The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 197

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by ScallopedPotato

It’s Better for You to Take it Off and Let Me See

    Nan Xun’s mouth trembled, making her accidentally bite her tongue. She quickly stood up, hopping on one foot forward in a funny way.

     A dull, low laugh suddenly sounded from close behind her. Nan Xun hopped faster, but unexpectedly there was a huge tree root arching off the ground in front of her feet, but she didn’t notice and tripped on it.

     Seeing that she was about to fall like a dog eating its poop, a strong arm suddenly caught her waist and pulled her back.

    In the next moment, Nan Xun suddenly felt light, and was held princess style by a man.  

    Nan Xun exclaimed, unconsciously holding onto the man’s shoulders.

    …It’s that rogue savage.

    Because of the way she was being held, she could only see the man’s side profile when she looked up. The other person just turned his head away and showed the back of his head.

    It was unknown what Nan Xun was looking at, but her eyes fixedly looked straight at him.1Pretty sure she’s looking at the earlobe to identify people.

    Then her eyes heated up. Her eyes brightened, shining like there were countless stars in them.

    The man looked down at her, his eyes brimming with unruliness, and a mischievous smile hanging on the corner of his lips. “This time you can’t walk. So, where are you trying to run off to?”

    Nan Xun didn’t speak, only staring straight at him. 

    This savage looked really good ah. Even more handsome than the last time she saw him, full of wildness. 

    He saw that she didn’t speak, and his dark sword-like eyebrows wrinkled, his sight falling on her thigh. “Little Wild Leopard, were you bitten by a venomous snake?”

    He looked around briefly and saw the snake killed by her. He couldn’t help but whistle, “Little Wild Leopard, did you do this? This is the first time I’ve seen a woman kill a venomous snake by herself.”

    Nan Xun was almost struck by lightning when he called her that.

    Little Wild Leopard? Why don’t you just say Little Stray Cat?

    “Little Wild Leopard, my name is A’Mang. Did you forget what I said last time?” he asked. He put down Nan Xun first, wrapped the snake around his waist, then picked her again.

    Nan Xun coughed. “Remember, remember.”

    A’Mang looked at her appearance. It was clear she was lying to him— that Little Wild Leopard really did forget.

    A’Mang couldn’t help but get annoyed. “I missed you every day, but you completely forgot about me, woman!”

    Nan Xun shrank quietly in his arms. Then she suddenly smiled at him brilliantly, and sweetly called out, “A’Mang.”

    Hearing this, A’Mang felt his heart soften. So, he pursed his lips and didn’t further pursue the matter of her forgetting him.

    “Little Wild Leopard, you haven’t told me what your name is,” A’Mang said.

    Nan Xun’s mouth curved and replied, “My name is A’Xi.”

    A’Mang kept repeating her name, and with bright eyes said, “Little Wild Leopard, your name sounds so nice, A’Xi, A’Xi….”

    A’Mang carried Nan Xun into a cave. The cave was probably where he temporarily lived, because it was a little empty. There was a thick layer of dead vegetation on the ground, and next to it were some newly peeled skins that smelled bloody.

    A’Mang placed Nan Xun on the dead leaves, then laid down and gently licked the wound on Nan Xun’s thigh.

    Nan Xun’s thigh trembled, her body shook, and she stammered, “You, you you you what are you doing?”

    A’Mang just looked up at her and continued to lick. Then, he sucked hard at where the snake bit her and spat a mouthful of blood onto the ground.

    Nan Xun hissed, “You, be gentler!”

    A’Mang vaguely said, “Can’t be gentle. I have to suck all the poisoned blood out.”

    Nan Xun’s heart pounded.

    Your mother, I’m dying. It’s itchy, itchy. It’s my thighs ah, thighs. It’s near the base of my inner thigh. 

    Nan Xun didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she felt that bastard was gradually sucking and moving more and more inwards.

    Nan Xun grabbed his hair and pulled him up. Her face was flushed and she said, “No need to suck, I’m okay!”

    A’Mang’s handsome face suddenly came close. The corner of his mouth was bent and he jokingly said, “Really don’t need?”

    Nan Xun didn’t back away. She looked at the rogue smiling in front of her and suddenly asked, “Hey man, are you in love with me?”

    A’Mang’s smile widened a little, becoming more handsome and charming. “Yes ah. A’Xi, I want to have babies with you. Many, many babies.” 

    Nan Xun: ……

    The way this primitive man expressed his love was really straightforward.

    “A’Xi, you’re ripping my hair out, can you let go first?” the savage said.

    Nan Xun realized that she was still pulling his hair, so she let go.

    As soon as she let go, A’Mang directly pressed her down.

    “You’re really heavy, get up.” Nan Xun hurriedly pushed him, but the man didn’t budge.

    “A’Xi, come with me.” A’Mang moved closer and rubbed her face.

    Nan Xun was stupefied by this rogue who was suddenly acting proper.

    “A’Xi, come with me and be my woman. I will make you the best-dressed and warmest woman in all the tribes,” A’Mang said again, and his breathing became rough.2Think when he says warmest, warmest for winter cause all the skins and cave is advance compared to others but also being warm is excessive snusnu too…

    Nan Xun thought for a while, then shook her head. “If you like me, go to my tribe and propose marriage to A’Da. I am A’Da and elder brother’s people. I can’t elope with you casually.”

    A’Mang was a little confused. He’d never heard the words “propose marriage” and “elope,” but he understood the gist of Little Wild Leopard’s meaning. This was to tell her A’Da and elder brother that he would take her away?

    A’Mang thought her way of thinking was very strange. If someone took a woman and told the people of her tribe, wasn’t this looking for a fight?

    The status of women in the tribe was very important, especially the tribe that Little Wild Leopard was from. According to his observations from these last few days, women were scarce there. They would never allow a foreign man to take away women from their tribe.

    A’Mang didn’t want to deal with them, so he decided to snatch her first. 

    So, while he played a rogue with his hands, he also played rogue with his mouth. “A’Xi, last time you stole my skirt. Did you put it up to your nose and sniff it every day before bed ah? A’Xi, does my scent smell good?”

    Nan Xun was stunned.

    Fuck, what this rogue said was really shameless!

    A’Mang continued to be lewd. “A’Xi, you took off my skirt and saw all of me. Do you like it? Am I better than all the other men in your tribe?”

    Nan Xun: …

    Nan Xun’s face burned bright red. She tried to call Little Eight, but Little Eight deliberately blocked his five senses, so he didn’t answer her.

    The best way to deal with rogues was to fight poison with poison.

    So, the red-faced Nan Xun said the boldest and spiciest words in history: “I forgot. Why don’t you take off your skirt and let me see again?” 

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