The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 208

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A’Xi, Are You Full?

    Nan Xun was convinced that you can only believe what you see. The cannibals looked very kind, very unlike brutal people who ate others. 

    After a while, a woman secretly lifted the cave’s curtain and peeked inside.

    When she saw that Nan Xun was awake, she came in and explained with a smile, “The Patriarch and most of the men in the tribe went out to hunt.”

    As she said that, she looked at Nan Xun’s obvious kiss marks. They were very clear, and the smile on her face became a little ambiguous.

    Nan Xun nodded and smilingly replied, “I see.”

    The woman’s name was A’Hua. She had also been traded to the cannibals a few years ago. When had winter almost arrived, she was exchanged for a single beast. She currently lived with two men, and had birthed a child to each of them.

    Nan Xun asked A’Hua if she could borrow a bone needle and some flexible straw rope, then mended the underwear and skirt that A’Mang had ripped.

    When A’Hua asked if she wanted to pick fruit together, Nan Xun agreed without hesitation.

    It was necessary for her to showcase her labor to the few women in the tribe.

    Other than those that had to take care of their children, all the women were dispatched.

    Nan Xun amazed the group of women by climbing trees, and picking fruit and wild vegetables into the coconut-like shells. 

    The women looked at her in a daze. A woman who was like a man and could also bear children. Their Patriarch was too insightful!

    Near noon, the men return with their prey.

    Nan Xun found that the men here really were pill-houses. They didn’t have any fancy weapons, but their spearheads were made of polished stones which were very good for hunting. In only one morning, they successfully caught two beasts.

    At noon, everyone in the tribe had a full meal, and the women took out the wild fruit they picked.

    Because there was more wild fruit than ever before, the men couldn’t help but be surprised. After hearing that most of them were picked by A’Xi, the men’s eyes were full of smiles towards their new Patriarch and couldn’t help but tease him.

    A’Mang hugged A’Xi, who was roasting meat, and said shamelessly, “Hahaha, my A’Xi is so powerful. Really worthy of being my, A’Mang’s, woman.”

    After that, he held Nan Xun’s face and kissed her.

    Nan Xun slapped him on the head and gave him a warning look.

    A’Mang laughed and said, “A’Xi got angry. Okay, let’s go talk about it in the cave later tonight.”

    The men who had women laughed tacitly.

    Nan Xun wanted to punch A’Mang’s laughing face.

    Damn, can you be a little more subtle? Can you!  

    After a full meal at noon, the men went hunting again. This time, they returned when it was dark.

    The women had already picked enough fruit in the morning, so instead of going out in the afternoon, they sat together to mend and sew.

    The cold winter was approaching fast. The women started to make winter clothes from the animal skins. Each family was issued a piece of skin. Although some people hadn’t received any yet, they weren’t in a hurry because they believed in the men’s ability to hunt enough prey before winter came.

    Women could only make simple clothes. After all, the tools were limited. For example, there were no scissors, and the bone needles were relatively thick. Most of them made simple sleeves and knots according to the texture of the animal skin. Even so, Nan Xun felt they were amazing as is.

    Nan Xun thought for a while, then took out the large sawtooth tiger skin that A’Mang left in the cave.

    After she took out the tiger skin, the women’s eyes brightened, and their gaze was glued to the skin and couldn’t move away.

    One person enviously said, “A’Xi, you’re so lucky. The Patriarch is the bravest man in our clan. Every woman wants to give birth to his child, but he doesn’t want anyone but you.”

    Nan Xun had thought that only A’Mang, this smelly rogue, could speak so brazenly but saw she was wrong. The men and women in the tribe all spoke very straightforwardly. If they liked something, they would boldly say they liked it, and if they didn’t like it, they would behave directly.

    Just like the other woman, she looked at Nan Xun with eyes full of jealousy and said, “I, A’Xiang, am no worse than her. Why can’t A’Mang look at me? Other women have slept with a lot of men, but I’ve only slept with his good brother A’Bao.”

    The woman next to her sneered. “A’Xiang, why are you still thinking about A’Mang? A’Mang said he doesn’t like you, so just give up.”

    A’Xiang’s words enlightened Nan Xun.

    Fuck, she slept with other men but still dared to yearn for her family, how big is her face?

    Nan Xun ignored A’Xiang, whose mouth was full of sour water. She adjusted the tiger skin and began to measure the size. She was going to make a warm and comfortable tiger fur coat for A’Mang.

    Men didn’t like to wear long sleeves, even in the winter. So, Nan Xun planned to make a 3/4 sleeve and the jacket would be made into a traditional style cardigan with tie knots.

    The extra tiger skin would be made into trousers with laces.

    After finishing the tiger skin coat and pants, the remaining scraps of skin were for making boots.

    Nan Xun thought it looked very good. When she first started to do it, she almost cried. The needle wasn’t easy to use, and the tiger skin was so thick and airtight that it was difficult to poke a hole in it.

    When A’Mang and the other men returned, Nan Xun hadn’t even completed the sleeve, and her hands were poked by the bone needle.

    After seeing this, A’Mang didn’t say anything and directly went to grab a handful of herbs, then chewed them into a paste and applied it on her.

    The men’s bounty was very abundant. After everyone had a good meal, the extra food was carried by the men into the nearest uninhabited cave.

    Although the cannibals didn’t know what a cellar was, Nan Xun found that the cave was located at a relatively low area, so the temperature inside was cool. Thus, it was the best place to store food for the winter.

    “A’Xi, are you full?” A’Mang asked, his scorching eyes staring at her.

    Nan Xun swallowed. “I’m full and I’ve eaten too much. So, I want to go out for a walk.”

    A’Mang’s eyes flickered and immediately responded, “Okay, I’ll accompany you.”

    Then, the two went out for a walk hand in hand.

    A’Mang grabbed a handful of grass, split it in half, and gave part to Nan Xun. “A’Xi, chew this in your mouth, then spit it out.”

    Nan Xun finally understood why his teeth were so white, and why his mouth always had the pleasant scent of grass. It turned out that he chewed this from time to time. It seemed that the grass could remove odors and tartar from his mouth, and could be used as a substitute for toothpaste.

    Suddenly, Little Eight interjected like a thief, “Dear da, you say, why did he clean his mouth so well? Don’t you think he wants that next, yi hee hee…”

    Nan Xun: …

    After Little Eight’s instigation, Nan Xun really looked for something wrong. For example, when they passed through a high fern grass, they couldn’t be seen as long as they lowered their heads a little. It was very convenient for them to stage a fight between evil spirits in the wild. 

    Another example was that there was a big thick tree nearby that the two could hide behind. If A’Mang pushed her up against it and raised her legs… 

    Your mother ah, Nan Xun’s entire person was helpless.

    She felt that she must have been influenced by a beast with yellow waste in his head.1yellow waste is porno and beast is little eight

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