The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 213

Translated by Novice Translations

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Frightened, That’s Big

    “A’Xi, I already brushed my teeth,” A’Mang quickly said, and continued to rub Nan Xun’s stomach.

    Nan Xun went “hehe” and said, “You can’t make out with me for a month, unless you vomit all the meat you ate.”

    A’Mang pondered for a while and explained, “The eating burial is a custom in the tribe that has been passed down for a long time. People who have an eating burial will be proud of it, because they are with us all. A’Xi, do you know that the cannibal tribe wasn’t called the cannibal tribe at first, but stone tribe? It meant that the tribe were people as hard as stone, but because of our cannibalism, the foreigners called us cannibals and thought we were cruel by nature.”

    Nan Xun squinted at him. Your mother ah, isn’t it cruel to eat humans?

    It was very rare for A’Mang to talk endlessly about it. After listening to the tribe’s stories, Nan Xun admitted that her feeling of nausea about the eating burial was slightly better, but when A’Mang seriously asked if he could kiss her, Nan Xun refused decisively.

    Want to kiss her after eating human flesh?

    There’s no doors or windows!1It means it just doesn’t work…don’t even think about it.

    A’Mang was a little disappointed, but he still respected Nan Xun and didn’t pester her.

    Most of the stone caves used to store food were filled, but the men still weren’t satisfied. Even if one person from the tribe was killed by a beast the day before, the men went hunting as usual.

    There was no fruit this season, so the women rarely went out. They usually gathered to mend and sew. But because A’Bao suffered a minor injury, he didn’t go hunting this time. He made a lot of noise by brewing sauce with A’Xiang in the cave in broad daylight. The women’s faces were red.

    A’Hua looked at the embarassed Nan Xun and reprimanded, “A’Bao is really too much! He was injured yesterday but is like this today…”

    Another woman smiled ambiguously and said, “It’s reasonable to say that A’Xiang has a man’s love and should be content, but she still always thinks of A’Mang. She’s really greedy.”

    A’Hua took her arm and said, “A’Xi is still here, don’t say that.”

    The woman looked at A’Xi and laughed with a smile, “A’Xi, don’t be angry. Everyone talks about it. It’s not a secret that A’Xiang likes A’Mang.”

    Nan Xun shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. I prefer you saying it to my face. It’s better than saying it behind my back, right?”

    Wei Dun said a little coldly, “But if A’Mang was my own man, I wouldn’t want any woman to think about him!”

    After saying this, Nan Xun suddenly got up and said, “I want to go around the river and pick some warm stones. Do you want to come with me?”

    The women had seen the warm stones that the clever Nan Xun mentioned before. It was a kind of small stone that could be used to warm your hands, but it was difficult to find. They were only one out of 100 stones. It was hard to find them on hot days, because all the small stones were warmed by the sun. Now it was easy to distinguish them. But the river water was too cold, and no one wanted to go into the water. 

    A’Hua frowned and said, “A’Xi, don’t go. It’s easy to get sick if you go into the water now.”

    In fact, Nan Xun actually just wanted to go on a walk. When no one wanted to go, she waved at the women, and left on her own with a normal wooden spear and a leather messenger bag. The group of women looked at each other as she left.

    Nan Xun didn’t go into the water because she was afraid of the cold. She just walked along the river, as there were small stones on the bank, but the number was relatively small. She picked and picked for a long time, but didn’t find any warm stones.

    The women’s words just now made Nan Xun very uncomfortable. Her man was coveted by another woman, and everyone knew she was coveting him but didn’t think it was uncomfortable.

    But that A’Xiang really didn’t do anything to A’Mang. Nan Xun wasn’t keen on beating her up to warn her to stay away from A’Mang.

    As a matter of fact, the men in the tribe wouldn’t refuse a woman’s flirting. Even if a woman who had a man showed affection to another man, he would only feel honored.

    Being liked by many females was an honor for males. 

    Nan Xun intercepted a lot of adoring eyes every day. Those women stared at A’Mang’s body with impunity, like a group of female rogues.

    Although these were the women’s true feelings and an honor for A’Mang, fuck Nan Xun was so disgusted ah.

    If it were modern women who looked at her man with such adoring eyes, it was clearly a provocation ah provocation. She would definitely hit their faces.

    Nan Xun, who was bent over to pick stones by the river, suddenly heard a hissing sound. Her expression changed, and she suddenly clenched the spear in her hand.


    Although she was mentally prepared, Nan Xun gulped hopelessly when she saw the big python intertwined on the thick branch.

    She knew that the venomous beasts here were several times larger than what she had seen in modern times, but should they really be this big?!

    That snake’s head was almost as big as her’s!

    Pythons weren’t poisonous, and couldn’t kill their prey with one bite, but they would use their huge body to entangle their prey and suffocate them. Then, they would slowly swallow the prey whole.

    The small area by the river near the tribe often had people traveling through, so there were rarely any fierce beasts. Such a big python would only appear in the depths of the jungle.

    But this giant python seemed to have been secretly lying dormant in the tree for a long time, waiting for a person from the tribe. 

    After a while, snakes would hibernate. It must have been lurking in this tree at the risk of being found and killed by the tribe to swallow a person before going into hibernation.

    Nan Xun’s hand holding the spear was already full of cold sweat. The python had rough and thick flesh. Nan Xun suspected that even if she used her spear, it wouldn’t cause any fatal damage to it at all.

    “Little Eight, do you have any powder to deal with snakes? Give me one.” Nan Xun quickly asked Little Eight for help.

    Little Eight didn’t answer.

    Nan Xun’s face became pale. Fuck Little Eight went into closed-door cultivation again!

    Nan Xun had a long confrontation with the python, and her nerves were very tense.

    One person and one snake didn’t move. They waited for the best time to attack.

    Nan Xun was a little weak. She felt that even if she used all her strength, she couldn’t fight this python that was more than ten meters long.

    At a certain moment, Nan Xun’s brain flashed and thought of the self-help measures she had seen before. So, she put down her spear and quickly laid down. Her legs were together, and her back was pressed against the ground. Then she took out a small stone knife from her pocket that A’Mang gave her.

    Nan Xun put both her hands against the sides of her head to make it look triangular. If it failed, the python would slither to her side, and try to get under her body from all directions to constrict her.

    If it was unable to constrict the prey, it would give up the idea of killing its prey first, and choose to swallow it alive.

    The head held by her hands was bigger than the python, so it would start to swallow her from her feet. When she was half eaten, Nan Xun would use the stone knife to cut down the edge of the python’s mouth.

    All of the above were only imagined scenarios, as the python never slithered over.

    While Nan Xun laid on the ground like a fool, it just flicked its tongue at her a few more times.

    Then it turned around, jumped into the grass, and left.

    Nan Xun: …

Novi’s Notes: This arc is my favorite arc so far. Nan Xun doesn’t have to fake an image. And Nan Xun / Little Eight has so much personality in this arc. This really makes this a nice romcom. Also, the child of fate is her friend basically which is OP in itself since child of fate is an OP character in general!

Already 2/3 through the arc and will finish it the next time I release. So, we are like 18% done with the novel!! LOL

Also, not sure if you guys noticed, but my site has 1 doujinshi that I got fan scanlated…my favorite pairing for Demon Slayers anime… Kimetsu no Yaiba… honestly I was so into it that I begged my talented readers on Discord to do the fan scanlations.

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