The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 198

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You’re Wild, I Like It

    A’Mang suddenly raised his head, and his thin, slightly moistened lips widened in surprise.

    A moment later, he burst out into hearty laughter. “A’Xi, I love you so much, A’Xi!”

    Nan Xun’s words ignited the dry leaves in the stone cave.

    They both forgot how it started. Anyway, the lightning from the sky struck fire on the ground, while the fire on the ground attracted the lightning from the sky.

    Outside the cave, the birds and bees sang, the flowers’ fragrance filled the nose, and the cave was full of passion and perspiration.

    Nan Xun gave A’Mang a thorough understanding what a little wild leopard was capable of, and A’Mang longed for it so much that he wanted to die on her. 

    “A’Xi, you’re wild, I like it!”

    The little wild leopard and rogue sawtooth tiger fought enthusiastically, until the two beasts faintly heard the cries of her clansmen in the distance. The rogue sawtooth tiger bit the little wild leopard, fiercely leaving a full set of teeth marks, then unwillingly retreated.

    “A’Xi, wait for me, I will come back for you again!” A’Mang said, and hurriedly left, leaving his fur skirt. Although there was no one else in the jungle, it was inconvenient to run around naked, though it was very cool. After a while, another call drifted in from far away. “A’Xi, I’m taking this snake as a gift you gave me!” The voice was full of joy.

    After that, Nan Xun didn’t hear A’Mang’s voice again. He had probably already run away.

    Nan Xun rubbed her face fiercely. A’Mang had messed up her skirt and tube top, and she was now as soft as clay. She laid on the leaves and didn’t want to move. 

    But, listening to the distant sounds coming closer, Nan Xun limped out of the cave.

    As soon as her legs were less sore, Nan Xun began to trot.

    She ran back to the place where she had separated from Chuxue. There were still two baskets standing upright. One was Chuxue’s, which was filled with various kinds of wild fruit, and the other was her own, containing the rock salt Chuxue found.

    Nan Xun sat down on the ground with a dispirited expression. “I’m here—”

    Little Eight suddenly interjected, “Dear da, are you done already?”

    Nan Xun looked up at the sky and rolled her eyes. “You— it seems you hope it lasted longer? Just like that, my legs don’t feel like they are mine anymore.”

    Little Eight went “hehe” and shyly said, “Isn’t it because in the last world you were suffocating yourself? So, Grandpa hoped you would enjoy yourself, but didn’t expect for you to be so wild this time… cough cough, but that young man looks really handsome and his figure is also first-class.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Damn, he said that as if she’d become a hungry and thirsty fickle woman.

    “A’Xi—” Nan Xun heard a man’s familiar voice in the distance.

    “Yi? The time it would take for Chuxue to rush back to the clan and return should be about two and a half hours, ah. How come it only took a little over an hour for them to get here?”1Wow, grandpa really wanted nan xun to keep brewing sauce

    As soon as Little Eight’s voice fell, a tall man ran over.

    “A’Xi, are you okay?” A’Yu frowned at her, and his eyebrows tightened even more when he found the venomous snake bite marks on her thigh.

    He squatted down and motioned for Nan Xun to climb onto his back.

    Nan Xun thought about the passionate juices dripping from between her legs, and quickly shook her head violently. “No need! My legs are okay. I’ll walk by myself!”

    Little Eight couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Hee hee, you unrestrained wolf, did you overdo it?”

    A’Yu’s face sank. “A’Xi, don’t be brave. You should quickly return and rest.”

    After he finished, he gestured that he was about to throw her on his back.

    Nan Xun was so flustered that she quickly said, “If you want to help me, don’t use your back. Change the position to however else you can carry!”

    A’Yu looked at her strangely making a fuss and finally held her.

    Nan Xun felt a little awkward. Although ancient people were open-minded, men would only hold women like this when they had mutual affections towards each other.

    The atmosphere was a little awkward. Nan Xun went “hehe” and said, “A’Yu, what about the others? Why are you the only one here?”

    A’Yu glanced at her and explained, “They are on the way. I run faster, so I got here first.”

    Nan Xun went “oh” and didn’t speak again.

    The two were silent for a long time before A’Yu suddenly said, “Chuxue said that you saved her. Thank you on her behalf.”

    Nan Xun quickly waved her hand. “There’s no need to thank me. I’ve always treated Chuxue as my younger sister. I’m stronger than her, it’s only right for me to take care of her.”

    Nan Xun felt that her attitude was just, but couldn’t figure out why A’Yu’s gaze on her became stranger and more complicated after hearing this.

    “A’Xi,” A’Yu suddenly called out.

    “What?” Nan Xun looked at him puzzled.

    “You really…do you like me that much?” A’Yu frowned slightly.

    Nan Xun’s blood almost spurted out.

    Awesome ah, how could he be so delusional?2It’s because you always treat Chuxue as a younger sister implying you will become his future concubine…usually ancients call the other women as little/big sisters in harems! LOL Dumb Nan Xun even after her QT as Qin Gufei

    Nan Xun felt that the other person might have misunderstood something, so she seriously explained herself. “I don’t like you anymore, really.”

    She didn’t directly say she didn’t like him before because after all, A’Xi really did like A’Yu. 

    However, A’Yu didn’t listen to her and said, “If you really want to follow me… I’ll go and tell the Patriarch that you saved Chuxue’s life. Chuxue and I owe you this, and I am willing to take care of you.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Fuck, this man is sick!

    Nan Xun struggled to jump off him and violently stomped her foot. “Look, I’m really okay. Chuxue applied herbal medicine on me before so I’m better now. I don’t need you to repay me, really!”

    After saying that, Nan Xun speedily ran away. She had already heard her elder brother’s voice, so it was better to hurry and meet up with a normal person.

    Nan Xun thought that A’Yu understood what she meant, but later in the evening, her A’Da called her over. Her elder brother, A’Yu, and Chuxue were also present.

    Chuxue’s eyes were a little red. She didn’t look at Nan Xun and her head slightly drooped.

    But A’Yu’s expression was very serious. It seemed that he had made a big decision.

    “A’Da, what’s the matter?” Nan Xun looked blankly at the Patriarch.

    The Patriarch patted his daughter’s head and said benevolently, “A’Xi, A’Yu just told me that he’s willing to take care of you. Although it’s stipulated in the clan that an adult man can only have one woman, A’Yu is different. He’s our tribe’s best warrior and will replace A’Da sooner or later. Two or three women is normal. It’s just that Chuxue doesn’t agree to you becoming the main wife and her being a concubine. She can only grievously agree that you will both be the main wives.”

    Nan Xun opened her mouth and suddenly stared at Chuxue.

    The little beauty hung her head and didn’t dare look at her.

    Nan Xun glared angrily at A’Yu and coldly asked, “Did you propose this?”

    A’Yu nodded silently.

    Nan Xun smiled. “A’Yu, who do you think I am?”

    A’Yu frowned unhappily. “A’Xi, don’t go too far. Chuxue followed me first. I can’t wrong her by making her become a concubine.”

    Nan Xun: …

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