The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 211

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Sexy Belly Dance

    A’Mang was stupefied for a moment, then understood what was happening in the blink of an eye. He laughed and pulled Nan Xun to his side. While everyone was cheering, he secretly felt her two mounds and kissed her hard.

    “A’Xi, as I said, I like you alone. No other woman is as good as you!” A’Mang stared at her fiercely, and looked as if he couldn’t wait to swallow her whole.

    Nan Xun was satisfied and boldly sat down on A’Mang’s lap, held his head, and bit him hard.

    Her fierce behavior caused several men nearby to loudly whistle.

    After Nan Xun rewarded her family’s man, she got up and went to dance with the others. Then she suddenly opened her arms, twisted her waist, swung her hips, and began to dance an extremely sexy belly dance. 

    Twisting her waist and hips, throwing out her hips and hands, swinging her whole body into small and large arcs, then in a semicircle left and right.

    The animal skin skirt wrapped around her beautiful buttocks and slender waist. After this sensual dance, she magnified the beauty of her body. The wild and seductive dance made the surrounding area quiet. Only the sound of people swallowing their saliva one after another was heard.

    Nan Xun jumped into the air when a powerful arm suddenly appeared behind her. He looped his arm around her waist and carried her whole body up!

    A’Mang glared angrily at the men whose eyes were glued to Nan Xun, and carried his little wild leopard back into the cave.

    The men looked at the angry Patriarch who carried A’Xi away and all laughed.

    “A’Xi’s waist is really flexible, her waist is so thin, tsk…”

    The men talked dirty, but they only talked about it. They didn’t dare to think about A’Mang’s woman. Only A’Bao, with his scorching eyes, kept staring at the woman who was being carried on A’Mang’s shoulder. He didn’t stop until the person disappeared into the stone cave, and he received a very aggressive look.

    A’Bao was pulled by his own woman, A’Xiang, who was trying to get his attention.

    A’Xiang groaned, but her eyes were full of jealousy.

    Nan Xun wasn’t doing well in the stone cave. The angry A’Mang rudely tore off her clothes and directly started a fire for the barbecue.

    He bit the fierce little wild leopard under his body and demanded aggressively while barbecuing, “A’Xi, you’re not allowed to dance in front of other men in the future, do you hear me?”

    Nan Xun wrapped her legs around his waist. Maybe she ate too many intoxicating red fruits, but her charming eyes coquettishly glanced at him. “I originally wanted to dance for you to see alone.”

    The bonfire outside the cave was blazing, while inside the cave there was also a burning inferno.

    By the time the two were ready to go back out, the originally lively party was over, and the people had finished barbecuing and returned to their caves to rest. Only three or four people were still chatting by the bonfire.

    When they saw A’Mang and A’Xi coming out, a woman laughed and said, “A’Mang is so good. It took so long to come out.”

    Nan Xun’s face turned red.

    Although she was used to the ancient’s straightforwardness, Nan Xun still felt ashamed.

    “A’Mang, we saved you and A’Xi some barbecue. Eat it quickly.” One of them pointed to the thigh meat that was lying by the campfire. It was the best meat that was reserved for their Patriarch and his woman.

    A’Mang led Nan Xun to the bonfire, warmed up the meat a little, then tore the most tender part of it off and hand fed it to her.

    Nan Xun didn’t want to get her hands dirty, so she just opened her mouth to eat.

    The two women on the side peeked at them, muttered, and laughed, their faces blossoming like a flower.

    After eating the barbecue, A’Mang, who loved hygiene, took Nan Xun to the river to clean. But now the river was much cooler. A’Mang didn’t have Nan Xun go into the water and let her wipe herself with an animal skin.

   When the two returned after washing, almost the entire clan was sleeping. Nan Xun took out the homemade toothbrush she brought back from her previous tribe. She used a bamboo tube as a toothpaste tube. Each of them held a tube filled with water, and crouched outside the cave to brush their teeth.

    Nan Xun made the toothpaste. She found the grass that A’Mang used to clean his teeth, and squeezed out the green juice. After waiting three or four seconds, the juice automatically foamed and became a paste.

    Nan Xun pulled out a lot of grass, mashed it all, squeezed out the juice, and placed it in the bamboo tube. When they were ready to brush their teeth, they would scoop some “toothpaste” with their fingers, smear it on their front teeth, then brush their teeth with the toothpaste made of soft grass.

    A’Mang liked the toothpaste and toothbrush made by Nan Xun. After eating every day, he and Nan Xun crouched at their cave entrance to brush their teeth.


    Their everyday life could easily make people feel that it was boring, but Nan Xun didn’t think so.

    She liked to watch the children in the tribe laugh and make noise. She also liked to see the men return with their prey on their shoulders, and the clan dance around the food happily. She preferred to watch the women sit around sewing and mending, while the elderly also sat on one side making bamboo baskets.

    Nan Xun finally finished the tiger skin coat and trousers, but the tiger skin boots weren’t good. At first, Nan Xun weaved the sole with straw rope, then wrapped it with a layer of snakeskin to make it wear resistant. The extra tiger skin was made into high boots.

    Nan Xun put her foot in and tried it. It was very comfortable to wear and didn’t affect her movements. It just was a bit bulky.

    After thinking for a while, Nan Xun adjusted it into a pair of tiger skin short boots. However, if she wanted to make short boots, she needed to add a strap to fasten it to her calf so it wouldn’t slip off when moving too fast.

    Nan Xun was originally worried that A’Mang wouldn’t like the tiger fur coat, trousers, and boots. However, when A’Mang tried them on that night, he was very happy, especially with the pair of tiger fur short boots. He paced around several times in the cave. Finally, he directly ran out of the cave and jumped outside.

    “A’Xi, I love these shoes so much!” A’Mang was so happy that he fiercely pressed Nan Xun onto the animal skin.

    With the tiger fur boots, A’Mang didn’t have to be afraid of the thorny plants in the jungle. The soles weren’t thick, so it wouldn’t weaken the sensation of feet touching the ground.

    Nan Xun was very pleased to see that he liked it. She decided to make more shoes for A’Mang— two pairs for each season, so A’Mang could alternate them.

    Autumn passed faster than Nan Xun had expected. She saw the weather getting colder, the leaves turning yellow, and the men being out longer.

    The women weren’t idle either. Under Nan Xun’s leadership, they hoarded a lot of sweet potatoes and wild vegetables. They pickled the wild vegetables, so they could be cooked and eaten along with the dried meat in the winter.

    Although the tribe had pottery, which could store many things including water, it couldn’t withstand high temperatures. So, Nan Xun found a large nut. The shell of this nut was very hard, and it took a long time to cut in half with a stone knife. The flesh inside wasn’t very delicious, but its shell could withstand fire. Thus, Nan Xun used it as a pot to cook water and vegetables.

    With a pot she could cook with, Nan Xun didn’t have to use skewers to roast wild vegetables and sweet potatoes on the fire like before. She could cook in different ways, and also make delicious soups.

    Little Eight returned from his closed-door cultivation and said, “Dear da, you look good recently ah. Are you being moisturized by the savage?”

    Nan Xun: ……

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