The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 194

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Patriarch, I Don’t Want A’Xi

    The men’s faces flushed and they couldn’t help but cheer, while the women in the outer circle also laughed.

    The wood pile was ignited, the bonfire burned, and the clansmen placed their prey on the fire to roast. During this time, the men and women sang and danced around the huge bonfire.

    The song was quite simple. It was only two or three verses, but it sounded very cheerful and the dance steps were easy to learn. Nan Xun quickly learned it, then gave a “hehe” and joined them.

    Nan Xun noticed that her fellow transmigrator was alone in the corner, so she took a few strides forward and pulled her. She laughed at her and said with a smile, “Let’s go. Older sister will take you to dance.”1Wonder if she said this in Chinese or the indigenous language.

    A’Yu ,who was paying attention to her movements in the distance, immediately changed his expression. He wanted to stop her, but was held back by A’Shi beside him.

    A’Shi was displeased. “A’Yu, you’re my younger sister’s man. That woman will be assigned to other people by the Patriarch later. Don’t worry about it. A man can only have one woman, this is the tribe’s rule. Do you want two?”

    A’Yu slightly frowned. When he looked back, A’Xi took the female captive to dance, which surprised both A’Yu and A’Shi.

    A’ Shi said, “See? A’Xi is very good to that woman. My younger sister is the most beautiful woman in the tribe, you cheap fellow.”

    Nan Xun pulled the little beauty to dance ah and sing, but she wasn’t very enthusiastic ah.

    At first, the fellow transmigrator looked at her warily. When she was confident that she wasn’t malicious, she slowly relaxed and gave her a friendly smile.

    Nan Xun pointed to herself and slowly recited her name in the indigenous language, “I’m A’Xi, A’Xi…”

    The other person repeated it shakily, “A’Xi?”

    Nan Xun nodded happily and immediately pointed to her again.

    The other party understood and said in Mandarin: “I’m Gu Chuxue, Chuxue…”

    Nan Xun called out “Chuxue,” and the girl’s eyes lit up immediately. 

    She didn’t expect that ancient people here could pronounce her name so clearly! Moreover, this woman was the only one whose chest was covered with an animal skin.

    The beast and deer meat were almost cooked, so the Patriarch chose two men to distribute the roasted meat. Nan Xun got a large piece of thigh meat from a beast, and a piece of deer meat that was the most tender part of the animal. The other clansmen also got their portion, with the warriors who had put in the most effort getting a bigger one.

    The fruits picked by the women during the day were also distributed one by one.

    The tribe ate barbecue and wild fruit, which tasted different.

    Nan Xun glanced at Chuxue and found that A’Yu was making sure she wouldn’t go hungry. So, she began to spread out her claws and nibble at the meat, eating enthusiastically.

    Halfway through the meal, the Patriarch suddenly knocked on a stone with a wooden stick in his hand. The crisp bang made everyone quiet down.

    “This year, there are five more warriors in our tribe. There are not many women in the tribe who are of age. There are two women in addition to A’Xi and the female that A’Yu captured outside. The four women and five warriors all stand up. The women will choose. The warriors who aren’t selected don’t need to worry. When the leaves are yellow, we will go to other tribes and exchange our extra food for their women, to ensure that every warrior has a woman!”

    The men in the tribe cheered at the old Patriarch’s words.

    The four other warriors who came of age stood up, and A’Yu hesitated for a moment before standing up as well.

    Then, several women came out, including the bewildered female captive.

    A’Shi patted Nan Xun, whose mouth was full of oil. Then he wiped her mouth with an animal skin and whispered, “Younger sister! This isn’t the time to eat, look after your man!”

    He pushed Nan Xun over to A’Yu.

    A’Yu was expressionless and didn’t look at A’Xi, instead glancing at Chuxue from time to time.

    Chuxue soon understood what these savages were doing, and her pretty face suddenly paled. She ran behind Nan Xun in a panic and grabbed her hand.

    Nan Xun was a little shy. “Short oil, Little Eight, that Chuxue girl wouldn’t happen to like women, right? You see, she didn’t choose from the group of men, and grabbed my hand instead.

    Little Eight: “Having self-awareness is a necessity, please get some immediately.”

    Nan Xun patted the back of Chuxue’s hand to silently comfort her. She was actually fed a bunch of chicken soup, but could only speak in the indigenous language and the little beauty couldn’t understand it ah.2Not sure what the slang means but it seems similar to being fed dog food.

    As the two held hands, two men were selected, leaving three men including A’Yu, the tribe’s best warrior.

    Nan Xun was a little surprised. No one picked the best warrior?

    She looked at her elder brother A’Shi, then her Patriarch dad, and suddenly understood.

    Fuck, it’s not what she’s thinking it is, right?

     Nan Xun’s mouth moved and was about to speak, but A’Yu pulled Chuxue away from Nan Xun’s back, stuck her behind him, and said to her father, “Patriarch, I don’t want A’Xi. I want this woman.”

    There was an uproar.

    Both the Patriarch and A’Shi were angry, while Nan Xun was dumbfounded.

    “A’Yu! What’s wrong with my younger sister? She hurt her head a while ago and became stupid, so she didn’t deserve you then. But now my younger sister has recovered and bravely hunted a beast, but you would rather have a foreign captive than my younger sister. You’re too much!” A’Shi said angrily.

    In his mind, the only person who was worthy of his younger sister was the best warrior in the tribe, and everyone else thought so too. A’Xi was the most beautiful woman in the tribe!

    Nan Xun pulled A’Shi’s arm, and looked directly at the man who had rejected her before she could refuse him and asked, “A’Yu can I look at your ears?”

    Nan Xun’s words made everyone stupefied.

    Shouldn’t A’Xi swear at him in shame and anger? How could she behave so calmly and make such strange demands?

    “Hey, are you stupid ah? I just want to look at your ears, and when I’m done, Chuxue is yours.” Nan Xun smiled.

    A’Yu looked at her suspiciously for a while, then slowly leaned over and placed his ears close to her.

    Nan Xun stared at his right earlobe and checked it up, down, left and right. Then laughed “hehe,” and patted him on the shoulder like they were brothers. “Good brother, be gentle with Chuxue in the future. She doesn’t like rude men.”

    After she finished, she looked at the Patriarch and A’Shi, then shrugged her shoulders in disapproval. “A’Da, elder brother, A’Yu doesn’t seem to like me. I think it doesn’t matter. I’m A’Da’s daughter, and a female warrior of the tribe. I’ll definitely meet better men in the future. Besides, I don’t want to have babies so early. I want to go hunting with the warriors in the tribe and guard our home together!”

    A’Xi was rejected, but no one ridiculed her. Regardless of being a man or woman, her words made their blood boil.

    Little Eight suddenly said, “Dear da, you’re so good at acting. I give you full marks.”

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