The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 195

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Proofread by ScallopedPotato

Sneak Attack, Savage Attacks at Night

    The Patriarch was silent and agreed with A’Xi’s words, but like A’Shi, he looked at Chuxue with displeasure.

    Nan Xun didn’t want to cause hatred toward her fellow villagers. She stepped forward and tried to pull Chuxue out from behind A’Yu, but before she could touch Chuxue, A’Yu subconsciously stepped back and blocked her.

    Nan Xun was embarrassed. So, she was being treated like a black lotus by the other person?

    She had actually wanted to hold hands with Chuxue with one hand, then A’Yu with the other to show that she truly blessed them.

    However, seeing A’Yu’s vigilant face, she realized something— this man had probably fallen in love with Chuxue at first sight. According to her memory, A’Yu was a responsible man, and Chuxue should be fed well and taken care of by him.

    A’Xi simply said that she wouldn’t choose any warriors, so the remaining two single men smiled and retreated.

    As the bonfire celebration continued, the three new couples returned to their caves, while Chuxue was forcibly pulled away by A’Yu.

    Nan Xun understood that the young lovers were going to their bridal chambers.

    “Alas…” Nan Xun sighed softly and continued to nibble the meat in her hands listlessly.

    Little Eight suddenly asked her, “Why did you look at the man’s ear just now ah? I think you are so strange.”

    Nan Xun yawned “ha” lazily. “I like men with thick earlobes, so I just looked to see if they were thick.”

    Little Eight: “So, were they thick?”

    Nan Xun said with some disappointment, “They were okay. So-so.”

    Little Eight went “ying ying ying” and said, “You’re lying. I’ve seen it. It’s very thick. What are you hiding from me ah? What were you looking for ah?”

    Nan Xun changed what she was saying right away. “Okay, I was actually just looking to see whether his ears look good.”

    Little Eight: “Ying ying ying, I don’t believe it.”

    Nan Xun ignored him. She sat alone by the bonfire eating meat and fruit. Her back looked lonely.

    Little Eight recovered in the next second and transformed into a gossipmonger, constantly prattling. “There are two women over there who say you’re pitiful. There are two men over there who say that A’Yu doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it. There is an old woman over there who says you’re a heartbroken child…”

    Nan Xun got a headache because of him.

    Nan Xun didn’t know if it was from eating too much red fruit, but she suddenly became dizzy. She said goodbye to A’Da and elder brother with a “hehe” and a smile. Then she returned to her cave by herself.

    A’Shi and the others were very worried. A’Xi seemed to be very sad. Ah, were those words earlier just her trying to be brave? 

    Nan Xun returned to her cave and had just laid down when a huge shadow pounced on her. 

    Nan Xun was startled and quickly got up, but right when she tried to yell, a hand covered her mouth. 

    The palm was as big as her face, tinged with a bloody smell that was mixed with the faint fragrance of plants and trees.

    Although the outside was brightly lit by the bonfire, the inside of the cave behind the curtain was pitch-black and nothing could be seen.

    Nan Xun’s heart pounded. Who was this man? Why did he suddenly attack her? Could it be some bold pervert from the tribe?

    Little Eight’s nectar 1…this is the stuff that leaks between woman’s legs when they are horny or maybe a man’s precum whichever one horses have was stimulated, and he suddenly said, “Dear da, it’s that savage from earlier! Don’t worry, okay? His body is emitting a murderous aura. Grandpa will immediately shield your five senses. I feel that something indescribable is going to happen. Yi hee hee…”2Dude her grandpa is a sick perv! LOL

    Nan Xun: “…Wait! Don’t go, don’t leave. Lend me some knock-out drugs!”

    Little Eight was inexplicably disappointed. “Ah? You really don’t want to brew sauce ah? Grandpa has looked and found that the savage’s figure and endurance are exceptionally good, and you won’t suffer a loss.”

    Nan Xun: “Give me knock-out drugs, then you get lost and go to bed.”

    A knock-out drug appeared in Nan Xun’s right hand a moment later.

    In the darkness, the man lowered his head and laughed. The laughter was bewitching as it echoed in her ear.

    “You are a woman with great strength. You could actually hang me on a tree. It took a lot of effort to get out of it. You say, how should I take revenge, en?”

    Nan Xun murmured incoherently in response.

    Fuck, you’re covering my mouth, how can I speak?

    The savage liked to listen to her groans. His large palm blocked her mouth with no intention of loosening its grip, while the other hand vigorously caressed her body like a rogue.

    Nan Xun raised her leg and kicked between his thighs.

    He immediately pressed her down with his legs, laughing very proudly. “Are you fighting me?”

    Nan Xun couldn’t fight him, it was just to divert his attention. Just as the savage relaxed, her hand broke free and waved towards his face.

    Originally she had wanted to hit him with one move, but unexpectedly he had long been prepared for this. He gently blocked her hand, and at the same time held his breath. Then just like that, all the powder…spread on Nan Xun’s face.

    Nan Xun choked, and… fainted.

    Before fainting, she definitely heard the savage laughing wildly and the word “stupid.” 

    The next day, as soon as Nan Xun opened her eyes, she quickly got up and examined herself.

    The animal skin skirt and chest wrap were askew, and some places had blue and purple bite marks, but she didn’t feel any discomfort in her body.

    Nan Xun exhaled.

    Unexpectedly that rogue didn’t do much to her.

    Little Eight was confused. “Why ah, why ah. You didn’t want the free service even when you’re here on vacation. That savage is also stupid. He left as soon as he saw you faint.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Little Eight’s disappointed tone made her want to beat him.

    After a while, Nan Xun tidied her clothes and sat in the stone cave for a bit before going to find the newly wedded Chuxue.

    The little girl’s mood looked gloomy.

    Nan Xun had some sympathy. Somehow, she had transmigrated into ancient times and was forced to brew sauce with a rough savage. Ordinary people really wouldn’t be able to accept it.

    She walked over and gave Chuxue a big hug, comforting her silently.

    Chuxue cried and cried in her arms, saying in Mandarin, “That savage, that savage took me…I want to go home, I don’t want to stay here…”


    The tribe thought that A’Xi would have a grudge against the foreigner. After all, she robbed her man. However, instead of having a grudge, she was very generous and taught the woman how to speak in their native language over the following days.

    They got along very well. At first, other people ostracized Chuxue, while A’Xi mediated between them. After Chuxue discovered new kinds of food one after another, she gradually gained recognition from the clan.

    Inside the stone cave, Nan Xun was teaching Chuxue the native’s language, and from time to time there were peals of laughter.

    The women passing by occasionally couldn’t help but gossip.

    Indigenous Woman A: “A’Xi flatters Chuxue too much, she probably didn’t give up on A’Yu, right? Does she want Chuxue to agree to let her become A’Yu’s concubine?”

    Indigenous Woman B: “A’Xi wouldn’t want to be a concubine with her disposition. She probably really likes Chuxue. But that Chuxue is very powerful ah. She found a lot of new kinds of food. That ‘sweet potato’ tastes so good. No wonder A’Yu likes her.”

    Indigenous Woman A: “Yes, Chuxue can weave straw sandals, and also use animal skin to sew many strange clothes.”

    Indigenous Woman C: “Yes yes, A’Xi and Chuxue are very good.”

    The scene in the cave was very different from what they were expecting. Others thought that Nan Xun was flattering Chuxue. Instead, Nan Xun sat cross legged and nibbled on an apple while testing her student.

    “Chuxue, what are the words for sleep, clouds, sun, river…?”

    Chuxue squatted on the ground with a big fruit on her head, and answered her questions very cleverly.

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