Eight’s head with a serious expression. “Little Eight, thank you.”

    After Little Eight heard the words, “thank you,” he suddenly felt lighter and said, “Why don’t you take a vacation in this new world and take a year off? During this period, we don’t have to care about the big boss or any evil values. You can have a good time and let yourself go. It doesn’t matter if your image collapses.”

    Nan Xun was really moved this time and immediately replied, “Little Eight, you really are the best beast in the world, oh. Well, let’s go to a place with beautiful scenery and fresh air. I hope my identity that I transmigrate into has it easy and doesn’t have a high status, but is dignified. If the status is too high, I can’t be close to other people and will get lonely. Also, the population shouldn’t be too crowded. Since this big sister is going on vacation this time, of course there should be fewer people. Oh that’s right, this big sister is a face-con, ah.1I used to use ‘face control’ in previous chapters but its really face-con, mimicking the Japanese ‘con’ endings like lolicon and things like that to show you have a fetish for that particular thing. Remember to find me someone good-looking to transmigrate into. Don’t get the gender wrong this time. This big sister doesn’t want to be a man with a dong anymore. And Little Eight, it’s better to be a masculine female at this time. I’m afraid I can’t change my masculine habits for a while…” 

    Little Eight was furious. “Your mother, will you ever finish ah!”

    Give you a pole, and you really climb up, really made this beast furiously shout “Your mother.”

    Although most of the time Little Eight was unreliable, he was still a very honest beast. After promising Nan Xun, he seriously searched his mind with her requirements. After a while, he happily called out, “Grandpa thought of one!”  

    Nan Xun’s eyes slightly lit up. “Little Eight, did it meet all my requirements?”

    Little Eight snorted twice arrogantly, “Didn’t it? It’s a wonderful world. Go! It’s boring to spend so much time in the starry space. Grandpa will send you to play in that world!”

    When Little Eight said “Go,” Nan Xun’s soul started to twist and arrived at Little Eight’s so-called “wonderful world.”

    When Nan Xun opened her eyes, she found herself in a cave with stone walls all around. There was a beautiful white animal skin that hung on one side of the stone wall. After looking at it for a long time, Nan Xun still didn’t know what animal it was from.

    She sat on a black-spotted animal skin with some hay under it. There was a large leaf next to her with some green and red fruits that she has never seen before.

    Nan Xun’s first thought was whether she transmigrated into a martial arts world, was chased by someone, and then fled into this cave to hide. But soon, she felt that something wasn’t right. This cave was obviously inhabited by someone, because the skin hung on the wall must have been hunted by hunters. So, what hunter saved her?

    However, why did the hunter live in a stone cave ah, was it because he thought it was safe and cool?

    Nan Xun soon had no time to ponder anymore because a chill struck her and made her look down subconsciously.

    Because of this glance, she screamed “ah.”

    Fuck ahhh, my upper body is bare ah. Then she saw the turbulent waves as soon as she looked further down ah, ahhh!

    Little Eight was startled by her screams. “What’s wrong dear? Are you satisfied with the good-looking person I found for you? Look, at that good figure ah!”

    “Little Eight! You can’t look ahh! You’re a male!” Nan Xun’s mind collapsed. She sprang to her feet and wrapped her chest with the white animal skin from the wall.

    Little Eight was about to say something, but at this moment, there were footsteps outside the cave and three women hurried over.

    Nan Xun looked at the three women who were dumbfounded. Their skin color was dark and they were all muscular. They were about 1.7 or 1.8 meters tall. Their upper bodies were all bare! The key area at their lower bodies was covered by a relatively thin animal hide, and their feet were bare.

    Nan Xun was stunned.

    Fuck no right?

    Primitive, ancient, people, right?

    The three women glanced at each other, and one of them stepped forward and muttered a bunch of foreign words to Nan Xun. Nan Xun initially thought she wouldn’t be able to understand, but didn’t think the words would automatically be translated in her mind.

    “A’Xi, are you okay? Are you hungry?” The woman said.

    Nan Xun was about to reply back with “no” but Little Eight suddenly yelled, “Dear da, you can’t answer! This body’s head was hit a few days ago and became a fool.”

    Nan Xun: …

    The muscular women automatically understood Nan Xun’s silly expression as being stupid and sighed.

    The three women went out, and soon returned with a leaf full of fresh fruits.

    After the woman placed the fruits beside Nan Xun, she left to go back to work.

    “Little Eight ah, hehe, primitive people? Is this what you call a wonderful world?” Nan Xun was very tired. Making her run naked with a group of savages. She can’t do it, ah. She’s not that shameless, okay?

    Little Eight’s voice dropped. “Didn’t you say that you wanted a place with beautiful scenery and fresh air? These are ancient people in a primitive era. The air is so fresh and clean! Ah, everyone in this world can be masculine. You can behave like an old man, no one will look at you strangely. Moreover, you wanted a world with few people. This ancient world only has large and small tribes. Each tribe ranges from dozens to hundreds. This absolutely meets your requirements. Oh yes, la, you’re also the daughter of the Patriarch, and the most beautiful woman in the tribe. Your identity is pretty good, right?”

    Nan Xun gritted her teeth and was too tired to argue. She picked up a fruit and ate it. It was crisp and delicious.

    This body she possessed was called A’Xi, the Patriarch of this tribe’s daughter. The Patriarch has two sons— her half-brothers. One was killed by a beast while he was out hunting, while the other is a famous warrior in the tribe called A’Shi.

    The Patriarch had three women in his life. A’Xi’s mom— one of the three women— died from being ill early on.

    A’Xi wasn’t a pleasant person. She grew up being spoiled since she was a child. Originally, in this ancient world, men would go hunting, while the women would gather together to pick fruits or do other things. However, because she was the Patriarch’s daughter, she didn’t do any work. Instead, she instigated her admirers to take her out to play. As a result, they encountered a fierce fanged jackal. During the fight, A’Xi hit her head against a rock and became stupid.

    “Little Eight, should I find a chance to knock my brain back?” Nan Xun asked.

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