The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 209

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Afterwards, Don’t Come Here

    Nan Xun was pulled into the river by A’Mang.

    She couldn’t help but be stunned by this familiar little river. She suspected that this was the upper part of the one near A’Xi’s tribe, because the river looked slightly narrower.

    Suddenly thinking of something, Nan Xun’s face turned red.

    A’Mang acted like a gentleman. He took off his animal skirt without hesitation and stretched his hand towards Nan Xun. “A’Xi, come down and wash. Now, the stream isn’t too cold. When the leaves are completely yellow, the water will become freezing.”

    Nan Xun thought that A’Mang’s serious appearance was like roleplaying. Still, she took off her bra and skirt generously, and even her little panties, because she was afraid that if A’Mang really wanted to do something, he would rip it.

    It took her a long time to mend them. Especially after she discovered the difficulty of sewing animal skins with a bone needle, she cherished them even more.

    A’Mang’s gaze seemed nailed onto her body, which made her helpless.

    When Nan Xun stepped into the river, it was so chilly that she retracted her foot. She couldn’t help but exclaim, “A’Mang, you liar, this water is very cold!”

    However, before Nan Xun could completely retreat, A’Mang stepped into the water, clambered over, grabbed Nan Xun, and pulled her in.

    Nan Xun was dumped into the freezing water and shivered.

    A’Mang was dumbfounded for a moment and said with disbelief, “A’Xi, do you really think this water is cold?”

    Nan Xun was speechless. How dare this asshole thinks she was pretending? Your mother, she’s really cold.

    “You have thick skin, of course you can’t feel it!” Nan Xun said angrily.

    A’Mang quickly hugged Nan Xun and held her firmly. “A’Xi, if you hold me tightly, you won’t be cold anymore. I’m very hot.”

    Nan Xun really felt it, because A’Mang held her securely and their skin was extremely close to each other. Even though there was a layer of cold water, she felt the man’s whole body was boiling hot.

    A’Mang’s big palm began to wander up and down Nan Xun’s body, never letting go of any opportunities.

    Nan Xun yelled, “Asshole, where are you touching!”

    “A’Xi, don’t move. I’ll wash you. I’ll help you with some places you can’t reach.” A’Mang hugged her tightly and his dull hoarse voice whispered in her ear.

    Nan Xun: …

    I believe you’re a ghost!

    Fuck, that’s how you take a bath? Where do you think your hand is touching and squeezing!

    When A’Mang saw that he was about to have a minor incident that would spark a war, he suddenly said that he was finished washing her, and took Nan Xun to the shore.

    Nan Xun was in a trace until she was carried to the shore.

    Oh a, did the meat eater suddenly became a vegetarian. How rare ah.

    A’Mang wiped Nan Xun’s whole body up and down with his fur skirt, then put on the bra and skirt for her.

    “I’m not wearing my underwear yet,“ Nan Xun reminded.

    A’Mang went “en” nonchalantly, and continued to dress her.

    After putting on the bra and skirt for Nan Xun, A’Mang put on his half-wet skirt, and slowly walked back, holding Nan Xun’s hand in his, and carrying the unworn underwear in the other.

    When he passed through the fern grass, A’Mang suddenly stopped and stared fixedly at Nan Xun with a scorching gaze.

    Nan Xun: !

    A’Mang moved the vegetation with one hand, and tightly held Nan Xun with the other. He pulled her toward the dense deep fern grass.

    After he took a few steps, he picked up Nan Xun and laid her on the grass. Without saying a word, he pressed her down.

    “A’Mang!” Nan Xun screamed nervously.

    A’Mang leaned over and blocked her mouth, eager to continue.

    The night wind was a little chilly, but the temperature in the grass rose until it was boiling hot.

    Nan Xun suddenly understood why A’Mang stopped himself when they were in the river. He was afraid that she would catch a cold if she stayed in the water for too long.

    Contrary to modern times, a long-lasting cold could kill a person.

    Nan Xun was toyed with horizontally and vertically, and held by A’Mang the entire time. 

    The bath I took before was in vain, now I’m covered with sweat and fluid. 

    When she was dizzy, it seemed that someone wiped her body with a wet animal skin. When he asked her to lift her arm, she would lift her arm. If he asked her to lift her leg, she would lift her leg. She cooperated very well.


    After spending ten days in the cannibal tribe, Nan Xun became familiar with it. Then, she asked A’Mang about returning to her tribe.

    A’Mang readily agreed, but several warriors in the tribe didn’t. However, A’Mang’s attitude was very firm, so those people didn’t say much. For the next few days while A’Mang was away, the tribe was temporarily handed over to A’Bao to lead.

    A’Mang didn’t bring anything except for the stone tipped spear, and accompanied Nan Xun to visit her family.

    Nan Xun originally wanted to remind A’Mang to bring some gifts, but when she thought of A’Mang’s 20 animal skins, she was suddenly distressed for her man and didn’t say anything.1He almost lost limbs several times for those items!!

    As they got closer to the tribe, Nan Xun’s mood wasn’t as happy as she imagined.

    Sure enough, her and A’Mang’s arrival wasn’t welcomed by the people.

    Based on her deduction, women were high quality goods. She was exchanged to another tribe, so she was a member of that tribe now. She could no longer be involved with her previous tribe.

    The old Patriarch didn’t even see A’Xi’s face. Only A’Shi, A’Yu, and Chuxue came out to see her.2Yo, her people ghosted her

    “Younger sister, elder brother is sorry. At that time, if I didn’t agree to the cannibals, it would probably be…” A’Shi looked guilty. When it came to resentment, he glared fiercely at A’Mang, who was waiting under a big tree in the distance.

    Nan Xun quickly said, “Elder brother, A’Mang is very good to me. The cannibals aren’t as cruel as everyone thinks. They treat me well.”

    A’Shi sighed and patted her on the shoulder, “A’Xi, live a good life with the cannibal tribe.” Then he slightly paused and lowered his voice. “After today, don’t come back.”

    Nan Xun reluctantly tugged the corner of her mouth. “I understand. In fact, I came to see you and A’DA but didn’t expect that A’Da would refuse to see me.”

    A’Shi explained, “A’Da is the Patriarch after all. His attitude represents the attitude of the entire tribe. It’s not convenient to see you, but in fact, A’Da misses you very much.”

    Nan Xun nodded and didn’t want to continue the topic.

    Although she knew interpersonal relationships in ancient times weren’t as deep as in modern times, they were too cold and thin, chilling her heart.

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