The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 212

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Eat the Dead, Frightened to Tears

    Although a certain beast’s words were simple and crude, Nan Xun was in a good mood and didn’t mind. She hooked her lips and said, “Little Eight ah, this world you picked for me, I like it very much. Thank you.”

    Little Eight snorted twice. “When have I been bad to you?”

    Nan Xun suddenly remembered something and quickly asked while Little Eight was still there, “Little Eight, are they really cannibals? Did you lie to me before? I’ve been here for so long and haven’t seen them eat people. It’s also a lie that they eat raw meat. They just have some people who prefer to eat half-raw meat.”

    Little Eight was silent for a moment and said, “Yeah, Grandpa didn’t lie to you. They are cannibals. The reason why they didn’t eat people was because you haven’t seen them do it yet.”

    Nan Xun shook her head. “A few days ago, an old woman in the tribe died from illness. A’Mang just buried her and didn’t eat her at all.”

    Little Eight hesitated to explain why the cannibals didn’t eat her, but at this time, A’Mang returned.

    Nan Xun and the women hurried out. The women’s faces changed before they took a few more steps.

    This time, the men’s expressions were very wrong. They were very serious, and one or two of them even had red eyes.

    Two of them carried a bloody man to flat ground in the center of the tribe.

    The man was obviously bitten by a beast. Half of his right arm was broken, and a large amount of flesh and blood was bitten off his left leg.

    Everyone looked at the dead warrior quietly, and the atmosphere became extremely depressing.

    The women and children in the tribe wept for the warrior. A woman tried to rush forward, but was stopped by another man who grabbed her.

    Nan Xun’s emotions were also low due to the grim atmosphere. Maybe it was because she hadn’t seen any casualties since she transmigrated, so her first time seeing someone bitten to death by wild beasts made her emotions of sorrow more intense.

    A’Mang looked at the group of people, suddenly raised the spear in his hand and loudly said, “Our warrior A’Lei died while fighting a beast. He deserves the highest funeral service of our tribe – eating burial! This way, A’Lei will be with us every day!”

    After hearing the words “eating burial,” Nan Xun suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart.

    Afterwards, she saw with her own eyes that A’Mang cut off A’Lei’s head with a kacha sound. He put the head on top of a tall stone, then A’Lei’s limbs were cut into pieces and roasted by the tribe. When the meat was cooked, everyone ate it. They completely devoured his flesh, and even the women participated. 

    Nan Xun’s eyes opened wide, and her jaw dropped.

    Her stomach rolled turbulently, and the feeling of nausea rose.

    Nan Xun ran to the corner alone, vomiting hard.

    In the end, even after vomiting, the feeling that made her numb didn’t subside.

    Little Eight coughed and added what he hesitated to say before. “It’s actually like this. The cannibals don’t eat the sick or elderly, because those two ways of dying aren’t heroic. They respect the warriors who died in battle and only eat their flesh.”

    Nan Xun was still vomiting. She was so sick that her legs were weak.

    “Little Eight, hehe, I actually saw people eating people. Ah, that person was chopped by A’Mang with a kacha, then the limbs were dismembered shortly afterwards. Then they roasted their companion’s meat. Holding meat that was in the shape of his arms and legs and gnawing on it. It’s disgusting ah, really disgusting, I can’t accept it!”

     Nan Xun just saw A’Mang gnawing at most of his arms. She decided not to let him kiss her for half a month. That scene was too stimulating.

    Little Eight expressed deep sympathy. “Originally, I wanted you to follow the child of fate and eat delicious food. I didn’t expect for you to get mixed up with the leader of the cannibal tribe. Don’t blame me for this matter.”

    Nan Xun cried, “I don’t blame you. I blame A’Mang. Why does he have to be the leader of the cannibal tribe?”

    Nan Xun originally wanted to slip away, but she didn’t know which bastard suddenly called her name. 

    She weakly walked over hollowly. She found that A’Xiang was looking at her with disdain, and said to everyone, “It seems that A’Xi didn’t eat the meat yet. Why, A’Xi, are you looking down on the warriors who died for food?”

    A’Mang’s eyebrows knitted. He suddenly came over, took Nan Xun’s hand, and hesitantly said, “A’Xi just came here and hasn’t adapted to our cannibal tribe’s customs. So, she won’t eat it this time.”

    A’Xiang sneered and said, “A’Mang, you can’t be partial just because she’s your woman ah. There was an eating burial the second day I, A’Xiang, came to this tribe. I was unwilling at first, but why didn’t you let me not eat it before?”

    After A’Xiang’s words fell, A’Bao echoed, “Yeah, A’Mang, you can’t be partial to A’Xi. Now that she’s a member of our cannibal tribe, naturally she has to adapt to our customs.”

    Nan Xun didn’t want to give A’Mang a hard time, so she wanted to nod her head to agree, but really couldn’t since it involved her eating human flesh.

    A’Mang listened to A’Xiang’s words and looked at the silent crowd. His expression became serious. He immediately took a piece of roasted meat from his own share and put it in front of Nan Xun’s mouth without saying a word.

    Nan Xun recoiled, her mouth tightly closed, and she looked at A’Mang pitifully, shaking her head at him with an aggrieved face.

    But A’Mang was unmoved. He held her chin with one hand and forced her to open her mouth.

    At this time, Nan Xun caved in, but what made her sadder was that A’Mang actually listened to A’Xiang’s words and forced her to eat human flesh. He didn’t even coax her sweetly.

    In this way, she yielded to the unsmiling A’Mang and ate it solemnly.

    Nan Xun opened her mouth numbly and chewed the flesh in her mouth mechanically.

    But after a while, her eyes suddenly flickered and she looked at A’Mang seamlessly.

    When she looked at the man’s eyes, she saw the hidden gentleness that was veiled with indifference.

    What A’Mang fed her wasn’t human flesh at all, but beast meat!

    Nan Xun wanted to laugh, but restrained herself.

    She said to herself, how could A’Mang force her so much?

    When the eating burial was over, the clan deeply bowed to the head on the high stone, then buried the warrior’s head and bones in the ground.

    After that, as usual, the clan began to process the prey and prepared the meal for themselves, as if the bloody scene that happened before was Nan Xun’s imagination. 

    Nan Xun didn’t eat much barbecue that evening. Her stomach was still hurting from vomiting earlier.

    Later that evening, A’Mang held her in his arms, pressed his hand against her stomach, and rubbed it gently.

    “A’Xi, did the eating burial frighten you?” A’Mang asked, with a trace of guilt.

    Nan Xun put her hand on his big palm, indicating that he didn’t have to rub her anymore. Then softly said, “A’Mang, I really am scared. So, don’t kiss me until next month.”

    A’Mang, who thought she was good at understanding others: …

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    First thing first, this is fiction. I’ll make some forced logic here hehe. So, what makes a human human is life. If the life is gone, then a corpse is actually just a bunch of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulphur etc. Just some leftover, and will enter each atom’s cycle. If we think about it, it can be happen that a carbon from our food once upon a time is from a human’s corpse too.
    Anyway, the cruel thing is killing and torture, not eating corpse. What makes it taboo is just because our society decides it as so.

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    I’d barf too.

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    I mean prion diseases are pretty bad but people will eat human meat in starvation and its much better then sacrificing people to eat.

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