The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 207

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Go Back to the Cave, Ride Enough

    A’Mang’s words made the savages laugh.

    “We all used to think it was a joke by A’Mang before. But now after seeing this woman, we all believe it!”

    Nan Xun listened to these savages joking with each other and her courage suddenly swelled. She rode on A’Mang’s neck, gently pulled his ear, and scolded smilingly, “I’m really ashamed. This kind of thing was said everywhere.”

    A’Mang grabbed her naughty hand and kissed it. He laughed and said, “I just wanted everyone to know that the woman I traded for is far more expensive than those things!”

    Nan Xun secretly pulled a handful of his hair and blushed.

    After walking through the open area, their group came upon a dense thicket. A’Mang reluctantly put her down from his neck.

    Nan Xun twisted his arm, leaned over, and scolded with a smile, “Were you afraid that I’ll break your neck, ah?”

    A’Mang bit her ear, and said in a hoarse voice, “My Little Wild Leopard, do you want to break it? Then go back to my cave and I’ll let you ride until you have enough.”

    Nan Xun directly said one word: “Roll~”

    The cannibals’ physical fitness was indeed much better than the average person. They could run fast in the jungle and perfectly maneuver between the twists and turns of the overlaid branches. Their strong bodies were extremely flexible.

    It took only six days for the group to return to the cannibal tribe. Nan Xun couldn’t help but suspect that if they weren’t being considerate of her, they would have arrived much faster— even though Nan Xun felt she walked fast enough and didn’t seem to be holding them back.

    As soon as they returned to the tribe, A’Mang and the others were enthusiastically welcomed by the rest of the cannibals.

    All the men and the few women there looked at Nan Xun, examining her unscrupulously.

    The fact that the new Patriarch wanted to trade 20 pieces of wool for a woman was widely spread throughout the tribe. All these skins were hunted by the new Patriarch alone. At that time, the new Patriarch was eager to gain them and hunted beasts day and night.

    He was the most powerful warrior in the tribe. He could kill the fiercest of beasts on his own, but they didn’t understand why the young Patriarch suddenly wanted to hunt so desperately. Many of the beasts’ bodies rotted before they could be eaten. It was a pity.

    It wasn’t until the new Patriarch stripped the skins and tied them up that the clan understood his intention.

    They really couldn’t imagine how precious a woman was, that she was worth exchanging 20 wool animal skins for!

    Now they finally got to see that she was nothing special. She had a nose and mouth. At most, she was more beautiful than most women. The chest was relatively large, the waist thin, the legs straight, and the skin was fair. She looked healthy and beautiful.

    A’Mang waved his hand and let his brothers go back and rest. Then he held Nan Xun, and hurried back into his cave princess style.

    Behind them was the clansmen’s tacit laughter, making Nan Xun bite A’Mang’s shoulder. 

    Fuck, his skin is so hard that I have a toothache.

    Shortly after A’Mang became the new Patriarch, he was given a large cave with a big polished stone as a table. In one corner were several stone knifes, stone axes, and two spears. On the wall were five or six fluffy animal skins.

    On the other side, a thick layer of hay was laid near the stone wall, covered by at least two smooth animal skins. At one end of the makeshift bed was three or four fur skirts neatly stacked, thin and thick.

    A’Mang couldn’t wait to press Nan Xun on the animal skin bed. After slightly pulling with his big palm, Nan Xun’s little underwear and skirt fell apart.

    “Asshole, you ripped my underwear and skirt— oh!”

    Nan Xun’s mouth was blocked.

    The rogue sawtooth tiger said that a barbecue is a barbecue. Before the wood could be burned to heat the stove, firewood was thrown and ignited fiercely. In the beginning, the fire wouldn’t start.1Nan Xun wasn’t wet…her juices is the fire… However, it didn’t take long for a big fire to blaze in the cave.

    The rogue sawtooth tiger roasted the little wild leopard, turning her over and over, tossing and turning, throwing in more firewood, baking again and again, but he still wasn’t satisfied.

    After eating the barbecue, the rogue sawtooth tiger hugged his little wild leopard and happily laid on the hide bed to savor the aftertaste.

    Nan Xun completely collapsed; she was so soft that she didn’t even want to move her fingers.

    After a long delay, Nan Xun poked him with her finger. “A’Mang.”

    “En?” The man responded lazily. His eyes that had just closed opened again.

    “A’Mang, did you really hunt wild beasts all day and night to get hide for the exchange ah?” Nan Xun asked, her voice soft.

    A’Mang grunted throatily. He seemed very sleepy. He held Nan Xun tightly in his arms and his shallow breaths hit Nan Xun’s forehead, accompanied by his lazy voice. “Once I was besieged by two wild animals, and my leg almost got bitten off. Another time, my arm was scratched by one. A’Xi, do you know how much I wanted to secretly see you again? But time was running out, I had to get things ready before the trade. I wanted to make sure I could get you. A’Xi, you’re worth more, so much more than twenty skins…”

    In the beginning, Nan Xun was distressed when he said he was injured. But after hearing him, her eyes filled with a smile that filled the entire cave with warmth.

    “A’Mang, I’m so important in your heart? You only met me a few times ah…”

    A’Mang didn’t answer Nan Xun. His breathing became steady and he had fallen asleep.

    Nan Xun looked at the man’s handsome face for a long time and couldn’t stop smiling. It wasn’t known what she was thinking about.

    She put a leg on the man’s waist and wrapped it tightly around him. Then she closed her eyes and followed the man’s steady gentle breathing into her dreams.

    Early the next morning, Nan Xun smelled a strong fruity aroma.

    Nan Xun opened her eyes and stretched. She was covered by a thin fur animal skin that slipped from her body down to her waist.

    The delicate skin was full of blue and purple strawberry marks that hadn’t faded overnight.

    Nan Xun felt that she might not be able to see people today, they were even on her arms and shoulders.

    The man beside her was long gone, and there was a leaf full of red fruits on the stone table. It was now the season for this kind of fruit to fully mature. Although it wasn’t crisp, it was very sweet. Next to the red fruit was a large piece of roasted meat, which was from a tender thigh.

    Nan Xun politely ate all the meat and half of the fruit.

    Little Eight suddenly said, “You can really eat such a large piece of meat, it’s basically the same size as a man’s.”

    Nan Xun: “…It’s a blessing to eat.”

    Little Eight: “I wish you become a big fat person as soon as possible, and are cut apart by the cannibals and eaten.”

    Nan Xun’s heart thumped. “Little eight, don’t joke. Do people in this tribe really eat people?” 

    Little Eight went “hehe” and said with a smile, “Really oh, why else would they be called cannibals?”

    Nan Xun: …

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