The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 201

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A’Xi, You’re So Beautiful

    Nan Xun was like a little fish. She cut through the silk ribbon of dazzling starlight, and stirred up the river with her splashes.

    When she got tired, she stopped and stepped on the stones and mud at the bottom of the river. 

    The river wasn’t deep. It reached just up to her chest, covering the area.

    Nan Xun slowly walked to the edge of the large stone protruding in the river, where some of her aromatic herbs were placed at. Then, she rubbed them on her body which produced some foam. Although it was nothing like modern shower gel, Nan Xun really liked the natural fragrance of herbs.

    Nan Xun had just finished rinsing the foam from her body when there was a loud splash behind her. Something heavy fell into the river with a huge impact.

    Nan Xun was startled. Before she could quickly turn and see what it was, a tall black shadow rushed at her.

    Hot kisses covered her face.

    “A’Mang!” Nan Xun was surprised.

    “A’Xi, I miss you so much! I was thinking about you so much that while I was hunting, my arm almost got bitten off by a beast.” As A’Mang kissed her, he expressed his feelings of love frankly and passionately.

    As soon as Nan Xun heard this, she looked up at his arm.

    A’Mang smiled. “It’s okay, it only almost got it. I’m the most powerful warrior in my tribe and that beast can’t match me. I want to hold my Little Wild Leopard around my neck. A’Xi I miss you. You’re more captivating than food.” 

    Nan Xun was bashful from his straightforward words of endearment.

    This, this shameless beast.

    At the next moment, Nan Xun felt light. He actually held her high…

    Nan Xun held his head tightly, her face turning as red as a monkey’s butt. 

    “A’Xi, you’re so beautiful…” The rogue sawtooth tiger praised.

    After that, time passed slowly. Nan Xun felt her brain go blank. She could only see a thin layer of sweat on the man’s forehead, as well as the blue veins on his neck bulging from exertion. Occasionally, low growls leaked from his beautiful thin lips.

    The night seemed to be even more captivating than before. There was the murmur of waves, insects singing, and dry and hot breaths that accompanied the pleasant sounds.

    Nan Xun was embraced by the rogue sawtooth tiger on the big stone. Fortunately, the stone was large enough. The rogue sawtooth tiger sat on the stone, and she sat on him. The two held each other like conjoined twins, then looked at the starry sky above their heads together.

    “The night is so beautiful ah,” Nan Xun sighed. Her dark eyes were like a pool of spring water, rippling, as if it were a hook.1Trying to hook in manbait.

    A’Mang’s throat rolled, and he directly looked at her. “A’Xi you’re more beautiful than the night. Through your eyes, I can see the starry sky shining brightly.”

    Nan Xun directly put her hand on his head and said, “That’s enough ah. Don’t say any more words of endearment.”

    A’Mang’s mouth hooked up. “A’Xi, your face is so red, like the reddest fruit. It makes people want to take a bite.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Your mother, ah. Keep talking like that and I’ll become a big steamed shrimp.

    When it came to words of love, she didn’t expect this primitive man to be so powerful, and all his words of love were so straightforward that her cheeks were feverish.

    Nan Xun felt that she couldn’t surrender like this and wanted to counterattack.

    Thus, Nan Xun’s brows and eyes slanted and cast a sidelong glance at him. Copying his tone, Nan Xun praised him straightforwardly. “I like your thin lips, I like your strong muscles and arms, and I also like…”

    The results were very tragic.

    A’Mang’s eyes became red hot. It ignited a fire that burned fiercely. He put the little wild leopard in front of him on that fire, and roasted it inside and outside. Every bite filled his mouth with delicious juices.

    After Nan Xun was roasted several times that night, her whole body was paralyzed.

    She had to be grateful to Little Eight for finding her a strong body. Otherwise, she would have been completely scorched during the roasting process.

    In order to prevent the rogue sawtooth tiger from doing naughty things again, Nan Xun seized the opportunity to run back to the shore, ignoring the possibility that the rogue sawtooth tiger behind her might have seen her in all her glory. She quickly dried her body with the animal skin, then pulled the clothes down from the branches and covered her body ah.

    A’Mang smiled and said with a lazy voice after having a full meal, “A’Xi, I already saw you. Oh, your back is so beautiful, your waist is so thin, and your…”

    Nan Xun stumbled and nearly fell over. 

    A’Mang smiled again with joy, his beast-like eyes sharp and glittering with stars. He leaned lazily on the boulder and watched her.

    After Little Wild Leopard tightly hid the parts worth looking at, he sighed with regret. He took the soaked skirt off the boulder and walked towards Nan Xun boldly.

    “You, you, you, you fuck, what are you doing! First put on your skirt!” Nan Xun spoke in Mandarin anxiously.

    The man in the water froze for a moment, but likely understood Nan Xun’s meaning, laughing twice and smugly saying, “A’Xi, didn’t you see all of me just now? Why are you being so shy?”

    Nan Xun: ……

    Fuck this shameless, shameless primitive man.

    A’Mang saw that she was really flustered, and shook the animal skin skirt in his hand with embarrassment. “What should I do A’Xi? The skin is wet.”

    Nan Xun coughed. “Then wear it wet. If you walk around like that, you’ll air dry after a while.”

    “That will get me sick,” A’Mang continued.

    Nan Xun realized that primitive people didn’t have any medicine at all. If he caught a cold, he might die. Her heart trembled and she immediately took the dry towel she had used to wipe her body and put it in his arms. “Use this one first, then remember to return it to me later.”

    She will never admit that she was being considerate. As soon as that rogue sawtooth tiger disappeared, who knew when they would meet next? But if he borrowed her things, he would definitely come again.

    A’Mang bluntly accepted the dry animal skin that Nan Xun had used. He put it up to the tip of his nose and fiercely sniffed it. He complimented, “This animal skin used by A’Xi is really different. It’s really fragrant, it smells like you.”

    Nan Xun was bashful. “It’s the aromatic herbs, it’s not my scent.”

    A’Mang fixed his eyes on her and took a few more sniffs in front of her. “No, there’s something else besides the aromatic herbs. It’s a smell that captivates me.”

    Nan Xun’s face couldn’t be seen anymore, even her wheat-colored skin had turned as red as a monkey’s butt.

    “A’Xi, wait for me,” A’Mang suddenly said. After he managed to reluctantly cover himself with the animal skin, he went to a big tree nearby and picked up what he had thrown there.

    Nan Xun looked at the thing he handed her in a daze.

    It was a skirt sewn with snakeskin. Because of her thin waist, the circumference was smaller than ordinary people. The snakeskin skirt was her size. 

    A’Mang smiled. He always gave people the feeling of being an evil spirit when he smiled. But now, Nan Xun thought it was so charming that she wanted to turn into a wolf and pounce on him.

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