The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 210

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Shocked, Are You A Fake Nan Xun?

    Chuxue carried a large bag wrapped in animal skin. She winked at Nan Xun, then they immediately lowered her voice and whispered, “A’Xi, these things are from your cave. Since your cave would be given to someone else, I collected all your things in advance. Nothing should be missing.”

    Then she asked something she wasn’t sure about. “A’Xi, I saw that man’s animal skin skirt. Is that man the Patriarch of the cannibal tribe? Did you say your sweetheart was also…”

    Chuxue didn’t directly say it, but glanced at A’Mang in the distance.

    Nan Xun nodded. “Chuxue, help me keep it a secret oh.”

    “It’s actually true!” Chuxue was a little shocked. “Doesn’t that mean this man was being deliberate at that time? His real goal was you!”

    Nan Xun laughed ‘hehe’ and said, “That’s right.”

    Nan Xun gave Chuxue a big bear hug. “I won’t come back from now on. You and A’Yu have a good life and have a baby early, then let me be recognized as godmother.”

    They both spoke their own language, Mandarin, so they weren’t afraid of being overheard.

    Chuxue stared at her angrily. “You give birth yourself.”

    Nan Xun and A’Mang left along with the heavy pack Chuxue brought.

    Chuxue looked at Nan Xun’s back, and couldn’t help but sob in A’Yu’s arms.

    She thought that she would probably never meet another older sister like A’Xi again.

    On the way back, A’Mang seemed to realize that Nan Xun’s mood was down. He didn’t speak, but accompanied her in silence.

    “A’Mang.” Nan Xun suddenly called him, “You will be my only relative in the future.”

    A’Mang squeezed her hand tightly and came closer to kiss her face. “A’Xi, I will always be good to you.”

    When they returned to the cannibal clan a few days later, Nan Xun thought that this was where she lived from now on, so she couldn’t help but feel optimistic. When she said goodbye to Chuxue, she asked her if she could introduce pottery, salt, and bamboo baskets to the cannibal tribe. Chuxue agreed with a smile and only stipulated, except for weapons and traps.

    While the men went hunting during the day, Nan Xun took the women from the tribe to find new bamboo groves and rock salt, then taught them to pick some wild vegetables and sweet potatoes.

    There were many skilled craftsmen in the tribe. After finding bamboo, she didn’t personally show them, and instead roughly explained the shape of the bamboo basket and back backset. Then some clever people made them.

    After discovering the new clay, Nan Xun asked some adolescent boys from the tribe to dig it up together.

    These ten-year-old boys were competitive and energetic, but according to the tribe’s rules, they had to be be at least 12 years old before they could go hunt. They usually stayed in the tribe and felt restless.

    Nan Xun found something for them to do: dig clay and build a kiln.

    The women followed Nan Xun to make pottery. The clay was molded into bowls and pots, then baked in the kilns built by the children.

    A group of people, young and old, waited eagerly for the finished product to come out of the kiln. Except for a few bowls that were cracked, the others turned out well.

    The women and children cheered from joy from successfully making their first batch of pottery.

    Nan Xun liked the feeling of inciting everyone in the tribe to feel moved and useful. This way, everyone could contribute to the tribe.

    Little Eight was particularly surprised. “I think I may have seen a fake Nan Xun. How did you suddenly become so diligent ah? Shouldn’t you be lying on the skin that A’Mang got for you, basking in the sun eating fruit or something?”

    Nan Xun didn’t refute Little Eight’s insinuation about her change, but gently explained, “Because this is A’Mang’s tribe. I have to do more so he can worry less.”

    Little Eight said, “Short oil, stop talking. Your making my teeth become sour, really.”

    Nan Xun gave a good suggestion. “Little Eight, I think you should do closed door cultivation. This world is full of spiritual energy, it’s a pity to waste it ah.”

    Little Eight interrupted, “Do you think Grandpa’s star space is for decoration ah? If the concentration of spiritual energy is higher outside than in the space, the spiritual energy will automatically flow in. Humph, do you think Grandpa is disturbing you, so you can fight your battles privately and won’t be ashamed?”

    Nan Xun: …

    Little Eight said that, but still did closed door cultivation. He planned to do it between ten days and half a month. After that, he left and went to cultivate.

    Moreover, Little Eight really was a credible beast. He said that Nan Xun was taking a vacation, and really let her go on vacation. Even if he discovered that A’Mang was a big villain boss with an evil value of 100, he never mentioned the matter of eliminating his evil value. But this didn’t prevent him from measuring the big boss’s evil value from time to time.

    When A’Mang and the men returned with a rich bounty, they saw the scene of young and old people working in the tribe.

    The skillful old women were weaving bamboo baskets while the rest were gathered to knead pottery. The children stood by the kiln. Their dark skin was reddish, but their faces were full of excitement and joy.

    The men were all stunned.

    A little girl happily handed the pottery bowl she made to her A’Da and the man touched her head with joy.1HAHHA I guess A’da is another nickname for father. Thought it was a real name cause A’Xi’s father name has not been mentioned and its already almost end of arc

    A’Mang walked up to Nan Xun and looked at her eagerly. “A’Xi, you asked everyone to do this?”

    Nan Xun explained, “Today I went out to pick fruit and found clay, then encouraged people to knead pottery. The kilns used to bake the pottery were built by the children while the pottery was made by the women.”

    After a pause, she laughed. “A’Mang, we can use pottery to store rice, fruit wine and pickled vegetables. When you’re free, can you knead a large ceramic jar for me? In the future, we will use it to hold water instead of going to the faraway river everyday to get water.”

    A’Mang suddenly lifted her from the ground, held her high and said with excitement, “A’Xi, I love you so much! I’ll do what you asked, I’ll knead a large ceramic jar for you!”

    Nan Xun held his neck, and said with embarrassment, “It’s getting dark. You come back early tomorrow and help me knead it. Now, let’s invite the tribe to eat barbecue first.”  

    The joyous tribe set up the bonfire, singing and dancing.

    The woman A’Xiang sang and danced the most in the tribe. She was very beautiful. When Nan Xun discovered her winking at A’Mang for the fifth time, she was angry. 

    Fuck, you already have men, but still covet mine? 

    Nan Xun jumped to her feet and startled A’Mang, who was roasting the meat. “A’Xi, what’s the matter?”

    Nan Xun looked down at him, holding back her anger, and suddenly asked him with a smile, “A’Mang, do you think that A’Xiang dances well?”

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