The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 2

TL Notes: The demand for this novel is higher than both of the novels I am translating right now…going to focus on quickly finishing The Prince Has All Kinds of Strange Hobbies and do daily releases of this novel as well. Seeking Good Temptation will probably release less until I finish the Prince.

I do want to warn you guys that I will probably struggle with this novel since I am not too familiar with the wuxia/xianxia genre. I’ll try my best with this series.

Translated by Novice Translations

World 1 – The Mutated Demon King’s Human Bride

    Nan Xun sighed and said softly in her heart: “Baby, come out, I promise not to kill you!”

    Nan Xun’s had a white jade bracelet on her wrist. The bracelet is a little hot. The voice of the void beast rings directly in her mind.

    “You can call this beast the eighth Lord,” said the void beast.

    Nan Xun’s was a bit angry, “Little eight, eighth Lord, come and tell your sister what this is.”

    The void beast said: “The situation is how you see it. Given that you have previously questioned the ability of this god beast before, you were sent directly to an advanced world. It’s very similar to the world where I reside. You can feel the power of the Lord with your heart, hehe.”

    This sentence, ah, let the high cold void beast become very grounded for a second.

    “Are you all right, cousin Xuan’er?”1Honorific for those younger than you but it’s typically for close family members to show how intimate they are. A flustered male voice sounded.

    The next moment, Nan Xun felt that her hands were tightened, and she was pulled behind a tall man.

    Nan Xun is still confused, a large wave of memories was forced into her mind at this time.

    Looking at the tall figure in front of her, Nan Xun subconsciously called out, “Cousin?”

    Qin Yuexuan looked back at her and smiled gently. “My cousin, rest assure that as long as I am here, I will not let anything happen to you.”

    The corners of his eyes were raised, and the corners of his mouth was smiling.

    Qin Yuexuan gave Nan Xun a protective enchantment, and then went to deal with a group of demons in front of him.

    Nan Xun searched her memories for a moment. This group of demons seems to be called the demon moon wolf beast. Their personality was extremely cruel, and they always appear as a group.

    This is a wuxia world, where they live is called Yinchuan continent. Those who practice martial arts are called Xuan, and those who are strong are respected.

    There are no emperors in the Yinchuan mainland at this time, instead it is governed by the big five families.

    The five major families are distributed through the Yinchuan continent, the east, west, south and north of the Yinchuan continent. Among them, the most powerful family is Zuili, who specializes in beast taming.

    What is beast taming?

    That is the innate ability to communicate with spiritual beasts and the knowledge in anti-heaven crafting secrets. Even demons, beasts and gods fear the clan.

    Nan Xun’s host body is the only daughter of the Zuili’s family head. In the whole family, she is ranked ninth. Her name is Zuili Xuan. Nan Xun’s vessel is a beautiful woman with a beautiful face. It is only a pity that she was as useless as an embroidered pillow.

    She did not inherit the ability of beast taming.

    On this basis, Zuili Xuan was a disgrace to the family and labeled as a waste.

    However, whether she can control beasts was something Nan Xun knew better than anyone. This little beauty was actually too kind-hearted, she refuses to enslave those spiritual beasts, so she prefers to be an idiot who wasn’t competent.

    The waste was deserted by the family and was bullied by them.

    Although her father and mother loved her, they could not resist the coercion of the elders and the other four great clans. They could only hand her over to marry the wicked King of Demons, a red snake with four claws that made all humans, gods and beasts fearful.

    “Small eight, is the four-clawed red-blood snake really a snake?” Nan Xun asked the void beast.

    “Yeah, you can rest assure that the demon king’s body is ugly, but after his transformation, he is handsome and extraordinary as beautiful as the gods in the heavens. You know, there are countless demons who admire the demon king that they can be lined up from here all the way to the far north. You are absolutely indebted to your beauty and wisdom to be able to marry the demon king. I am waiting for the day the four-clawed red-blooded snake abandons the darkness, this Lord’s merits depend on you.”

    Nan Xun’s mouth twitched.

    All of a sudden, she really wants to hang this round void beast and beat it. What should she do?

  1. Honorific for those younger than you but it’s typically for close family members to show how intimate they are.

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