The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 196

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Bragged, Bitten by a Poisonous Snake

    “Teacher A’Xi, you’re so smart ah. Why do I only need to say things in my language once or twice, but for me to learn your words it takes a dozen times? You’re really a language genius!” Chuxue looked at Nan Xun with admiration.

    Nan Xun waved her hand modestly. “It’s alright la. I might be better in this aspect. What’s the word?”

    “Talented!” Chuxue pointed out.

    Little Eight yelled “hehe” in Nan Xun’s head. “Dear da, your skin is really thick ah.”

    Nan Xun: “I’m not being deceitful ah. I have to listen to it once ah.”

    Little Eight: “…Shameless. In the future, don’t tell other void beasts that Grandpa knows you.”

    Nan Xun taught Chuxue for a while, before a woman suddenly called from outside the cave. “A’Xi, Chuxue, it’s time for us to pick fruit.”

    Nan Xun rubbed Chuxue’s head. “Clever student, let’s go okay?”

    About a dozen young women held the woven bamboo baskets in their arms, while the rest carried them on their backs.

    The bamboo had been discovered by Chuxue, and was four or five times larger than the bamboo Nan Xun seen before. Then, Chuxue magically showed the countless number of uses that bamboo had to the tribe, such as hand baskets, back baskets, simple water reservoirs and mats.

    The clan’s weapons were originally sharpened wooden sticks. Now they were equipped with bamboo spears. The efficiency of hunting prey was much higher than before.

    Nan Xun chatted with Little Eight. “You say, I went out so many times but didn’t find bamboo, sweet potatoes, or wild vegetables.”

    Little Eight sneered mercilessly. “Because you’re lazy ah. Although Chuxue is the child of fate, do you think people would just pull weeds from the ground until they found sweet potatoes? And the wild vegetables, hehe da, dear, do you even know any wild vegetables at all?”

    Nan Xun: …

    Nan Xun led the women and went south. There was a lot of fruit in the jungle and very few wild animals.

    Several people found a big red fruit tree growing Nan Xun’s favorite fruit. It was sour, crunchy, and tasted amazing.

    Nan Xun couldn’t help herself. She grabbed a vine that was tangled on the tree and swung herself up. When she flew high enough, she let go of the vine and jumped onto the tree.1Nan Xun, the offspring of Tarzan

    The women screamed, almost frightened to death by her.

    Chuxue was also shocked. She had only seen this on TV before! A’Xi was so awesome!

    Nan Xun climbed up the tree, picked fruit clumsily, and threw it down.

    The women giggled, and hurriedly picked up the fruit, putting them in the baskets.

    It wasn’t until Nan Xun’s arms were sore and the baskets were almost full that she jumped down from the tree using some vines. Her movements were very natural and unrestrained, just like an expert.

    Little Eight was pleased with himself and chattered, “I’m so smart to choose this world for you.”

    The women were tired and didn’t plan to continue, but Chuxue seemed unwilling and wanted to see if she could forage for anything else to eat still.

    So, Nan Xun told the other women to go back first and took Chuxue to continue forward.

    Not long after walking, Chuxue really found something. She excitedly picked up a stone, and dug up some yellow crystals which she gave to Nan Xun to try.

    Nan Xun pretended to be confused. “Chuxue, what is this? It tastes strange.”

    “A’Xi, this is salt! Do you know what salt is? With this, we don’t need to drink animal blood anymore!”

    Nan Xun rubbed her head calmly. “Good.”

    Chuxue stomped her feet angrily. “Why aren’t you excited? Ah, wait for me to make roasted meat marinated in salt, then you’ll be greedy to death for it!”

    Nan Xun cooperated with an “ah,” then said, “I’m so excited.”

    Chuxue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “A’Xi your EQ is so high. Sometimes, I think you’re a person from where I’m from.”

    Nan Xun blinked with a guilty conscience, then heard Chuxue sigh, “But I know you’re not.”

    Nan Xun exhaled and said to Little Eight in her heart, “Let me tell you, my acting is so good.”

    Little Eight: “Hehe da, the world owes you an Oscar.”

    The two had a good harvest and didn’t go any further.

    Chuxue walked in front of her. She was so happy that she almost skipped. Nan Xun’s basket was full of stones, making her shoulder sag. Chuxue wanted to help her, but Nan Xun looked at her small and exquisite figure and didn’t let her carry it.

    “Ah—” Chuxue suddenly screamed in horror.

    Nan Xun pulled her over, with her bamboo spear already pointed up.

    “A’Xi, snake! It’s a big snake. Its head is triangular. It’s a venomous snake!” Chuxue was visibly afraid of it. Her entire body trembled.

    A black snake as thick as an arm hung from a branch and flicked its tongue in their direction.

    Nan Xun had never seen such a large venomous snake. It was similar to a python.

    Suddenly, the snake launched towards Nan Xun’s head, its jaws gaping.

    Nan Xun counterattacked with her keen eyesight, piercing the snake’s head with the bamboo spear. Then she pulled it out, stabbed, and pushed the snake seven inches away.

    The viper struggled twice, then stopped moving. 

    Nan Xun looked back at Chuxue, then bragged, “Chuxue, don’t be afraid. I’m here. Those snakes and beasts can’t do anything to me.”

    Chuxue’s eyes suddenly widened, pointing behind her in horror, “Care⁠— careful!”

    As soon as Nan Xun turned around, the snake that had just died suddenly jumped up and bit her thigh.

    Nan Xun: …

    Nan Xun pulled the venomous snake off her leg and saw two deep fang marks on her thigh.

    Chuxue was so scared that tears swirled in her eyes. “A’Xi don’t move. There must be some herbs that can detoxify the snake’s venom. Dammit, I’ll go find some!”

    As soon as Chuxue left, Nan Xun asked Little Eight for help. “Little Eight, come give me a universal detoxification pill.”

    Little Eight resigned himself to his fate, and popped a pill into her mouth. “Girl, Grandpa has all kinds of special pills, but they’ll be drained dry by you sooner or later.”

    Nan Xun swallowed Little Eight’s detoxification pill and thought she would be fine, but discovered that her thigh was still numb.

    Little Eight quickly explained, “This is a detoxification pill ah. It’s not an anesthetic. Maybe the snake venom can cause nerve paralysis. Don’t worry about it, ha. You’ll be okay in a moment.”

    At this time, Chuxue had already grabbed two handfuls of wild herbs. But she didn’t know which herb was right, so she stuffed them all into her mouth, chewed, and applied the mixture on Nan Xun’s thigh.

    Nan Xun looked at the mouth that was stained green by plant juice and felt the bitterness on her behalf. Chuxue was really a well-behaved darling ah.

    “Chuxue, I feel better now, but it seems that my legs can’t move. Can you call elder brother for me?”

    Chuxue fiercely nodded. “A’Xi, you wait for me. I’ll be back soon!”

    With that, she quickly ran back, not even taking the basket with her.

    Nan Xun hurriedly shouted at her, “Chuxue, be safe on the road!”

    Chuxue heard this and ran faster.

    Nan Xun silently sat where she was and waited. She leisurely took out a wild fruit from the bamboo basket and ate it.

    Before she could finish it, Little Eight called out in alarm, “Nan Xun, it’s not good. I saw the savage who wanted to brew sauce with you but gave up halfway!”

    Nan Xun: …

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