The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 203

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Truthfully, a Big Lazy Person

    “A’Xi, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for a long time!” Chuxue saw Nan Xun and hurriedly rushed to greet her.

    Nan Xun thought about what happened at the river, and wasn’t shameless enough to say that she was brewing sauce with a wild man. So, she said she went to take a bath in the river and accidentally fell asleep.

    Chuxue couldn’t help but scold, “You can’t be careless, what if you get a cold? There’s not even a doctor here. Once you get sick, it’s over.”

    Nan Xun reached out and seized her hand. Then she pulled her into her cave and delightedly said, “I know little girl Chuxue. I will listen to you in the future.”

    Chuxue glared at her. “I say, I’m older than you. You should be the one calling me older sister.”

    Nan Xun laughed out loud. “But in my eyes, you’re my lovable younger sister.”  

    When they entered the cave, Nan Xun let down the animal skin curtain and looked at Chuxue with a smile. “Come on and say it. Younger sister Chuxue, did you have another fight with A’Yu again? That guy is insensitive and can’t tell when a woman is angry. He really thinks you want to sleep with me.”

    Chuxue said with a straight face, “I’m not just simply angry. I find that sometimes I can’t communicate with him. A’Xi, if only A’Yu could be as smart as you. I want to teach him how to speak Mandarin, but he’s so stupid that he can only say a few words.”

    Nan Xun, who was praised again, brazenly accepted the compliment and said with a smile, “Listening to older sister’s words, men sometimes can’t get used to it, but they can’t bear being given the cold shoulder. Chuxue, you’ve been sleeping here for several days. If it continues like this, A’Yu will be angry. If communication isn’t good, then keep trying to communicate ah. It will always get better.”

    Chuxue was silent, and after a while she nodded. “A’Xi, thank you. I understand.”

    The two laughed for a while, then Chuxue suddenly found the snakeskin skirt and couldn’t help but yell “yi,” saying, “A’Xi, this snakeskin looks so familiar. It looks like that snake we encountered last time.”

    Because they were all anxious to save A’Xi, nobody paid attention to where the venomous snake went.

    Chuxue was puzzled and doubtfully said, “I don’t remember you bringing back the dead snake last time ah.”

    Nan Xun laughed hollowly. “In fact, before the clansmen came to rescue me, I met my sweetheart. He sucked out the snake venom and took the snake. He made a special trip here tonight and gifted me this snakeskin skirt.”

    Chuxue was already an experienced person, and soon understood some hidden things. She smiled meaningfully. “No wonder you took such a long bath tonight.”

    Nan Xun felt ashamed.

    “A’Xi, don’t worry. This is our secret. I won’t disclose any information about the warrior until his official visit,” Chuxue promised.

    Chuxue left, but what she said just now made Nan Xun worried again.  

    It was absolutely impossible for her A’Da to allow her to marry into other people’s tribes and let them benefit. After all, there were so few women in her own tribe, how could she easily marry an outsider without good cause?

    Before he left, A’Mang said that he would find a way to get A’Da to agree to him taking her away. He also said she needed to go to Alashan. She seemed to guess A’Mang’s intention.

    The people in this continent had already developed the idea to exchange things. It was said that when the leaves began to turn yellow, that is, the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the nearby tribes would send representatives to the Alashan tribe to exchange for things that they lacked.

    The most common trade was to swap food or animal skins for women, followed by some stone axes and knives that were finely polished, or necklaces made from animal teeth. They were equivalent to luxury goods for the ancients.

    So, Nan Xun suspected that A’Mang was going to trade something with A’Da for her.

    She was A’Da’s only daughter, and if A’Mang really wanted to trade something for her, she estimated it would be pricey. 

    With these thoughts in mind, Nan Xun didn’t see A’Mang again until the long summer had passed.

    Nan Xun was a little displeased. That bastard borrowed the hide she used to wipe her body, but didn’t return it to her immediately?

    But in actuality, she just missed him a little.

    The men in the tribe weren’t serious like A’Yu was. They were too unreliable and casually flirted with the women. However, A’Mang was an exception. His righteousness and immorality were just right.

    Nan Xun remembered every word of endearment he said. They were all so straightforward that her cheeks turned red and she was so hot that she felt sick.

    Every night, Nan Xun, like a little pervert, laid on the animal skin skirt that she stole from A’Mang when they first met. She sniffed the faint fragrance of grass before falling asleep.

    She didn’t dare wash it, because she was afraid that after washing it the faint smell of grass would disappear.


    Summer quickly came to an end and the atmosphere in the tribe became tense.

    Compared with the long summer and winter, spring and autumn here were very short, only lasting two or three months. Men needed to hunt enough prey carry them through the entire winter during this short period. They also needed a lot of animal skins to resist the extreme winter cold.

    With Chuxue, the child of fate, Nan Xun wasn’t worried that they would starve to death. Chuxue pickled a lot of salted meat that lasted for a long time, and also told all the women in the tribe to start storing sweet potatoes and other food.

    Chuxue also had people dig a cellar. The temperature in the cellar was low, and men could store extra prey in the cellar at the end of summer without worrying about spoilage.

    Nan Xun silently gave a thumbs up in her heart. “The child of fate is worthy of being called the child of fate ah. She can even think about a cellar.”

    Little Eight immediately stabbed a knife into her heart. “I think I may have encountered a fake modern person. You say, you and her are from the same era, why didn’t you think of this?”

    Nan Xun retorted, “I also thought about many things ah.”

    Little Eight didn’t speak and listened.

    Nan Xun: “For example, building a luxurious treehouse covered with thick animal furs. When winter comes, I can hibernate in it. I found some hot stones at the bottom of the river last time. I think I could use it as a hand warmer. It’s really great to hold in your hands in the winter.”

    Little Eight: …

    “Dear da, I think the most important thing you should worry about is food. After all, food is most important to ancient people. In the winter when food is scarce, many people die from starvation.” 

    Nan Xun yawned “ha” and replied, “This is because of Chuxue girl and her predestined man. They are the protagonists of this world, so you will never die from hunger following them.”

    So, she only thought about how to live more comfortably.

    Little Eight was powerless to refute. He felt that he finally saw Nan Xun’s heart.

    To put it nicely, Nan Xun was a person who knew how to enjoy life. To put it coarsely, she was a big lazy person!

    How lazy is she? She would never waste her brain cells thinking about things she didn’t need to worry about, or things that she didn’t care about.

    Your mother, simple explanation. Sometimes she’s smart, but also sometimes stupid.

    Of course, she’s smart when she uses her brain, but she doesn’t even want to use it much. How can she be smart when she doesn’t do anything?

    The more Little Eight thought about it, the angrier he became. How did this beast encounter this lazy woman who doesn’t even want to use her brain!

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