The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 216

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A’Xi, You Did Well

    What happened to Nan Xun today was enough to write an adventure.

    At first, she encountered a python and was tense all over. Although the python left later, A’Bao attempted to insult her and she fought him, which consumed a lot of physical strength and energy. Now, she ran away desperately and didn’t know where she was.

    Nan Xun was hungry, thirsty, tired, and sleepy. Fuck, she didn’t even have time to be vexed. 

    Nan Xun swore with narrowed eyes for a while, but later she was so tired that she couldn’t keep her eyes open and actually fell asleep.

    She didn’t know how long it was after that, but Nan Xun was awakened by the sudden sound of footsteps. She saw a large shadow appearing at the cave’s entrance.

    As soon as Nan Xun saw it, her eyes flashed and she immediately took out the small stone knife in her bag.

    As the dark figure approached, she slashed the knife towards the man’s chest.

    She didn’t want to kill, but if she didn’t, she would be caught and burned to death.

    Since she didn’t want to die, she could only let the other person die.

    Nan Xun felt that she moved very fast, but she didn’t expect that he grabbed her wrist and easily knocked the knife from her hand. 

    The next moment, the man fiercely held her in his arms, as if he found his lost treasure.

    Nan Xun was briefly stunned, then ecstatic. “A’Mang!”

    It was dark and she couldn’t see his expression, but could feel the atmosphere around him was extremely low.

    The man was on the verge of going on a violent rampage. 

    “A’Xi…” He gave a low cry and his arms tightened further.

    Nan Xun had been waiting for A’Mang. Suddenly, her fatigue and sleepiness were gone. Her back was straight, and she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and grievously reported, “A’Mang, your people want to burn me to death. I wasn’t a match against them, so I escaped.”

    “I know…” A’Mang’s voice was hoarse, trembling slightly in the wind.

    He was so happy before ah, because he hunted a large sabretooth tiger. The tiger’s beautiful skin could be used as a blanket for A’Xi. However, when he carried the large sabretooth tiger back to the tribe happily, he didn’t see her. The atmosphere in the tribe was tense and their expressions were very serious.

    A’Xiang cried and said that A’Xi made a python swallow A’Bao, and A’Xi was a witch sent by the demons. They wanted to burn A’Xi to avenge A’Bao, but A’Xi escaped.

    When A’Xiang wailed, hugged his thigh, and asked him to give her justice, A’Mang kicked her away and quickly ran into the jungle.

    There were so many poisonous insects and fierce beasts in the jungle, how dangerous was it for a woman like A’Xi?

    At that time, there was no witch or A’Bao in his mind, only A’Xi.

    She was his woman. If he couldn’t even protect her, what kind of warrior was he?

    When his throbbing heart finally calmed down, A’Mang released A’Xi from his arms and slowly led her back.

    Outside the cave, their vision was clearer. The stars weren’t as bright as they usually were, perhaps because the moon took away their brilliance. Now it was a half-moon, big and bright. The gleaming moon’s silver light shone between the tree’s foliage, scattering on the surrounding rocks and trees with a layer of gauze, making it less dim than before. 

    A’Mang walked forward in silence. The hand holding Nan Xun was big, powerful, and very hot.

    Nan Xun was worried. “A’Mang, are we going back to the tribe? Everyone wants to burn me to death.”

    “Don’t be afraid. I’m here,” A’Mang said, holding her hand a little tighter.

    “A’Mang, I’m not a witch. A’Bao was swallowed by that snake, but it wasn’t instructed by me.”

    “A’Xi, even if you are a witch, I want you,” A’Mang seriously said.

    Nan Xun’s mouth was bent, but she still wanted to clearly explain it to him. “A’Bao wanted to hold me, kiss me, and possess me while you were away. If it wasn’t for the python’s sudden appearance, I’d probably—”

    A’Mang’s footsteps stopped sharply, and Nan Xun halted immediately.

    Nan Xun thought he was going to say something, but he merely paused momentarily and continued to pull her along.

    In the moonlight, the man’s face was grim, his eyes were dim, and his thin lips were squeezed tightly. 

    Nan Xun coughed and continued the previous topic. “During the fight, I stabbed him in the chest with my spear. Then he became angry and wanted to kill me. The python suddenly appeared at this time. Instead of attacking me, it chose A’Bao. Perhaps it was stimulated by him because he smelled bloody.”

    A’Mang responded “en,” and moved to clasp Nan Xun’s fingers. After a long time, he said, “A’Xi, you did well.”

    The fire in the tribe burned brightly. The bonfire was ready, and the people of the tribe had set up stakes and piled firewood, waiting for their leader to capture the witch and bring her back to burn alive.

    They were very confident that the Patriarch would choose to burn her for the sake of their tribe’s safety.

    When the tribe saw that A’Mang really brought the woman back, they held up their spears and said in unison, “Burn this woman! Burn this woman!”

    Nan Xun curled her lips and felt that these primitive people were too ferocious to just casually burn others to death.

    A’Mang suddenly raised the spear in his hand to signal for everyone to be quiet.

    “Why do you believe that A’Xi is a witch sent by the demons?” A’Mang asked.  

    A’Xiang spoke, her voice sharp and harsh. “This woman ordered the python to swallow my man, A’Bao! This vicious woman is a witch sent by the demons. Only a witch has the ability to drive a beast to kill people! The witch will kill our people one by one until there’s no one left in the entire tribe!”

    A’Mang coldly stared at A’Xiang, then scanned his tribe’s faces one by one expressionlessly and asked, “If A’Xi is a witch, would she teach you how to make bamboo baskets, pottery, and take you to find food and salt stones?”

    The tribe remained silent, but their attitude was still very firm.

    A’Mang snorted and suddenly walked to the kiln.

    Beside the kiln were the pottery wares, small and large, that had just been made. It took a lot of effort from the tribe’s people. Wordlessly, he directly raised the spear in his hand…and waved it fiercely.

    The clanging sounds rang one after another, and the pottery shattered all over the floor.

    The women were stunned for a while, then shouted, “A’Mang, what are you doing?”

    After breaking the pottery, A’Mang also threw all the bamboo products like the bamboo baskets into the fire.

    He went into each cave one after another, and smashed all the salt jars to the ground with a clang clang.

    All the clansmen were dumbfounded, including Nan Xun.

    Fu, fuck, although he wasn’t being very kind, Nan Xun felt that the current A’Mang was… really awesome!

    After smashing what he wanted to smash, A’Mang raised his lips and smiled wickedly. “These are all the things the witch taught us. Since the witch wants to destroy our tribe, these things must also be cursed by the witch and demons, so it’s better to destroy them all.”

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