The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 214

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by ScallopedPotato

Shocked, Python Swallowed Person

    Nan Xun’s face was so confused. She was ready to fight to the death, but she didn’t even have a chance to blink before the python just…left?

    Nan Xun sat up, with a stupefied expression.

    Nan Xun had already seen the Demon King’s beast form in the first world— the four-clawed red-blood snake that was so large that it almost covered the sky and sun. But she wasn’t afraid at all when she thought it was Xue Ming.

    But the python here is different. Fuck, it’s just a python ah. It can’t change into a person ah. It only knows how to eat ah!

    Nan Xun supported herself against a boulder, then sat down for a while. She thought for a long time, but still didn’t understand. How come the python left?1 Cause you are the queen of the snakes at this point, the wife/mother of the beast snake god!

    This is unscientific.

    Nan Xun suddenly recalled the tyrant Yanmo Han’s world. At first, he wanted to kill her, so he let his secret guard release venomous snakes to bite her. But at that time, the poisonous snakes turned around and left just like this, they were really good.2Too bad that tyrant ordered all those snakes to be killed…good babies all dead

    But when she encountered that snake with Chuxue girl, it snake didn’t react like this and still bit her. If Little Eight wasn’t there, she would have died.3It’s cause you attack that snake first… 

    Nan Xun couldn’t understand.

    When her palpitations subsided, Nan Xun walked back with her spear.

    Not long after she left, she heard the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer to her.

    At first, Nan Xun thought it was a woman coming to the river to look for her, since she had been gone for a long time. But soon, she felt something was wrong. The footsteps were very heavy, like a man’s.

    Sure enough, the heavy footsteps stopped, and a thick dark palm suddenly pushed the grass. A tall man came over, and his gaze bored into her with clear aggression.

    Nan Xun’s eyes changed and immediately became very alert.

    It’s A’Bao!

    She didn’t like him, because occasionally when A’Mang wasn’t with her, he looked at her with those kinds of eyes. His intention was very obvious.

    Although she didn’t like A’Bao, she never talked ill of him in front of A’Mang. She heard that A’Mang grew up together with him. Once, in order to save A’Mang, A’Bao’s arm was nearly bitten off by some prey, though A’Mang could have avoided the beast’s attack himself.

    A’Mang treated this brother differently from everyone else.

    A’Bao came over wordlessly and grabbed Nan Xun’s wrist.

    Nan Xun didn’t expect him to be bold enough to harass her in broad daylight! Her face warped and she shouted, “Bastard, what the hell do you want to do? Let go of me!”

    “What do I want to do? What can a man do to a woman who’s alone?” A’Bao said in a gruff voice, and laughed a little obscenely.

    “I’m A’Mang’s woman, how dare you!”

    A’Bao laughed and showed his body’s reaction to her. “I’ll secretly possess you, A’Mang won’t find out. Even if you told A’Mang, he won’t believe you. I’m his closest brother, and you are just a foreign woman who’s here to give birth to children.”

    Nan Xun was annoyed. When he wasn’t paying attention, she lifted her leg and kicked him hard between the legs, taking the opportunity to break free.

    A’Bao covered his face and screamed in pain. His face was very blue. “You! Damn woman, I’ll kill you!” A’Bao roared and flew towards Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun knew that she couldn’t outrun him, so she directly faced him with difficulty. She was good at grappling. In the previous world, she followed her brother, King Yan Luo, and learned a lot of moves. Although her strength wasn’t better than A’Bao, she was more flexible than he was, and she specialized in hitting acupuncture points.

    However, after a few rounds Nan Xun discovered that she had underestimated A’Bao. This savage man was much more powerful than Dao Ba from her previous world.4Dao Ba is that guy that tried to rape her in prison with his gang… He was very strong and had iron skin. Even if she used her moves to hit his acupoints, it didn’t do much damage. For example, after striking his acupoint twice, the third blow had no effect.

    Likewise, after being hit several times, A’Bao no longer underestimated her like he had initially. He completely regarded Nan Xun as his prey.

    “A’Xi, I didn’t expect ah, that you were more difficult to deal with than men.” A’Bao gazed fiercely at the ground and darted towards Nan Xun again.

    Nan Xun suddenly took advantage of the nearby stone, leaped into the air, and went behind A’Bao. She quickly picked up the spear that had fallen to the side, but at this time, A’Bao turned around. Nan Xun fiercely stabbed into his chest without hesitation!

    Time stood still for a moment.

    The next second, A’Bao roared, pulled out the spear inserted in his chest, and broke it in half.

    The scent of blood completely enraged A’Bao. He roared, “You dare hurt me? I’m going to kill you!”

    Nan Xun glanced at the spear in pieces on the ground, then at A’Bao’s twisted face. As soon as she turned her head, she ran. 

    Fuck, need to get out of danger!

    If the savage wasn’t as thick skinned, or if the spear was sharper, she would have won just now! This blow was nothing to A’Bao. He pulled her spear out as if there wasn’t a damn thing wrong.

    If they continued fighting, Nan Xun wouldn’t get the upper hand at all, so she could only use one of the Thirty-Six Stratagems: if everything else fails, retreat.

    Nan Xun originally thought that A’Bao was injured and wouldn’t be able to run as fast as her. However, he actually ran faster.

    Nan Xun saw his big palm was about to grab her hair, but at that moment, a huge behemoth suddenly emerged from the grass.

    Nan Xun instantly stopped.

    Fuck, it’s the giant python from just before!

    The python slithered out of the grass, went straight past her, and opened its gaping maw towards A’Bao.

    A’Bao was terrified and screamed in horror.

    When he came out, he didn’t bring any weapons at all. He could only confront this fierce beast with his bare hands before it swallowed him whole!

    At this time, A’Bao couldn’t think about anything else. He reacted at the fastest speed in his life to turn around and sprint.

    As soon as Nan Xun saw his reaction, she knew he was finished.

    If you weren’t in the python’s attack range, you could spread your legs and run, preferably in an S shape. It would have to drag its over-ten-meters-long bulky body, and certainly wouldn’t be able to catch up to you.

    However, if you were already in the python’s range, you must not run, because the python’s attack speed was extremely fast. It could bite its prey in less than a second! 

    Sure enough, as soon as A’Bao turned around, the giant python raised its head as fast as lightning. It bit A’Bao’s arm, and began to coil itself around his body.

    A’Bao was entangled with the python and could no longer escape.

    The long body wrapped around A’Bao, then constricted. 

    A’Bao was being strangled, and he struggled to breathe. His bones were almost broken. When he saw Nan Xun, who was stupefied in the distance, he wanted to call for help. But he suddenly realized something, and looked at Nan Xun in shock.

    This python didn’t hurt her just now!

    Between a weak female and a strong male, the python actually let the woman go!

    Is she the python’s companion? They must be companions!

    This realization caused A’Bao to become even more frightened. He was crushed so   badly that he couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t help but open his mouth wide to scream, but couldn’t say a word.

    The battle between man and beast didn’t last long. The giant python suffocated A’Bao to death in front of Nan Xun.

    It glanced back at Nan Xun, then opened its big mouth and swallowed A’Bao little by little…into its belly.  

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