The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 215

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Cruel, Burn Her to Death

    Nan Xun was stunned. Although she had seen a video of a python swallowing a deer whole before, the shock from seeing it with her own eyes was far greater!

    The middle of the python’s belly was distended and became a little deformed.

    Nan Xun knew that was… A’Bao.

    After Nan Xun was shocked, she watched the python swallow A’Bao, and her expression became calm, or rather indifferent.

    She had no time to intervene, but in her heart, she didn’t want to for this kind of damn person.


     Nan Xun suddenly returned to her senses when she heard a piercing scream.

    Just now, her attention was focused on the fight between A’Bao and the python, so she didn’t notice anyone approaching. 

    The woman who screamed was A’Xiang. Beside her stood A’Hua, with both of them looking frightened.

    When they noticed Nan Xun saw them, they turned around and ran away quickly.

    Nan Xun opened her mouth because she had a bad premonition, and immediately caught up with them.

    The two looked back and found that she was chasing them, and screamed nonstop while rushing back to the tribe at the fastest speed in their lives.

    Nan Xun: …

    When Nan Xun returned, the men had already returned from hunting. A’Xiang whispered something to the men, but Nan Xun was too far away to hear it. When she approached, the men raised their spears at her.

    Nan Xun slightly scrunched her brows. She glanced around for a while but didn’t see A’Mang in the crowd.

    “What about A’Mang? Why didn’t he come back?” Nan Xun asked the men who had gone hunting together.

    The men looked at her solemnly. No one replied for a while, until A’Hua’s man finally explained, “A’Mang found a large sabretooth tiger and wounded it. But that tiger ran away so he pursued it alone. We couldn’t catch up, so we returned first.”

    When Nan Xun heard this, her heart sank.  

    A’Mang had caught several sabretooth tigers before, and had vast experience. Nan Xun wasn’t worried about his safety. She was worried about what the cannibals would do to her during A’Mang’s absence.

    Sure enough, A’Xiang fell to her knees with a thump and began to cry. She pointed at Nan Xun and howled, “She instructed a snake to swallow A’Bao. This woman watched as A’Bao was eaten by the python little by little. The python didn’t eat her. They must be companions! It was terrible, terrible. She must be a witch sent by demons. She will kill the warriors in the tribe one by one…”

    If only A’Xiang had witnessed the giant python swallowing people, the tribe wouldn’t believe her. After all, A’Xiang had always envied A’Xi because she was A’Mang’s woman. However, A’Hua also saw it.

    When everyone looked at A’Hua with questioning eyes, she turned pale, glanced at A’Xi, and nodded with difficulty.

    The tribe got an affirmative answer, and their gaze towards Nan Xun changed. They became distant and alert, their eyes bursting with hatred and killing intent.

    “But A’Xi isn’t a witch ah. She taught us how to make pottery bowls, found a lot of food, and told me many stories,” a child suddenly said.

    As soon as the child finished speaking, his mouth was firmly covered by his A’Mu.

    When it came to witchcraft, nobody dared stand up to speak for Nan Xun.

    She had just instructed a python to swallow A’Bao, a famous warrior in the tribe, and their people even witnessed it, so it couldn’t be wrong.

    A’Xiang fiercely glared at Nan Xun and angrily said, “Those were just methods the witch used in order to confuse us. Her purpose is to destroy all the warriors of our cannibal tribe, then let the remaining women, children, and elderly all starve to death. She’s a witch sent by the demons!”

    Witches and demons were the entities hated most by the ancients in this world. They firmly believed that diseases were spread by witches and demons, thinking that they always wanted to take human lives.

    Once upon a time, there was a tribe that completely died within ten days. Some people said it was witches who were sent by the demons to exterminate that tribe.

    Nan Xun was really regretful now. Your mother, this one called A’Xiang should really have been killed sooner!

    “A’Bao was really killed by that giant python but it has nothing to do with me.” Nan Xun said, her face openly had a look of disdain and disgust. “In fact, A’Bao came to the river today and almost raped me. If it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of the python, I would have been raped by him. This kind of man deserves to die!”

    A’Xiang screamed, “You all heard it! This woman admits that A’Bao was killed by that python and that it was instigated by her! The python avoided her and directly attacked A’Bao! She’s a witch! She’s a witch!”

    Nan Xun: …

    “I said A’Bao almost raped me! You people don’t understand? That python wasn’t instigated by me! It was he who angered the python himself, so he was eaten by that python!” Nan Xun tried to explain.

     However, the tribe’s entire focus was on the latter sentence. It didn’t matter whether A’Bao wanted to rape her or not. She was a witch, and this matter alone made people shun her. 

    Why did the python leave her alone, and only swallow A’Bao? The answer was obvious.

    At this moment, someone suddenly shouted, “Burn the witch!”

    Then, the other clansmen followed suit. “Burn the witch! Burn this foreign woman!”

    Nan Xun looked at the ferocious crowd that clamored to burn her. It wasn’t long ago that they were all laughing along with her, but now they wanted to kill her. Even A’Hua, who had a mild temperament, was indifferent.

    This made Nan Xun feel cold.

    But she also understood that the ancients were ignorant, not to mention these people.

    So, Nan Xun made a very wise decision the next second.

    Without a word, she turned around and ran.

    This was the second time that day that she was being cowardly, but there was nothing that could be done. Nan Xun wasn’t going to let these people grab and tie her up to be burned on a stake. 

    If A’Mang doesn’t return, it’s likely that these resentful people will act first then report later. She must save her life before that.

    The cannibals couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. They obviously didn’t expect the woman to run. She didn’t look like a witch.

    The men immediately chased after her with their spears.  

    Nan Xun was glad that it was dark now, and that these ancient people hadn’t invented torches yet. She quickly jumped through the grass and ran deep into the jungle.

    Nan Xun didn’t know for how long she ran. Because of the dim light, she tripped over several times, but she didn’t dare stop. She continued to run the entire time.

    Gradually, the pursuit of the men behind her diminished as the sounds of their footsteps became smaller. Finally, their shouts could no longer be heard, only the chirping of nearby insects.

    Nan Xun gasped and found refuge in a cave, but she didn’t go in immediately. She took a few stones and threw them into it.

    After a while, Nan Xun hadn’t seen any fierce beasts leave the cave, so she went into the it with confidence.

    “Little Eight? Little Eight!” Nan Xun quickly called.

    Little Eight still didn’t make a sound, and seemed to still be in closed door cultivation.

    The surroundings were dark, and Nan Xun didn’t have Little Eight’s plug-ins to help keep an eye on her safety. Even if she was very tired, she didn’t dare fall asleep.

    It was terrible that those ignorant people wanted to burn her to death!

    Happy ah, obviously before they were happy and polite with her, but now they suddenly turned hostile.

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