The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 191

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Savage People, Rouge Savage Person

    Little Eight yelled “yi” and said, “Didn’t you want to take it easy? Look how good this is. Ah, you see, everyone takes the initiative to pick fruit and bring it to you!”

    Nan Xun wanted to “hehe” very badly, but instead said, “Do you think I didn’t see the disdain in those women’s eyes just now? Doing labor is respectable here, so disabled people will be rejected by everyone.”

    Little Eight coughed. “Whatever you want la. Anyway, you’re on vacation in this world. It doesn’t matter what you do.”

    So, Nan Xun took a rest and walked out of the cave. At this time in the day, the men had gone out to hunt, and the women went to pick wild fruits. Only the children and elderly were left in the tribe.

    When Nan Xun came out, she received several ambiguous glances.

    When she walked into the jungle, except for an old woman asking where she was going and telling her not to run around, no one paid any attention to her. This showed how unpopular A’Xi was in the tribe. 

    Nan Xun smiled slightly at the her, and went alone into the trees surrounding the tribe.

    The old woman was briefly stunned, and whispered a few things to the people nearby. Nan Xun vaguely heard the words, “A’Xi” and “stupid”.

    Nan Xun walked southward in the jungle for a long time. Although she could recall some images from A’Xi’s memories, when Nan Xun saw it with her own eyes, she was still shocked.

    Fuck, the towering trees she had seen before definitely weren’t as massive as these ones ah! 

    The soaring branches and leaves were densely intertwined together, and when you looked up, you couldn’t see the sky.

    The sunlight was extremely strong at this point in the day, but because of the compact tangle of looming trees, the intense sunlight piercing through the leaves and branches was dispersed, shining warmly on the body.

    The trees’ branches were staggered with each other. The trunks were as thick as four or five people together. The root systems were well-developed, and many of them arched off the ground. Any one of those were as thick as Nan Xun’s waist.

    There were also a number of ferns that came up to Nan Xun’s shoulders, and she was about 1.7 meters tall. If she was a little shorter, she wouldn’t be able to see anything.

    The soil was mixed with the smell of dry grass and animal carcasses. If that particular odor wasn’t there, then the air would definitely have been filled with the fragrance of the flowers growing in the grass.

    The flowers had thick petals, and were very large and colorful. Some of them dotted the ferns, while others grew on vines. The vines climbed up the trees, quickly claiming large patches of the trunks as their territory.

    As a result, vines draped down from the lush branches here and there. During this season, these tendrils were full of red and purple flowers, and these majestic trees looked like they had beautiful ribbons hanging off them.

    Nan Xun looked at the colorful flowers for a long time, and noticed that they seemed like they were glowing.

    Nan Xun approached a flower and looked at it. She was afraid that it was poisonous, so she didn’t dare pick it. There were some small crystals dotting the petals that alternated between light and dark, giving the illusion that the flowers were gleaming.

    “Dear da, this place is good, the scenery is so beautiful ah! The air is so fresh ah! The important thing is that this world is full of spiritual energy ahhhh.” Little Eight was very excited.

    Nan Xun felt it was really beautiful, but also dangerous because many things were unknown.

    “Little Eight, it’s amazing. I haven’t seen any creatures here. You say, do you think this flower is poisonous ah? If not, can we secretly pick two flowers and put them in your star storage?”

    Little Eight: “My star storage has neither land nor spiritual energy, so it won’t survive.”

    Nan Xun: “Then why don’t you put some land and spiritual energy in it? It would be better if you planted some spiritual grass for medicine, how good that would be ah.” 

   “Planting spiritual plants in my storage will consume spiritual energy. Grandpa doesn’t do these kinds of things, and doesn’t even have enough for himself. So why does Grandpa need to raise these spiritual plants?” Little Eight was very unhappy.

    Nan Xun stopped persuading him when she heard this.

    Little Eight is a meticulous beast in planning, but also a stingy beast.  

    Nan Xun felt that she had walked too far, so she didn’t dare to keep going. The reason why she dared to go so deep into the jungle was because overall it wasn’t that far from the tribe, and there were no beasts in the area because the men hunted all year round.

    Just when Nan Xun was about to turn around and go back, Little Eight suddenly reminded, “Someone is coming! Hurry, don’t you want to say goodbye to A’Xi the fool?! Climb up the tree and jump down again. Pretend to knock your head, then you’ll be comatose and wake up smarter.”

    Nan Xun: …

    She was joking when she said that earlier, but Little Eight actually wanted her to do it.

    However, Nan Xun saw the ground was covered with decaying leaves that had been accumulating for many years. They were so thickly pressed together, even if someone fell on it, it should be okay.

    Nan Xun found a twisting branch on the tree and clambered up the trunk with her limbs.

    This body was much more flexible and powerful than Nan Xun had imagined. She thought that maybe people in this primitive world generally had very strong climbing abilities.

    Nan Xun climbed nearly ten meters up without paying attention. Just when she was about to move back down a bit, there was a loud shout from under the tree.

    Nan Xun was startled and slipped. She just fell from the tree… fell, dropped, and, gone.

    Although she originally intended to fall, Nan Xun wasn’t at the right height ah. If she fell from here, it was possible that she really would become a fool.

     It wasn’t A’Xi who was a fool, but this deity.

    The pressure that ordinary people could bear was about five times their weight. Nan Xun could only reduce the impact by increasing her surface area exposure to the ground.

    In a few seconds, Nan Xun had thought it through. She quickly pulled off the animal skin around her chest, and prepared to spread it behind her back when she fell on the ground, because the head was the most vulnerable part of her body. She even figured out her landing posture.

    However, all her ideas weren’t actualized because a person… caught Nan Xun.

    At that moment, Nan Xun was dumbfounded.

    Fuck! That person really did catch her. She! Lived!

    This was unscientific. She free-fell from a tree that was at least three stories high. Her momentum would be very strong when falling towards the ground. If an ordinary person caught her with their bare hands, the pressure would crush them down. In serious cases, it might break their hands and feet.

    However, Nan Xun was firmly caught by a man, and his grip was especially stable. His arm sank when he caught her, but quickly became level again. 

    What amazing strength this man has in his arms and feet!

    Nan Xun opened her eyes, which had subconsciously shut tight when falling. Then, she looked at the man’s face.

    It was a very youthful face, with defined facial features and a full forehead. His skin was a charming bronze color from being exposed to the sun all year round. Even if viewed with modern people’s aesthetics, this ancient human was extremely handsome.

    The man’s attention wasn’t on Nan Xun’s face. He lowered his head slightly and looked at Nan Xun’s plump…chest without blinking.

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