The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 206

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Shame, Riding Around the Neck

    A’Yu looked at the covetous cannibals and the calm A’Xi.

    He didn’t think that they really wanted to trade 20 pieces of wool fur for A’Xi, but if he refused, people would think that the ensuing fight was caused by their tribe.

    A’Yu bitterly frowned.

    Everyone started to subconsciously squeeze the weapons in their hands, seeing that a fight was about to break out. Suddenly, Nan Xun took a step forward. 

    “First, you show us the 20 wool animal skins. Who knows if what you said is true,” Nan Xun said, looking at A’Mang.

    A’Mang stared directly at her, and only she could understand the deeper meaning in his eyes.

    “A’Bao, show them.” A’Mang slightly raised his hand towards a man behind him.

    A man with big arms and a thick waist immediately pulled two bundles firmly tied with straw to the middle of the trading center.

    They untied the ropes, revealing their contents.

    It really was a variety of wool skins! They were extremely fluffy, varying between white, black, spotted, and brightly colored. Everyone could tell how warm they would be just by looking at them!

    Were they serious? Were they really exchanging these things for just a woman?

    Suddenly, everyone looked at A’Yu and A’Shi’s tribe with envy. Even if it was the Patriarch’s daughter, it was more than enough to exchange her for so many different kinds of wool.

    A’Shi’s face was colorful. He looked at the animal skins excitedly, but A’Xi was his younger sister. How could he give A’Xi to those brutal cannibals?!

    Nan Xun glanced at A’Mang. He really was willing.

    “Elder brother, I’m willing to be traded with him,” Nan Xun said suddenly.

    A’Shi was shocked but didn’t speak. A’Yu also pursed his mouth and didn’t say anything, but Chuxue was anxious. “A’Xi, you can’t go! Our tribe doesn’t need these skins!”

    Nan Xun grabbed Chuxue’s hand and meaningfully winked at her secretly.

    Chuxue was stunned for a moment, and her words meant to persuade her got stuck in her throat.

    Nan Xun looked at A’Mang and said with a smile, “Besides these skins, you promise me some conditions. If you don’t, then I’d rather die than go with you.”

    Nan Xun surprised everyone. The ancients had no sense of propriety, righteousness, or shame. They didn’t understand what a chaste girl was. They only felt that Nan Xun had a brain hole.

    No one wanted to die. Even the elderly who didn’t contribute much in their clans still struggled to survive.

    After listening to her words, A’Mang’s sharpness was withdrawn, and he jokingly said, “As you said, I’ll fulfill any of your conditions.”

    Nan Xun said leisurely, “If I go with you, I will be a member of your tribe in the future, but I can’t give up on my A’Da and elder brother. So, you have to allow me to visit them every one or two months. Don’t worry, I won’t take anything from the tribe or disclose the tribe’s situation to anyone.”

    A’Mang seriously thought about it. No matter what the savages’ retorts were behind him, he answered, “Yes, but I will accompany you when you go back.”

    Nan Xun was happy in her heart. So much self-awareness, this is like the husband accompanying the young wife to the first visit of her parental home after marriage. Yes, good self-awareness.1After marriage, usually after they get wedded and the bride moves in with the groom, there’s that expectation that as a married couple to visit the in-laws together. This is it!

    Nan Xun continued, “I heard that one woman in your cannibal clan serves many men. I don’t like other men, I only like you, so I only belong to you.”

    A’Mang had a smile in his eyes and his mouth arched charmingly. “Of course, you are the woman who will only belong to me. I will have you as my only woman in the future.”

    “Also, after I become your woman, you make sure that I am well-fed and well-clothed.” Nan Xun said these conditions just to reassure her elder brother.

    As soon as A’Mang heard this, he raised his eyebrows and his eyes were touched with a smile. “My woman will definitely be the best woman in all the tribes.”

    Nan Xun’s lips moved, and it seemed that she was about to request another condition. The younger brothers behind A’Mang were about to explode. She was just a woman and regarded herself as a God?

    Nan Xun merely lightly smiled, spread out her hands, and said, “That’s all. There’s no more.”

    A’Mang took two steps forward, extending his long arm and wrapping it around her waist, then gestured towards the younger brother behind him.

    The bundles of wool were thrown in front of A’Yu and A’Shi.

    “A’Xi, you…are you really willing?” A’Shi asked, his expression somewhat ashamed.

    To be honest, he didn’t want to bring trouble to the tribe. Besides, the other side was the brutal cannibal tribe. Originally, he was worried that A’Xi would be ruined by them based on their past deeds. But just now, the new cannibal Patriarch promised in front of so many people that A’Xi would be well-fed and well-clothed in the future, and wouldn’t need to service other men. He would even have her as his only woman in the future.

    Therefore, A’Shi shamefully hesitated.

    A’Yu was also silent. No one would refuse such an attractive offer, especially if the concerned person was also willing herself.

    Nan Xun said to A’Shi, “Elder brother, I’m willing. Also, look at this person called A’Mang.”

    A’Shi subconsciously looked at A’Yu, then at the cannibal Patriarch. The cannibal Patriarch was better than A’Yu, but he didn’t know what kind of man he was.

    No matter how conflicted they were, Nan Xun was eventually traded for the 20 animal skins.

    Once A’Mang had exchanged for the woman he wanted, he suddenly lost interest in anything else. He didn’t pay any more attention to the pottery and bamboo baskets that had piqued other people’s interest.

    The cannibals arrived grandly, exchanged for a woman, then left energetically, like a violent storm.

    A’Shi was still a little dazed.

    Did they really just exchange A’Xi for wool animal skins for the winter?

    Chuxue’s eyes flickered. She wasn’t sure if she completely understood the meaning in A’Xi’s eyes correctly. If she was right, then the man who A’Xi was lovesick for was actually the new Patriarch of the cannibal tribe?

    Nan Xun was dragged all the way by A’Mang, nearly running.

    A’Mang was so happy that he burst out into laughter, then lifted Nan Xun high around his neck and said to the group of savages behind him, “Look, this is the woman that A’Mang wants, isn’t she good?”

    Nan Xun exclaimed, quickly held his head, and reprimanded in shame, “You quickly put me down. Your people are watching!”

    A’Mang was thick skinned. “I just want to let them see how good a woman is for I, A’Mang, to exchange 20 wool animal skins for.”

    Nan Xun: …

    It’s shameful to sit on a man’s neck like a child.

    “Don’t drop me or be careful that I’ll break your neck!” Nan Xun threatened, tightening her legs.2So, the back of his head is between her crotch and she’s sitting on his shoulders…yeah only kids usually do that unless you play chicken fight in the pool.

    A’Mang laughed heartily. “Did you hear, this woman wants to break my neck, hahaha…”

    The twenty to thirty savages who followed him laughed.

    “A’Mang, your eyes are so good, this woman is really wild!” one person praised.

    A’Mang raised his eyebrows smugly. “What was that? The first time I met A’Xi, she stripped me and hung me on a tree by herself.”

    Nan Xun: …

    How could you dare say that?

    Really shameless.

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