The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 20

TL Note: I made a mistake on the last chapter – the Demon King’s affection didn’t drop down to 10 points but dropped BY 10 points. I’m so sorry, I misunderstood!~ ☹

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Xun Xun, You Are Too Playful

    Nan Xun was trying to say something, but suddenly, little eight interrupted with excitement and shouted, “Wow! I just measured the Demon King’s evil value and it actually lost 5 points, now it’s at 70 points!”

    Nan Xun’s heard the news, her eyes brightened, thinking it was a matter of time within the near future the evil value will be 0.  

    She is in a good mood and her appetite improved and pleased others.

    For a few days, every night, the Demon King will secretly sneak into Nan Xun’s small hall and hold Nan Xun and embrace her to death.

    Nan Xun wanted to open her eyes and grasp the situation, but somehow, she clearly feels the other side. She couldn’t open her eyes and couldn’t do anything but moan.

    Nan Xun is sulking.

    After climbing the bed every night with the Demon King, on the second day, she still heard news that the Demon King’s nights were filled with the songs of joy and bewitching beasts. Only then did Nan Xun realized that it was all a bluff and the Demon King didn’t spoil any others besides her.

    “Xun Xun.” The man’s low and hoarse voice, mellow with an alcoholic smell was gently sounded and slightly intoxicated in her ears.  

    Nan Xun told Lu Sui Ren that her little name is Xun Xun. She was afraid that if others were to call her Xiao Xuan or Xuan Xuan, she would forget her name. She has only heard the other girls call her nickname in a playful tone and never heard it called in such a low, gentle, burning voice that touched the soul.

    Her ears are a little itchy and numb. They seem to be pregnant.1Thanks to reader Lakin – Ears are pregnant is a voice is so pleasant to hear, arousing affection and love.

    Nan Xun wanted to open her eyes. This time, she finally felt the heavy weight on her body and looked into the dark blood-red eyes.

    The bloody pupils looked straight at her.

    “What are you doing…” Nan Xun opened her mouth and didn’t finish her sentence. The man’s thin cool lips held her lips fiercely, so that she couldn’t even speak.

    After Nan Xun became mud again, the Demon King held her from behind, placed his chin on her head and his arms tightly clasped to her waist.

    The two pairs of eyes looked at the moon outside the window, a pair of bright dark eyes and a pair of bloody-red eyes, they were silent for a while.

    “Tonight’s moon is so big and round…” Nan Xun’s voice sighed dryly.

    The Demon King behind her whispered: “The beauty of the scenery in benwang’s eyes is less than one thousandth of Xun Xun’s.”

    Nan Xun mouth twitched. “Little eight, what happened to the Demon King, he seems to develop love skills overnight.”

    Little eight dared not speak out at this time.

    “Xun Xun, do you still hate benwang?” asked the Demon King.

    Nan Xun was stunned, “What do you mean hate? Do you mean hate for forcing me to drink the abortion medicine or leaving me cold for months?”

    Her words caused the Demon King’s arms to suddenly tighten, after a long time, behind her came his voice full of guilt, “Xun Xun, benwang…Don’t blame me, Xun Xun, that child we couldn’t have, how can your human body bear the blood of the four-clawed red Divine Serpent? The child will kill you and benwang will not let you die. As for the women rumored outside, benwang never touched them.”

    Nan Xun snorted, “I don’t believe.”

    The Demon King sighed, and helplessly said. “Although benwang is a beast, but benwang never lies.”

    Nan Xun touched her belly, this movement –

This movement was seen by the Demon King and the guilt in his eyes worsen.

    “Then I can’t have children in the future?” Nan Xun asked sadly.

    The Demon King hugged her fiercely in his arms and whispered, “Xun Xun, there will be, benwang will find ways to improve your physique and ensure that you can bear the blood of benwang, so don’t blame me for this time?”  

    Nan Xun nodded slightly and softly answered: “Yes, I believe you this time. If you call me Xun Xun, what should I call you? Do you have a name?”  

    The Demon King froze for a moment.


    “Call me Xue Ming.” The Demon King’s eyes moved slightly and said in a self-mocking way: “This name hasn’t been called for tens of thousands of years.”

    Nan Xun turned around and looked at him seriously, holding his face and saying, “Then I will call you that every day, okay? Xue Ming, Xue Ming, Xue Ming…”

    That name hasn’t been called for tens of thousands of years was whispered from that woman’s mouth again and again. His heart was beating fiercely, with his eyes turning red, he turned over and pressed the woman underneath him.

    Nan Xun sighed in her heart. “Little eight, you are right, it’s snake sex and it’s an old snake.”

   After surfing the waves, Xue Ming personally held Nan Xun to return to the Demon King’s palace, where there was a very large bath.  

    This beast was too possessive and didn’t allow a servant to clean Nan Xun’s body. He personally went to battle and washed her from head to toe, outside and inside.

    Just after washing, he stared at the naked Nan Xun, and suddenly his eyes became hot and searing, to the point where he could burn a hole in the person.

    Nan Xun’s heart felt bad, with one foot she kicked the man into the water and let him drink a few mouthfuls of her bathwater. Then she climbed into the pool quickly.

    As a result, at the next moment, an unforgettable scene occurred in the bathtub.

    Her waist was suddenly wrapped with a slippery snake tail, blood-red, and from above the scales were cold and smooth.

    “Xun Xun, you are too playful.” Behind her came the man’s somber voice with a cold smile.

    Nan Xun cried quickly, “Shit, little eight, a big snake tail. I knew someday this would happen, but I didn’t think it would come so fast…”

    Nan Xun was dragged by the snake tail into the man’s arms.

    Seeing the handsome face, Nan Xun breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she didn’t see a huge snake head when she was dragged. This half snake and half man, she could accept.

    “Xun Xun, are you afraid of me?” Xue Ming asked his voice tinted with rare gentleness.

    Nan Xun tried to squeeze out a smile. “At first glance I was naturally afraid, but now that I see it, I am no longer afraid.”

    Xue Ming hooked his thin lips. “I know, every day I will be half-beast. Then you’ll get used to my appearance and then I will become whole beast. That way you won’t be afraid.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Seeing her silence, his eyes sank, and his voice suddenly was cold, “Is Xun Xun deceiving me? You’re afraid of my body, do you think my beastly body is ugly?”

    Nan Xun cried in her heart. “Little eight, the Demon King is a moody and abnormal pervert. Do I have to say it’s good looking when it looks like a ghost with a snake tail? But if I said he’s ugly, would he eat me in anger?”

    Little eight is doomed to not answer her words.

  1. Thanks to reader Lakin – Ears are pregnant is a voice is so pleasant to hear, arousing affection and love.

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