The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 193

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What He Caught is What I Caught

    After smashing her head, Nan Xun hid the savage’s hide. Otherwise, she didn’t know how she would explain it to her clan.

    About seven or eight clansmen came over. The person leading the group was A’Shi — A’Xi’s older brother, and one of the warriors in the tribe.

    A’Shi ran over and angrily said, “A’Xi, why are you running around again? How many times has elder brother told you not to run around alone!”

    Nan Xun’s eyes were somewhat wet when she heard elder brother’s words. From A’Xi’s memories, it could be seen that A’Shi was very good to A’Xi. It was a pity that A’Xi wasn’t sensible and took it for granted. In the past two years, A’Shi has been frustrated by his arrogant younger sister, but he still always loved her.

    “Elder brother,” Nan Xun called out softly.

    A’Shi froze for a moment, then his face suddenly calmed down. He realized something and looked happy, “A’Xi, you’re not stupid! You recovered?”

    Nan Xun grinned sheepishly, then lifted her hair to show him the big bump on her forehead. “Elder brother, I accidentally hit my head on a rock, then recovered. Elder brother, I won’t give you or A’Da any more trouble.”

    As soon as A’Shi looked grateful, Nan Xun pointed at the big wild boar a few meters behind him. “Big brother, look. I caught a beast.”

    Little Eight suddenly chimed in, “Shameless, it wasn’t you who caught it!”

    Nan Xun didn’t show any embarrassment, and her heart didn’t palpitate. “I hung the savage on the tree. What he caught is what I caught.”

    Little Eight: …

    A’Shi and the people behind him were shocked.

    This was a gigantic beast that even men had to spend a lot of effort to catch ah!

    God ah, could A’Xi actually catch a beast with her bare hands?

    Nan Xun was afraid that they wouldn’t believe her and explained, “I caught it by chance. I found that the beast was too stupid to maneuver around well. So, I ran towards a big rock and jumped over it. The beast bumped its head against the stone and knocked itself unconscious.”

    A’Shi heard this and laughed. “Good ah, A’Xi is worthy of being my younger sister and A’Da’s most beloved daughter!”

    A’Shi called for two strong people to lift the beast up. A group of people swarmed A’Shi and A’Xi when they returned to the tribe.

    The men’s harvest today was very productive— one adult beast, two spotted deer as big as horses, and two ostrich-sized strange birds. Nan Xun had never seen them before.

    With Nan Xun’s addition, there was a cub beast as well. There were more than one hundred people of all ages in the tribe, and they could finally have a good meal.

    A’Xi’s deeds shocked the clan. Whether it was a fluke or not, she was a hunter who brought a generous bounty to the clan.

    In the past, men only looked at A’Xi’s chest and legs playfully, but now their thoughts had changed. This woman had fighting power. And now, A’Xi had an animal skin around her chest, so they couldn’t see it even if they wanted to.

    When the Patriarch found out, he was very happy and proud. He touched Nan Xun’s head lovingly.

    Another happy event for the tribe was that A’Yu, the number one warrior of their tribe, captured a female prisoner.

    In the tribe, although women couldn’t hunt, their statues weren’t low. It was because they were responsible for giving birth to children. Especially in the tribe that Nan Xun lived in, since the number of women were far less than the men, they were very popular.

    The female prisoner captured by A’Yu should have belonged to him, but there were rules in the clan that stipulated that a man could only have one wife. Because A’Yu had already been approved by the Patriarch as his future son-in-law, the captured woman wasn’t allocated yet.

    When Nan Xun saw the female captive’s clothing, she said “fuck” in her heart. “Little Eight! Why is there a transmigrated woman here?” 

    Little Eight yawned lazily and went “Ha. Oh, this woman ah. She should be the child of fate arranged by Heaven.”

    Nan Xun immediately felt a connection with this fellow. Unfortunately, she was now an indigenous person. She couldn’t destroy her image too much. Otherwise, she would have held her and kindly said, “Moonlight in front of the bed.”1Famous Tang Dynasty poem by poet Li Bai.

        Then the girl would reply with the next couplet, “Suspected of frost on the ground,” before recognizing her and shedding tears of excitement.

    The woman was rather slender, and her face was very beautiful. However, she didn’t know whether or not this group of ancients were blind, since they looked at this little beauty with disgust.

    Little Eight explained, “That woman is only 1.65 meters tall. It’s not bad in your world, but if you place her here, it’s hehe. Do you know, she’s a little dwarf? Moreover, she’s too thin and weak to shoulder any burdens. Even if she gives birth to a baby, her survival rate is lower than ordinary people. Moreover, her tender and white skin in the eyes of ancient people is morbid ah. Of course these people are disgusted.

    “Hehe, you’re the great beauty here. The places that should be plump are plump, and the places that should be thin are thin. Your skin is a healthy wheat color, a wild beauty!” Little Eight said energetically, in a good mood.

    Nan Xun: …

    Because there were no opportunities to get close, Nan Xun only saw the woman from a distance until the evening, when the tribe set up a bonfire for the harvest.

    The day’s prey was piled up in the middle of the field. The Patriarch shouted, and the men who killed the deer poured the blood into a coconut-shaped shell and filled it.

    The Patriarch drank a large mouthful of deer blood, then passed it to A’Yu, the best warrior in the clan.

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but look at the man for a long time. He was very strong and handsome, but he wasn’t as good-looking as the rogue savage she met during the day.

    Behind A’Yu stood the woman he caught. She was wearing jeans and a shirt, and looked at the group of savages in front of her in a trance. It seemed that she thought she was dreaming.

    After A’Yu finished drinking the blood, he handed the coconut-like shell to A’Shi. The men passed it one by one until all the males in the tribe had taken a sip, but there was still a lot of blood left in the shell.

    Nan Xun was quite curious about the taste of deer blood, and suddenly asked, “A’Da, elder brother, I also want to have a sip. Can I?”

    As soon as the words came out, the Patriarch laughed heartily. “Worthy of being A’Da’s daughter. You’ve hunted a beast today and you’re not inferior to a man. Okay A’Xi, drink some deer blood as well. You will be one of the tribe’s warriors in the future!”

    A’Shi also laughed twice, bumped his arm into the nearby A’Yu, and whispered something. 

    Nan Xun felt that A’Shi was talking about her because she heard the word “A’Xi.” She subconsciously glanced at them, and found that A’Yu was expressionless. So instead, she looked at the transmigrated woman behind him.

    Nan Xun took the deer blood, then leaned her nose in close and sniffed it. After smelling the pungent bloody stench, she felt a bit regretful, but still took a big gulp. 

    Her lips were stained red by the deer blood, which made them more attractive and beautiful. When she squinted lazily, she looked charming, like a wild demoness.

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