The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 192

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Proofread by ScallopedPotato

Lesson, Hang You on the Tree

    Nan Xun noticed this and reacted unconsciously. She shrieked and slapped his face.

    Fuck, this bastard actually stared at my chest, you can glance at it, but you still kept looking! 

    Maybe it was because this man had rough skin and thick flesh, but Nan Xun’s slap was neither light nor heavy to him. Instead, he regarded it as her flirting with him.

    In spite of Nan Xun’s death struggle, the man rubbed his big palm vigorously on the place that he had been staring at. He muttered, “how soft,” then buried his head in it.

    Nan Xun cried out “ahh,” hit his head, and kicked him.

    The other person really had thick rugged skin, and didn’t feel any pain at all. In the next moment, he carried Nan Xun and ran away from the tribe.1Are you ready, for the RAPE DUNGEON?! (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) Cavemen are real savages! Also, isn’t this the famous cavemen carrying back their woman to their caves posture?? Not the one where they pull them by the hair but to carry them like a potato sack! LOL

    This man’s strength was too strong, Nan Xun couldn’t resist.

    On the ground, there was food that he had just hunted. It was an animal that was very similar to a wild boar, except its tusks were sharper and longer, and its body was larger. This wild boar was obviously young, and weighed 150 to 200kg.

    But this man didn’t even want it.

    Little Eight responded in hindsight, “Nan Xun, it seems that this person isn’t from A’Xi’s tribe!”2Baby-maker Nan Xun! It’s time to repopulate this ancient world! Lol, sorry I can’t this chapter is so easy to joke about

    The man dashed through the jungle. Even carrying Nan Xun, he could jump from one branch to another, more flexible than a monkey. With a wave of his arms, he could easily split the branches in his way, more powerful than King Kong.

    Nan Xun’s stomach churned and she was about to throw up. She couldn’t help but poke the man’s hard back. “Hey, can we rest for a while? If you carry me like this, I’ll vomit!”

    The man paused for a moment before continuing. Nan Xun realized that she was speaking in her mother tongue, and not the language of the ancients. So, she changed the language and repeated her previous words.

    The man glanced back to make sure that no one was following him, then put her down. 

    The man looked Nan Xun up and down— with special attention to her plumper areas— several times. The more he looked, the more satisfied he was. Then he said, “Woman, you look really good and have a nice figure. I like you, give me a baby.”3Wait, I forgot her setting after the first world, no babies!! Just soy sauce!

    His voice was deep, rich, and powerful.

    Nan Xun was terrified of this ancient man’s straightforwardness.

    Give me a baby? Give birth to a newborn!

    Suddenly, Nan Xun bent the corners of her mouth and smiled very brightly. She held out her right index finger, lightly hooked it towards the savage in front of her, and gently said, “You come over here.”

    The man was visibly stunned for a moment. His mouth raised slightly, and his eyes had a trace of joy.

    “You smile so well⁠— it looks better than your chest.” The man’s expression was serious, but the words he said were unbearable. “I want to have a baby with you right now,” the man continued, reaching for Nan Xun as soon as he finished speaking.

    Nan Xun couldn’t bear it. She waved her right hand and sprinkled some white powder on his face. 

    The man’s eyes widened in surprise and he pointed at her. After that, his over-2-meters-tall body swayed twice, and he fell to the ground with a thump. The dead leaves disturbed by his fall almost hit Nan Xun in the face.

    Nan Xun ruthlessly kicked the man’s body a few times before saving her energy. Anyway, this savage was thick-skinned and wouldn’t die.

    “Little Eight, thanks for the strong drug you gave because of our friendship. Otherwise, this big sister would be pressed to make pancakes with this savage.”

    Little Eight shyly said, “Short oil, you’re welcome ah. Grandpa has so many kinds of strong medicine, poison, and pills. How will you deal with this savage ah? Do you want to directly ‘kacha’ him?”

    Nan Xun stomped on the savage’s sturdy back, thought for a moment, and then mercifully said, “Except for forcibly trying to brew soy sauce with me, this savage hasn’t done anything. Forget it, don’t be so rude. We’ll just tie him up and hang him on the tree.”

    Little Eight: …

    You’re not rude. You’re not rude at all.

    Nan Xun first found a few vines to bind the savage’s limbs, then found a sturdy long vine and tied it into a knot.

    Nan Xun looked at the savage. His hair was dense, and he had thick gray-black hair on his chest that extended all the way to his lower abdomen and below.

    Nan Xun’s eyes fell on the animal skin under his belly. She felt that the fur looked very smooth and beautiful. She couldn’t help but stretch out her mischievous paws towards it, find the knot at the joint of the skin, and take it off.

    Nan Xun glanced at the man’s side and was greatly frightened.

    Nan Xun—  who had robbed the savage’s hide— looked around for a branch that wasn’t too high, threw one end of the vine over it, and pulled.

    “What did this savage eat to grow up like this? How could he be so heavy! Little Eight, I can’t pull it. You help me.”

    “This world is full of spiritual energy. If it wasn’t, Grandpa wouldn’t help you. Grandpa’s spiritual energy is precious ah,” Little Eight nagged and helped out.

    The next moment, Nan Xun felt her hands lighten, and she easily pulled the weight with the other end of the vine. Then, she quickly attached the vine to the tree trunk, tying it very tightly.

    Just like a wild boar, the two-meter-tall savage man was naked and hung on a tree by Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun looked at the savage dangling from the tree, and felt it was very funny ah. She couldn’t help but laugh “haha.”

    The savage’s drooping head suddenly rose, and the pair of sharp eyes darkened and looked straight at Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun was shocked that he came to so quickly. “Fuck Little Eight. Why did this savage wake up so fast? I remember the effect of this drug lasts for two and a half hours, but it only took him half an hour.”

    Little Eight was also surprised. “Probably because these ancient people’s physical recovery is strong?”

    Nan Xun watched the savage try to break free from the vines binding his hands and feet. She was frightened and ran away.

    Behind her came the savage’s thundering voice that swore, “Woman, you can’t escape. I, A’Mang, always get what I fancy!”

    Nan Xun sprinted for a long time until she saw the boar that the savage had left behind, and stopped breathlessly.

    In this world where ancient people lived together, food was very important. So, Nan Xun didn’t intend to leave the wild boar behind. She estimated that the savage wouldn’t come after her for a while. Even if he did, she could make him faint.

    So, Nan Xun began to look for some vines to weave nets with. Nan Xun scraped the outer skin of the vines and made them very smooth. Such a net could save a lot of effort when dragging things on the ground.

    Nan Xun hauled the fat wild boar into the braided net, then pulled the net with the other end. 

    After a while, Nan Xun couldn’t feel her arms they were so numb.

    At this moment, Nan Xun heard several shouts nearby. They sounded a little anxious, and the shouts were calling “A’Xi, A’Xi”.

    Nan Xun rejoiced and responded loudly, “I’m here—”

    Before her clansmen arrived, Nan Xun lifted a stone from the ground and smashed it on her forehead with a thump.

    Little Eight: …

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