The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 204

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Cannibal Tribe, Here Comes A’Mang

    Nan Xun wasn’t as heartless as Little Eight thought. In fact, she had been worried about A’Mang.

    I wonder if A’Mang has enough food and clothing in his tribe?

    Other tribes didn’t have Chuxue, the child of fate. So, how could they survive such a cold winter?

    Do they have enough food for winter?

    Today, A’Yu successfully captured two beasts in his traps and gained more prestige in the tribe. Chuxue was also loved and supported by the people for her various inventions and discoveries.

    As for Nan Xun, the daughter of the Patriarch, she really had no sense of existence except for her brave and fierce reputation. 

    It was already the end of summer. The leaves would soon begin turning yellow, and the tension in the tribe at the beginning had eased down. The clan wasn’t as anxious as in previous years, and everyone was confident about surviving the winter.

    The changing leaves meant that trading between nearby tribes was about to start. The Patriarch was old and didn’t want to travel. So, this time, he didn’t intend to go there in person. Instead, he sent A’Yu, A’Shi and several competent warriors to represent their tribe.

    “A’Da, elder brother, I want to go too,” Nan Xun said.

    A’Shi disagreed. “What do you, a woman, have to go for? Only the women who are going to be traded will be taken to Alashan by the men.”

    At this time, Chuxue stood out. Her status in the clan was now respectable and the men had to be somewhat courteous.

    Chuxue said, “A’Shi, A’Yu, I also want to go. This time, we will be trading pottery, salt, and bamboo products. They haven’t seen any of these things. I’m afraid you can’t tell them what they are, so I have to go.”

    Finally, A’Shi and A’Yu discussed together and decided to bring both Chuxue and A’Xi with them.

    Chuxue was necessary, while A’Xi was incidental. It took nearly a month for them to make a round trip, and the women were good friends with each other.

    A group of eight strong men and two women traveled to the Alashan tribe with their pottery, salt, and baskets.

    It was the largest tribe nearby, made up of three or four hundred people. The annual trading was set there every year. The tribes big and small took what they wanted to trade and went there.

    Nan Xun’s group walked a dozen days before they arrived at Alashan.

    The people of the Alashan tribe were very generous and enthusiastic. They made room for the various representatives of each tribe attending.

    By the time they arrived, seven or eight other tribes had already reached an exchange agreement. They would stay for another day or two before leaving.

    Nan Xun looked around, examining almost every man.

    She didn’t see A’Mang. A’Mang didn’t come.

    Nan Xun was deeply disappointment in her heart.

    Little Eight went “hehe” and said, “Just now, you kept staring at all the men so people think you’re interested in them. Look, look, look that young man can’t take his eyes off you. He absolutely thinks that you’re being used for trading!”

    A’Yu’s purpose was to exchange the pottery, salt, and bamboo products with several women to take back. Alashan had the most women. There, a man could have two or three women on average.

    The strange pottery and bamboo products quickly aroused the other tribes’ interest. However, no one was interested in the salt. Nan Xun understood. After all, they didn’t know how delicious meat roasted with salt was.

    Halfway through, the guy Little Eight pointed out brought a lot of food to exchange for Nan Xun.

    A’Shi’s face was so ugly that he almost punched him.

    A’Yu simply and clearly replied with two words: “Not selling.” Then, the young man left with a sad look on his face.1Aw poor guy wanted some Nan Xun action

    Nan Xun: …

    Chuxue was a good merchant and the pottery, salt, and bamboo products they brought were soon exchanged for two women.

    At midday, the man standing guard outside the tribe suddenly rushed in. He looked flustered and said, “Patriarch it’s not good! The cannibal tribe is coming!”

    As soon as he said this, the faces of all the people present changed.

    The cannibal tribe was also a nearby tribe. There were only about a hundred people in the tribe, and they were very cruel by nature. They liked to eat raw meat, and they also ate their own people!

    It was said that once there was a small tribe that quarreled with them. Everyone from the tribe was killed other than the women, even the children. They were all slaughtered and eaten along with the men. 

    Nan Xun almost burst into tears when she heard this.

    So cruel, why was there such a brutal tribe in such a beautiful world?

    Everyone looked ahead nervously.

    It was said that the cannibals had just elected a new Patriarch, and it wasn’t known if he was even more violent and brutal.

    If the cannibals wanted to fight, all the nearby tribes of various sizes would ally together to eliminate them!

    In the distance, twenty or thirty men with spears approached.

    The spears weren’t ordinary sharpened sticks. Everyone noticed that the tip was made from polished stone, and was attached to the end of the thick wooden stick, looking extremely sharp.

    It never occurred to the men in the other tribes to use a stone knife or a stone point on a spear. Stone knives and spears were too heavy. Their arms would become numb after a while, and carrying this spear to hunt prey would greatly affect their hunting speed.

    But the cannibals did. Their limbs were stronger than the average person. It was said that each of them could carry a 200 or 250kg beast, and their running speed was much faster than the average person.

    The man leading them was very young. His muscles were strong and taunt. His black hair was well-groomed as well, it wasn’t a bird’s nest like many other savages’.

    The animal skin skirt covering his lower body was the most difficult beast to hunt— the sabretooth tiger. A spear was easily held in his hand, the heavy spear tip pointing towards the ground.

    The corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, and his dark, sharp eyes narrowed somewhat, giving off a very dangerous atmosphere.

    Nan Xun, who was looking at the cannibals with everyone, was so shocked that her jaw almost dropped.

    That man is A’Mang, fuck, ahhh!

    Fuck fuck, I’m so shocked!

    A’Mang is a cannibal? Fuck, the new Patriarch of the cannibals?

    It wasn’t a surprise that Nan Xun didn’t associate A’Mang with the cannibals. The general description of the cannibals was very exaggerated. All the cannibals were said to be very unseemly, with particularly tanned skin and muscles looking like little hills.  

    After hearing this kind of description, it wasn’t strange that she didn’t associate him with them.

    A’Mang’s sharp eyes swept through the crowd. After they fell on Nan Xun, he stopped for a moment, his eyes heating up. His eyes seemed to have an invisible hook, trying to pull Nan Xun to himself.

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