The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 199

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God, I Really Actually Heard That

    Nan Xun was pissed off by this self-righteous man.

    “Ah, bah! Even if every man dies and I’m lonely and old, I’ll never follow you! Narcissistic man, your proposal insults me, and I feel sorry for Chuxue! You’re the best warrior in the tribe— you should be ashamed of yourself. How could I have liked a man like you before!” 

    If there were idioms in their language, Nan Xun would definitely scold him until he looked for a crack to hide in.

    Damn, I’ve seen narcissism, but never this much narcissism!

    After Nan Xun scolded A’Yu, he stared blankly at her before his face turned dark and angry. She couldn’t help but feel happy, and looked at the Patriarch and A’Shi, solemnly saying, “Thank you A’Da and elder brother, but I really don’t need it. I don’t want to have babies for the time being.”

    In ancient times, the union between a man and woman meant that it was the woman’s responsibility to have children. 

    After saying this, Nan Xun left, and she didn’t forget to take Chuxue, who looked like a punching bag with her.

    In the cave, the Patriarch and A’Shi looked at each other. Did A’Xi refuse A’Yu? This child clearly liked A’Yu the most ah. 

    Nan Xun pulled Chuxue into her cave, placed her hands on her hips, and started to scold her. “Chuxue, how can you agree to such a ridiculous thing? Didn’t you say that a man can only have one wife? If a man takes in another wife or is good to another woman, he is despicable. How can you agree to him marrying me?”

    Nan Xun spoke in the language Chuxue “taught” her, because there weren’t enough words to scold her with in the indigenous language.

    After hearing this, Chuxue finally raised her head. Her red and swollen eyes made Nan Xun feel very distressed.

    Ah, women in their world were most intolerant of a man’s half-heartedness. What kind of a mood was Chuxue in that she agreed to this?

    “A’Xi, A’Yu is a man with a sense of responsibility. At first, he felt very guilty for rejecting you. Later, many people in the tribe secretly spurned you, so he felt sorry for you. Plus, this time you saved me, so he felt that he owed you a lot. So, he made this decision. Of course, I don’t agree with him, but why should I interfere with his thoughts? I’m just a captive.” Chuxue smiled bitterly.

    She could see that the primitive man really liked her, while he only had brotherly affection towards A’Xi, but the guilt in his heart made him take the initiative to take care of her.

    If it was in the past, Chuxue would rather be a broken jade than a fully intact jade.1She would rather die than have this happen She had her own pride, and would never allow her man to marry another woman. But this woman was A’Xi. She was the first woman in the tribe who befriended her. She could clearly see that she was sincere. What made her unable to refuse was that A’Xi had just saved her life.

    If A’Xi really liked A’Yu and A’Yu was willing to marry her, Chuxue really didn’t have the courage to say no.

    After Nan Xun listened to this, she hated iron for not becoming steel2idiom – to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement and said, “Let me ask you something. Do you like A’Yu? If you like him, you should keep a close eye on him and express your thoughts. If you’re not happy, then you should tell him. You shouldn’t be so passive and put up with him ah. Who is he?”

    Nan Xun’s fluent Mandarin made Chuxue’s grief turn into happiness. “A’Xi, your ideas are really avant-garde. Even if you said them in my hometown, people would love and respect it.”

    Nan Xun touched her head. “Chuxue, I already have a beloved warrior. We already did that…what’s it called. Yes, making a pledge to be married without your parent’s approval.”

    Chuxue was surprised incessantly. “Is this, is this true? But…”

    She’d been inseparable from A’Xi ever since she came to the tribe. She had never seen which man A’Xi wanted in the tribe.

    Nan Xun winked at her and said with a smile, “It’s true. He’s very handsome and his figure is also good. He doesn’t lose to A’Yu. I was interested in A’Yu at first, but saw that he was only good-looking. Now that I found someone better, naturally I don’t like him anymore.”3Dude, shes indirectly trash talking without even knowing it. Basically, saying her husband is inferior with the person she found loool

    Nan Xun suddenly thought of something and quickly asked, “Have you heard any gossip? I’m guessing something about A’Yu bringing me back here?”

    Chuxue bowed her head in silence.

    Nan Xun laughed loudly and whispered into her ear.

    Chuxue’s little face turned as red as a monkey’s butt and stuttered, “You, you…really have…”

    Nan Xun was very embarrassed as she said, “A’Mang is so good that it left a nice aftertaste.”

    Chuxue was frightened by A’Xi’s shamelessness and ran away blushing.

    Once she left, Nan Xun hummed a small tune, went deeper into her cave, and pulled out the fur skirt hidden under the hay.

    Nan Xun lightly sniffed the skirt she had snatched, then threw it aside with disgust. “Stinky rogue, as expected, the skirt is so smelly.” 

    Little Eight’s voice trembled. “Dear da. You seem very abnormal ah. Did you just smell a skirt that a man used to wrap himself with? Ahahah, you’re so perverted.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Little Eight continued to clamor, “Furthermore, you spoke to Chuxue so boldly just now ah. You really can switch between genders; it doesn’t matter if you’re being masculine or feminine. Wow, now you’re being feminine!” 

    Nan Xun yawned “ha” lazily, spread the savage’s fur skirt under her,4Didn’t you say it stinks?? Why are you laying on stinky underwear?! PERVERT! then laid down on it and said, “I told her valiantly that I’m not interested in her man anymore.”

    Little Eight: “Oh.”

    Nan Xun curiously asked, “If I hadn’t come into this world, would Chuxue and her predestined man stumble like this?”

    Little Eight was suddenly interested in storytelling. “Wouldn’t they? The final result is that the child of fate slowly thrives and makes this tribe very prosperous. She would live happily with the new Patriarch of the tribe, but the process of getting there would be very torturous. First of all, Chuxue and A’Yu’s ideas aren’t the same, which took time to break in. Secondly, A’Xi always interfered and caused constant misunderstandings between them. A’Yu from the original world also married A’Xi, tsk, and brewed sauce in front of Chuxue. After all, there is only one cave per family.”

    Nan Xun interrupted him and didn’t want to hear anymore.

    Little Eight still hadn’t said enough. “Then I won’t talk about this, I’ll talk about something else. Do you know A’Xi’s ending? Hee hee, later Chuxue became a fierce character in the family in-fighting and she called for A’Xi to be driven out. A’Xi went out alone and unfortunately met some cannibals. Then she courted all kinds of disasters and infuriated the cannibals until they finally divided her up and ate her.”

    “Fuck, wait!” Nan Xun interrupted Little Eight with a look of horror. “Cannibals? Divided up and eaten? Little Eight, don’t tell me, there is also a cannibal tribe!”

    Little Eight genuinely laughed. “That’s right ah, and it’s not too far from here oh. After crossing the mountain and river, the average person will get there within seven or eight days of walking la.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Little Eight wanted to continue talking about the cannibal’s terrible deeds, but Nan Xun blocked her ears.

    Little Eight scoffed, “Didn’t you see the Demon King eating people? How can you be so afraid of this?”

    “Fuck, it’s not the same, okay? That was a fantasy world. Isn’t it normal for the Demon King to eat people? Wasn’t he originally a monster? But the motherfucking cannibals you mentioned earlier are all human beings. Ah, people eating people. Ahah, I can’t think about it, I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep tonight!”

    Nan Xun laid on A’Mang’s animal skin skirt and soon fell asleep. In fact, it didn’t smell unpleasant at all. It had the faint fragrance of grass and trees on it, probably because of A’Mang’s frequent hunts in the jungle.

    In her sleep, Nan Xun’s mouth was slightly hooked, and her face was peaceful and sweet. Who knew what kind of beautiful dream she had.

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