The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 200

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Night, Taking a Bath in the Small River

    Who knew if Nan Xun’s words had enlightened Chuxue, but when Nan Xun saw her the next day, she felt that she had changed entirely, becoming more confident with her eyes shining like stars. It was a yearning for a new life.

    Come to think of it, as a modern woman she had suddenly transmigrated into a backwards primitive society in a different land. It wasn’t difficult to understand why she was overwhelmingly confused in the beginning.

    A’Yu seemed to be very energetic today. Nan Xun guessed that the two must have brewed a lot of sauce last night, then Chuxue struck while the iron was hot when making love with him.

    Sure enough, A’Yu didn’t mention any more of that nonsense about taking care of A’Xi, but he always sent the meat he hunted to Nan Xun. Occasionally, when he saw Nan Xun, he would look away in embarrassment.

    Nan Xun didn’t want his things, but she found out Chuxue roasted the meat. Chuxue not only sprinkled salt, but also spread a layer of juice on the outside of the roasted meat. The fruit juice mixed with the roasted meat’s oil was very fragrant and tender!

    As a result, Nan Xun put away her integrity and took the meat. She would take as much as A’Yu and Chuxue sent over each time, and every time it was cooked deliciously. 

    Nan Xun could see that Chuxue had completely integrated herself into the tribe. Before long, Chuxue began to teach the tribe’s women how to weave straw sandals and sew shoulder bags for themselves. The waist bags were for the men. These waist bags were fastened around their waists to hold some fruit and dried meat that Chuxue made. They could quench their thirst and replenish their physical strength while they were out hunting.

    Chuxue also found clay that could be used to make clay pots. After successfully baking her first pottery bowl, the tribe’s women began to join together to make pottery. Even Nan Xun kneaded several bowls and pots with Chuxue, while the men built a kiln under Chuxue’s guidance for baking pottery.

    Pottery bowls and pots soon replaced the coconut-like shells that were used to hold water and food. Not only that, salt also became popular amongst the people.

    Chuxue’s reputation in the tribe was getting better and better.

    The summer here was very long, and lasted for about four or five months in comparison to Nan Xun’s world. This is what Nan Xun observed over time. She still took the women out to pick wild fruits and vegetables every day, however, for several consecutive days, she didn’t see A’Mang.

    This made her very depressed.1She wants the dick! She’s left with that aftertaste only!

    The other women didn’t know why, but Chuxue knew.

    When there were no outsiders, the two women secretly whispered in each other’s ears.

    “A’Xi, you don’t even know which tribe that man is from?” Chuxue asked in surprise. “You don’t know who the man is, but you want to follow him, follow him….”2Follow him to brew sauce…

    Chuxue was too embarrassed to finish her sentence. She knew that primitive people were more open-minded. She often met wild mandarin ducks who stole forbidden fruits in the high grass.3A pair of lovers have illicit affairs or stealing the other’s virginity But she didn’t know if A’Xi spoke Mandarin with him. Chuxue always unconsciously regarded A’Xi as her closest person. Sometimes she was even closer than A’Yu.

    Nan Xun went “ai” and sighed, “That cruel and unscrupulous man. Next time I meet him, I’ll kill him!”

    Chuxue laughed out loud. “A’Xi just can’t bear it. I see your appetite has become smaller these days. You didn’t eat the meat I personally roasted; do you think you’re suffering from lovesickness?”

    Nan Xun felt ashamed. Was it so obvious?

    Well, she admitted that she really missed that savage.

    “Little Eight ah, can you tell me who that savage is ah?” Nan Xun decided to ask Little Eight for help.

    Little Eight: “You really came here for vacation. Fuck, still asking me to find you a man?”

    Nan Xun immediately praised him. “My family’s Little Eight is so handsome that he splits Heaven!”

    Little Eight became gentle the next second. “Short oil, fortunately la, although Grandpa is indeed very handsome, but dear da, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. I know the main storyline of this world, that is, what happens around the child of fate. The last time we saw that savage, Grandpa didn’t have any impression of him. There are only two types of people that Grandpa has no impression of: one is that he’s a passerby, and the other is that he’s a cannon fodder.”

    Nan Xun snorted and said, “I don’t believe that a man like A’Mang could be either a passerby or cannon fodder.”

    Little eight: “Ai oh, hey. No dear, you just brewed sauce with that savage once and you became this way because of him la? Okay, Grandpa admits that his body was excellent, and his endurance was also great, so it’s normal for you to yearn for it. Grandpa understands, really, understands.”

    Nan Xun: …

    You understand balls.4This internet slang was pretty hard to look up. From what I understand it’s a vulgar colloquial meaning (you) don’t understand, what do you understand? Basically, from what I think, Little Eight doesn’t even brew sauce so how can he understand that she misses him

    Nan Xun didn’t want to talk with Little Eight anymore. She was tired and felt it was more comfortable to talk with Chuxue girl.

    With her, Nan Xun had the finest straw sandals and a close-fitting bra to wear, small underwear, and so on. Chuxue girl simply wasn’t too intimate!

    Nan Xun felt that her craftwork was okay, but was incomparable to her.

    In the evening, the women liked to bathe in the small river near the tribe, except for Nan Xun and Chuxue. They were both shy.

    When the women took a bath, there were always men from the tribe that passed by and they often teased them. Because these women were used to showing off their upper halves and curves, they didn’t feel anything when they were seen by the men, but fuck, that river water was so clear ah. Nan Xun could stand all the way at the shore and see the women underwater. The men’s eyes were keen, and they certainly saw much further than her!

    Nan Xun would be beaten to death before she bathed during the day when everything could be seen!

    This evening the moon was only the size of a sickle, but the stars were radiant and the sky was full of them. There was a lot of open space around the tribe which didn’t have any big trees. As soon as Nan Xun looked up, she could see the stars shining like diamonds.

    Nan Xun took a clean piece of animal skin and some aromatic herbs, then went to the river alone.

    Nan Xun went a little further up the river just in case of any disturbances.

    On either side of the river, the trees weren’t very high, but the branches were very dense. The roots peeked out of the moist soil, extending to the river and arching out beautifully. The twisting branches reached towards the river, as if they wanted to kiss the trees on the other side.

    Due to the trees on each side, a large area of the night sky was exposed to the small river belt.

    The river flowed slowly, and the shining stars in the night sky seemed to fall into it. In the water, the gleaming lights flickered and weaved a gorgeous shimmering ribbon.

    The night was the background color, the blazing stars were its embellishments, and the shifting waters of the river were its texture.

    Nan Xun stepped into the ribbon and immediately disturbed the reflection of the stars.

    The season was hot, and the river water was clear and cool. It was very comfortable to feel on her skin.

    Nan Xun hung her clothes and undergarments on the knotted branches lining the riverbank. It was delightfully cool to the touch, so she plunged into the water.

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