The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 202

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Dying, Turning Into a Dog

    As a result, Nan Xun did just that. She pounced on A’Mang, hugged his head, and bit his thin sexy lips.

    When she was finished, she tried to slip off him but A’Mang stopped her. He wrapped her slender legs around his waist, deepening the kiss.

    In fact, primitive people didn’t like kissing, which might be related to the fact that most people didn’t brush their teeth and had bad breath. However, A’Mang was a very particular person. He chewed some grass that could clean his mouth, so his mouth didn’t smell at all. On the contrary, he always had the pleasant scent of grass.

    Nan Xun decided to make a toothbrush for him next time. The first toothbrush was made by Chuxue girl. She asked A’Yu to cut some wood to make the handle of the toothbrush, then tied a kind of fluffy grass that she found on the other end. She and Chuxue were the only ones who insisted on using them. Even A’Yu didn’t use one.

    But, Nan Xun believed that such a fastidious A’Mang would definitely like this gadget.

    When they had enough intimacy, A’Mang put down the woman intertwined with him and asked, “A’Xi, this snakeskin skirt was made by the best craftsman in my tribe. Do you like it?”

    Nan Xun nodded quickly and said in surprise, “Yes, I like it very much! Is this the skin of the snake I killed last time?”

    A’Mang hugged her waist and said with a smile, “Yes, it’s that big snake. A’Xi, I’ve made two skirts, one for you and one for me.”

    The heat that just receded from Nan Xun’s face flared up again.

    Your mother ah. This is a primitive man in front of me ah. How can he have such an avant-garde consciousness? You even know to make couples’ clothing!

    A’Mang continued, “This snakeskin feels very cool to wear. It’s just perfect right now.”  

    Nan Xun shyly hit his chest and said, “A’Mang, I love it. Thank you.”

    A’Mang held her little fist, moved it up to his mouth and blew on it. “My skin is rough, does it hurt?”

    Nan Xun: …

    A’Mang leaned over to her ear and smiled. “A’Xi, when will you return the fur skirt I was wearing when we first met? What are you keeping it for? I’ve worn it.”1She uses it as a pillow to comfort her at night when her jade cave is tingling and to breathe in your scent with every inhalation while she sleeps.

    Nan Xun’s face was boiling hot and readily spat out with a guilty conscience, “Bah, what do I do with it? Can’t I have it to wipe my feet?”

    A’Mang gave a meaningful “oh” then said, “Of course, A’Xi’s feet are also very fragrant.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Dying, she was going to be turned into a dog by this primitive man.

    The heat on Nan Xun’s face didn’t fade until A’Mang walked away and his back disappeared into the jungle.

    She thought about A’Mang’s words from before he left, and couldn’t help but giggle.

    He said that that next time they saw each other, he would take her away and find a way to get her people’s consent.

    Little Eight suddenly said, “Fuck, it’s finally finished. I didn’t dare open my eyes and only completely released my five senses just now. I only opened my eyes a slit.”

    Nan Xun clenched her fist in front of her lips and lightly coughed twice.

    Little Eight uttered “fuck” and said, “How come your face is as red as a monkey’s butt, what did you do?”

    Nan Xun wanted to smash Little Eight with her fist.

    However, Nan Xun still had something to ask Little Eight about, so she put aside her thoughts about pounding him into a flat cake and gently said, “Little Eight, A’Mang isn’t far away. Please do me a favor.”

    Little Eight immediately became alarmed. “Wh, what? “

    Nan Xun: “What are you so nervous about? I just want you to help me measure A’Mang’s blackening and evil values.”

    Little Eight uttered an “oh” and replied with confusion, “Do you know something? Grandpa sent you on vacation, so the world I chose is very peaceful. There’s no big boss with an evil value worth 100. Even the villains here only have evil values around 80. However, this time you took the initiative to ask Grandpa and Grandpa is very pleased.”

    Nan Xun: “Thank you for your gratitude. Can you quickly check?”

    Little Eight hummed an “en,” then became silent.

    One second, two seconds, three seconds… passed.

    A moment later Little Eight burst into a shrill scream. “Ahhhh, what’s this ahhhh, why is there an indigenous savage with an evil value worth 95! Fuck this is unscientific ahh. Laozi clearly inspected this world beforehand, and there were no wicked people with an evil value over 90. At most, the cannibal tribe has a few little murderers who are serial killers. But their evil value doesn’t exceed 70. God la lu, why on earth…”

    Little Eight even suspected that this savage’s evil value was 100 not too long ago, and only recently dropped to 95!

    Nan Xun cleaned her ear. “Okay baby, you can go to sleep now.”

    Little Eight: …

    Little Eight squatted in the corner and silently cried. It was really annoying to be tossed aside after being used.

    But what really made him sad was that this world had changed and was no longer predictable.

    This world’s trajectory was that the child of fate, Chuxue, led the tribe to be the strongest and most prosperous of the tribes. Then they gradually led the other tribes to become stronger and prosper together. The child of fate’s merit and virtue was obtained from helping the primitive people to become well off and powerful. There was no villain with an evil value of 100 for her to exterminate.

    Little Eight really couldn’t figure out where the big boss with the evil value of 100 came from.

    Little Eight’s brain capacity was limited. If he thought too much, he would have a headache.

    So, he didn’t want to think about it. 

    “It seems I forgot to tell you that the savage’s blackening value is only 30. He’s still regarded as a good youngster,” Little Eight said.

    Little Eight looked down on the blackening value as small after seeing so many ultra-high blackening values.

    Nan Xun obviously didn’t care much about this, so she replied, “Okay, thank you Little Eight.”

    Her intonation increased and her mood wasn’t good.

    Something suddenly became clear in Little Eight’s mind, and he asked with some uncertainty, “Nan Xun, you wouldn’t have happened to know that his evil value was so high beforehand, right?”

    Nan Xun uttered “ah” and innocently replied, “How is that possible? I don’t have the same pillbox2OP ability as you to measure people’s blackening and evil values. I just asked out of curiosity.”

    Little Eight muttered an “oh,” still feeling like was something wrong, but he couldn’t pinpoint what ah. 

    Nan Xun squeezed the snakeskin skirt in her arms and hummed a cheerful tune, “Fa fei wa, fa wa fei wa…”, skipping in the direction of the tribe.3This is the same hum she used twice before, once in the first arc…second I totally forgot.

    The periphery of the tribe was marked simply with wooden fences. The fence tips were sharpened in order to prevent any wild beasts from sneaking into the tribe. When the moon rose to its peak, the men would close the fence and no one could enter or exit.

    Nan Xun estimated that it was getting late, and she couldn’t help but walk faster, making her face flush.

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