The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 21

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Xun Xun, Clothes Have Been Taken Off

    “It’s not ugly, not ugly, isn’t it just a snake? I have raised one before.” Nan Xun immediately replied, and sincerely smiled at the Demon King.

    Nan Xun has never raised a snake.

    He was glad and angry when he heard her words. He hugged her into his arms and whispered. “You should change your habit of picking up spiritual animals, don’t raise them anymore, or they shall meet the same end as those two beasts.”

    Nan Xun had a suspicion in her heart, and her Da Bai and Xiao Bai were indeed eaten by this sick pervert!

    “Okay, I’ll change, but Xue Ming, don’t eat raw meat in the future, it’s not hygienic and not clean.” Nan Xun trembled in her heart, but her face was very calm.

    Xue Ming was stunned for a while, as if he didn’t expect the other’s reply.

    He smiled and laughed, “But raw meat is delicious. I like the taste of blood. If you don’t behave well in the future, I’ll eat you in one bite.”

    Nan Xun shuddered. “Don’t joke about it, Xue Ming?”

    Xue Ming’s forked snake tongue traced her neck, back and beautiful collarbone. He said in a very hoarse voice: “Don’t be afraid, I’m just scaring you. Xun Xun, I don’t know how to get along with people, so can you teach me later?”

    When Nan Xun heard this, she was stunned. Then she nodded her head and replied, “I don’t know how to get along with beasts, so can you teach me please?”

    Xue Ming smiled and said: “Okay.”

    This man has always been expressionless. Once he smiles, it was like melting a thousand years of ice, and then ten thousand plum trees blossom overnight.

    Nan Xun’s heart swayed.

    Gee, it’s really beautiful.

    Since then, Nan Xun has been invited to the Demon King’s palace and started a cohabitation lifestyle without shame.  

    The news quickly spread throughout the demon domain and exploded between the transformed and untransformed monsters.

    Tens of thousands of monsters bemoan the situation, but in the face of the Demon King’s absolute strength, they dare not say anything.

    In addition to the eight-headed hell demon leopard and the four maidservants who had been waiting on them, there were no beasts who knew what the human woman looked like. They only knew that the Demon King has taken care of this person and personally received her into his own palace.

    This is a privilege that no one has ever had for tens of thousands of years!

    The beasts are envious and jealous, and in their hearts, many want to kill Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun closed her door and lived a small life. There is a strong enchantment outside the Demon King’s palace, except for the Demon King, no beasts can enter, and it is very safe.

    When the Demon King is absent, the void beast will occasionally make a sound and give Nan Xun a briefing of her progress.

    After much grinding, the Demon King’s evil value finally dropped to 50.  

    “What are you doing?” The man’s soft voice came from her ear. At the next moment, there was a forked snake tongue licking Nan Xun’s cochlea. Then, the thin dress was arbitrarily swayed by the man’s big palm and fell onto the floor.

    Nan Xun wants to curse at people, no, she wants to curse the snake.

    She suggested to the horny snake to not destroy her clothes every time. Instead, of destroying her clothes, this kinky snake found some loose dresses that can be removed with two fingers.

    Luckily, Nan Xun stayed in the palace every day without going out, otherwise she really can’t see anyone.

    This fucking pervert, deadly lewd snake.

    Nan Xun slaps the man’s head.

She concentrated on roasting the red-skinned wild boar in her hands. “Don’t make a fuss, I’ll give you barbecue.”

    She dares to set up a roast oven in the Demon King’s bedroom, out of the entire Yinchuan continent, she was the only person.  

    Xue Ming came from behind her to grab her waist, his big palms on his favorite place to rub, he whispered: “Xun Xun, but I have already taken off your clothes.”

    Nan Xun turned her eyes to the sky. “If you take it off, it will come off. What part of me haven’t you seen yet? Wait until I roast this red-skinned wild boar meat.”

    Xue Ming stared at the spiritual beast barbecue meat in her hands. “When are you going to be done roasting?”

    Nan Xun leaned over to inhale a mouthful of aroma. “Soon.”

    The barbecue is fragrant, after the meat is roasted, Nan Xun tore off a leg and the rest was given to Xue Ming. Looking at the other’s mouthful, she happily asked, “Is it delicious? Is it better than raw meat?”

    Xue Ming suddenly paused and murmured, “If you cook me barbecue every day, then I can promise you that I won’t eat raw meat in the future.”

    Nan Xun replied: “It’s nothing, I will cook for you every day. However, you’re not allowed to bully those cute little beasts.”

    Xue Ming’s mouth slightly hooked, and answered with a low voice, “OK.”

    When the two are full of wine and food, Xue Ming’s fingers headed towards Nan Xun’s mouth.

    Nan Xun suddenly lowered her head and looked at him with bitter hatred. “Can I pass today? I just finish eating barbecue and now I have to drink your blood.”

    Xue Ming helplessly rubbed her head. “You know how many beasts in the whole demon realm wants to drink benwang’s blood, but you show a disgusted expression.”  

    Nan Xun naturally knows since the scene of Hong Chou rooted on the ground, licking blood, was imprinted in her heart.

    This is a wuxia world. This is a world described in fairy tales, where animals and plants can be demonized within a span of thousands of years. The gods and beasts are all in beastly forms. Unless, they hail from noble lineage and they can be humanized in less than a hundred years or born in a human form. A typical beast can only transform into a human form above the emperor level.1 Levels of cultivation: apprentice < master < general < king < emperor < god < holy

    However, emperor is not an easily achievable feat. People have pursued that sacred rank all their lives, but so far only a few people have succeeded, and about a hundred people have reached that rank.

    This is true for the humans and especially true for the beasts.

    But why did so many emperor ranked beasts emerged from the demon realm?

    It’s all because of this demon, that is, this sinister snake in front of Nan Xun.

    The four-clawed red-blood snake is a variant of the Divine Serpent, its magical strength is higher than the Divine beast by more than one grade. Xue Ming inherited its powerful abilities. Anyone who drinks the blood of the four-clawed red-blood serpent can rapidly progress in cultivation. Within five hundred years, it is possible to promote to the rank of emperor, while humans will take four to five thousand years or even longer.  

    It can be said that in the entire demon domain, excluding those old veterans who have cultivated themselves, the other demons that have transformed into human form is because of the Demon King’s blood.  

    It’s not unreasonable for people and gods to desire to kill the Demon King, that ability is too frightening.

    Nan Xun held Xue Ming’s fingers, licking the slender fingers, and muttered: “But I don’t like to drink blood, it tastes fishy.”

    Xue Ming flicked her forehead. “Xun Xun, it’s good for your health.”

    She had to bite his fingers and suck several times.

    After drinking the blood, Nan Xun estimated that it was time for pancake.2Fancy metaphor – Xue Ming is making pancake with his batter…

    Sure enough, this time Xue Ming’s pancake was branded with great strength, but when he was half-baked, he suddenly asked Nan Xun with a burning gaze. “Xun Xun, I let you see my half beast every day, I don’t know if you…. are ready?”

  1. Levels of cultivation: apprentice < master < general < king < emperor < god < holy
  2. Fancy metaphor – Xue Ming is making pancake with his batter…

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