The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 205

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This Woman, I Want

    Nan Xun looked away quickly.

    This, this shameless rogue, actually seducing her in public.

    The head of the Alashan tribe came out and stared at him cautiously.

    A’Mang tilted his mouth and said, “Alashan Patriarch, I am the new leader of the cannibal tribe. I heard that you exchange food and clothing here, so I also wanted to join in the fun. Will you refuse our participation?”

    The heads of the tribes glanced at each other. The Patriarch of the Alashan clan exclaimed, “If you really came to exchange things, we will not refuse. But if you have other motives, we will never let go of you cannibals!”

    A’Mang sneered and didn’t say anything. He shouted at his brothers behind him, and they swaggered into the trading market.

    When this group of savages passed by, people deliberately avoided them.

    After A’Mang pretended to pick and choose, he led twenty to thirty big men behind him and stopped in front of A’Yu and A’Shi.

    A’Yu and A’Shi looked at him cautiously with their muscles taunt.

    A’Mang hooked his mouth and smiled wickedly at A’Yu and A’Shi, then pointed to Chuxue. “I think this is a good woman. I am willing to trade twenty wool animal skins for her.”

    As soon as his words fell, the audience was silent.

    Nan Xun also froze. A’Mang has wool? He wants to buy Chuxue girl?

    After the silence came restlessness.

    Everyone was stunned.

    Twenty wool animal skins ah!

    A single piece of wool could allow a person to survive the winter’s chill. Twenty pieces could let twenty people survive!

    In the trading market, people often exchanged food and animal skins for women, but the highest price was two beasts that were 200 or 250kg, or five or six pieces of wool animal skins.

    It was said that the cannibals were short of women. Several men had to share a woman together, but they weren’t scarce to the degree that they were willing to trade 20 animal skins or wool just for a woman! 

    After hearing this, A’Yu’s complexion instantly paled, and he coldly said, “The women we brought aren’t for sale.”

    A’Mang wasn’t happy and couldn’t help but stare at the Alashan tribe’s Patriarch. “Alashan Patriarch, you can judge this trade. Everyone knows that except for the women of the Alashan tribe, all the women brought by the other tribes are used for trading. However, this man obviously brought these women to trade and isn’t willing to trade them to me. Even for 20 pieces of wool he wasn’t willing to trade them. Patriarch, do you think he looks down on us?”

    The Alashan Patriarch’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. They were right. Every year, every tribe that brought women had the intention to trade them. Thus, if a trade brought women, they must be used for trading. But A’Yu and A’Shi also said beforehand that these women weren’t meant for trading.  

    The Alashan Patriarch immediately explained, “A’Yu’s tribe lacks women. How could it be possible for them to trade women? Just now, A’Yu traded for two women of my Alashan tribe, so they are just—”

    A’Mang suddenly stabbed his spear firmly into the ground and coldly interrupted him. “Alashan Patriarch, are you allying with the people of this tribe to deceive me? Although we cannibals are crueler, we never treat our women unfairly. I’d like to trade 20 pieces of wool fur for a woman, but you’re still not satisfied yet?”

    The Alashan Patriarch was anxious and hurriedly said, “How about this, there are many beautiful women in the Alashan tribe, and they aren’t inferior to this woman, can you—”

    “No! I fancy her!” A’Mang said resolutely and decisively.  

    A’Shi’s eyes spat fire and grinded his teeth. “Don’t go too far! Chuxue is A’Yu’s woman. How can she be traded with you?”

    A’Mang shrugged indifferently. “My brothers don’t care. After all, women are too precious for us cannibals to pick and choose.”


    Chuxue’s face became pale and subconsciously grabbed A’Yu’s hand.  

    This savage was really despicable.

    A’Yu held her hand and comforted her silently, then very coldly said, “I say, Chuxue is already my woman, I can’t trade her with you. If you insist on it, we will suspect that you cannibals are being deliberately provocative.”

    The people from the other tribes were very alert hearing this. Generally speaking, most of the tribes sent seven or eight people to trade, but the cannibals had 20 to 30 people, each carrying a stone tipped spear. Clearly, they were here to make trouble!

    They thought, how could the cannibals be generous enough to trade 20 pieces of wool? They were more willing to believe that they would directly rob them.

    Just when the atmosphere reached a stalemate, A’Mang showed a reluctant expression, and his eyes moved away from Chuxue and fell on Nan Xun.

    “Okay, okay, I didn’t know your tribe was particular about this. Since this woman already has a man, I’ll just change it to her.”

    A’Mang’s finger slightly turned and casually landed on Nan Xun’s body. Then he looked at the woman with undisguised burning eyes.

    Nan Xun had already long seen through the rogue sawtooth tiger’s trick. She marveled that the ancients were also so great at scheming.

    If you refused the first time and had a good explanation, then that was understandable. But if you refused again, that was unreasonable.

    A’Yu, A’Shi, and Chuxue were dumbfounded, along with everyone else.

    They had already determined that the cannibals were here to make trouble, but the other side backed down so easily.1Make trouble to get Chuxue, but easily back down from getting her

    A’Shi’s face was livid. He pulled Nan Xun behind him and angrily said, “My younger sister is even less likely to be traded with you! She is our Patriach’s daughter!”

    An ordinary woman in the tribe can be traded, but a Patriarch’s daughter never could be. If she were to be traded, it was a disgrace to the tribe.

    Now, even the Alashan Patriarch didn’t know what to do. It stood to reason that the cannibals had backed down and were being agreeable. According to their cruel nature, it was extremely rare for them to do business so calmly, but it was another matter if the woman they were interested in was a Patriarch’s daughter.

    The cannibals began to become restless. The savages behind A’Mang all looked upset, and felt that the other party was provoking them.

    How precious was a woman that even 20 pieces of wool wasn’t enough? That was enough for the daughters of two Patriarchs!

    No tribe wanted to fight with the cannibals, especially the Alashan tribe. Their base was here, and the cannibals killed people regardless of age.

    Everyone’s eyes subconsciously all looked at A’Xi. This woman was indeed very beautiful, and much healthier than the thin woman just now. The dispute was clearly about her, but at this time she was very calm, as if the things they were arguing about had nothing to do with her.

    A’Mang’s gaze was also fixed on her and wouldn’t budge. In his wild eyes, there was a glimmer of light and determination.

    She was A’Mang’s treasured woman. No matter what method it took, he must obtain her. If he couldn’t trade her for 20 wool animal skins, then…just snatch.

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