The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 217

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Leaving, Go Away Freely and Easily

    After doing bad things, A’Mang looked at Nan Xun beside him and said, “A’Xi, go, pack our things.”

    A’Mang pulled Nan Xun straight to their own cave, ignoring the group of people behind them that were shocked silly.

    “Ah—our pottery! Our baskets! Our hard work ah—” After being briefly shocked, the women burst into cries of pain.

    Those things were all through by their painstaking effort. How dare A’Mang? How dare he!

    In the stone cave, A’Mang did what he said.

    He pulled off several pieces of animal skin and his own washed skirt hanging from the wall, wrapped them up quickly, and bundled them into a back basket with a straw rope. Then he took several stone knives, as well as the spare spears. Everything in the cave was packed into the basket.1I don’t know why, but I feel bad, basically his entire belongings, everything all fits…into a backpack basically…that’s like a person moving and only bringing one suitcase with them that has ALL their belongings…your entire life’s belongings packed into 1 bag.

    Nan Xun was still in a daze. After a while, she began to pack up the other trinkets. She had a jar of salt, a jar of wild dried vegetables, a jar of fruit wine, and even the bamboo tube of toothpaste. She also collected a small bag of warm stones, several bones needing to be grinded by A’Mang for her, and a pile of sweet potatoes in the corner.

    A’Mang carried a packed bamboo basket, holding Nan Xun with one hand and a spear with the other. They passed in front of the group of people freely and easily.

    Then A’Mang said without looking back, “Now I will leave the tribe with the witch and never come back. You don’t have to worry that the witch will harm the tribe. You can re-elect the position for Patriarch, I don’t want this position anymore.”

    While moving, A’Mang suddenly remembered something, and walked back a few steps.

    He went to the pile of prey to find the sabretooth tiger he had hunted before, then carried the beast that was almost as tall as him with one hand.

    “A’Xi, let’s go.” A’Mang didn’t pull Nan Xun, so he glanced at her.

    Nan Xun’s scorching eyes stared at her man, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t stop rising. She gave a heavy “en” and followed him closely.

    The tribe finally came back to their senses. A man angrily said, “A’Mang! Are you going to abandon the tribe for this witch? You’re not worthy to be a warrior of our tribe!”

    A’Mang didn’t turn his head around and only faintly replied, “I’ve left the cannibal tribe. Naturally, I’m no longer a warrior of the cannibal tribe.”

    “Ah—” A’Xiang screamed and collapsed, “A’Mang, you can’t do this! She killed your best brother, A’Bao! Not only don’t you not want to avenge him, but you also want to abandon the tribe and follow her? A’Mang, you’ve been affected by the witch’s voodoo—”

    When the men heard this, they tried to block A’Mang’s way. A’Xiang also ran over, but he didn’t want them to approach. So, A’Mang suddenly threw a stone knife backwards, and nearly chopped A’Xiang’s beautiful face into two.

    A’Xiang was so scared that her legs softened. She fell on the ground on her butt.

    No one stepped forward. All the people in the cannibal tribe, young and old, men and women, over 100 people watched their young Patriarch take away everything that belonged to him. He carried a large sabretooth tiger in one hand, and a spear in the other. He left the tribe with the witch, disappeared into the vast night, and didn’t look back the entire time.

    Nan Xun was extremely excited. Before that, she was visibly tired, but now she was very energetic.

    The two walked in the night, under the full moon’s brilliance that shined through the foliage, straight forward.

    It wasn’t until Nan Xun’s stomach gurgled that A’Mang looked at her, and said with some remorse, “A’Xi, I forgot that you haven’t eaten yet.”

    Nan Xun smiled, “A’Mang, you haven’t eaten yet either.”

    They went into the cave where Nan Xun took refuge. A’Mang put down his things and started a fire.

    The night was too dark, and it took a lot of time to one. When the fire ignited, A’Mang cut off the two front legs of the tiger, roughly peeled off the fur, and roasted it on the fire.

    Nan Xun leaned over to him, snatched the things in his hand, and said, “A’Mang, I’ll barbecue. You go and rest for a while.”

    A’Mang agreed, but he didn’t rest. Instead, he sat down and took care of the tiger. He began to skin it with a stone knife, starting the cut at its belly, and peeled it in both directions.

    Nan Xun roasted the meat and looked at him from time to time. She noticed that he was very familiar with peeling animal skin. No matter how difficult it was, he could turn his wrist freely and the stone knife in his hand followed his movements.

    Not long after that, except for the front legs that were cut off, the entire tiger skin along with its two rear thighs were peeled off by him. It wasn’t stained by blood, so it didn’t need to be washed.

    “A’Xi, go rest.” A’Mang kissed the tip of Nan Xun’s nose, took the front legs from her hand, and patiently continued to roast.

    Nan Xun remembered that she fell several times before. Although the grass was thick and the fall wasn’t painful, her body was definitely covered with mud and her face wasn’t much better either. A’Mang actually kissed her.

    Nan Xun’s eyebrows curved as she looked at the man who was seriously roasting the meat. She felt that he was extremely handsome, so she went over and gave him a kiss on the side of his face.

    A’Mang smiled slightly. “A’Xi, don’t make trouble.”

    Nan Xun hugged his waist from behind, resting her head against his back and whispered softly, “A’Mang, thank you for believing me.”

    A’Mang smirked and jokingly said, “A’Xi, don’t seduce me anymore. You’re too tired today. I’m reluctant to toss you around.”  

    Nan Xun: …

    Fuck, she just felt that this man gave up his entire tribe for her, which must be difficult for him, so she wanted to use intimacy to ease his heavy mood. Take her words for example. Even her heart would be happy and moved, but now she felt a trace of worry.

    Nan Xun didn’t expect that this man didn’t look sad at all, and seemed to be in a good mood?

    Your mother, this is an illusion, right?

    A’Mang was amused by Nan Xun’s stupidity, “Little Wild Leopard, did you think that I’d be sad about leaving the tribe?” The man raised his eyebrows. “In fact, I don’t like this kind of social life at all. I was born in the jungle. I prefer to run in the jungle alone. I only lived with them because they weren’t capable enough, but I don’t need it. In the tribe, I just hunt every day and don’t even have time to spend with you. And I only did that in order to feed over 100 people. But this evening, the people who were raised by me wanted to burn my woman to death, this is really intolerable for me.”

    After Nan Xun heard this, she swallowed all the comforting words she had prepared to say to him back into her stomach.

    She dared to feel that A’Mang regarded those clansmen as burdensome ah…

    A’Mang continued, “In the days when the old Patriarch was dying, I was afraid that the tribe would choose me as the new Patriarch, so I sneaked out alone. It was at that time I met you, A’Xi. Originally, I wanted to take you away forcibly, but you didn’t seem to like it, so I had to get your people’s consent. I thought about it and finally returned to the tribe. Then I became the new Patriarch. After that, I summoned the warriors of the tribe to go with me to the Alashan tribe and exchanged the fur skins that I hunted for you.” Speaking of this, A’Mang laughed. “A’Xi, I’m very happy now. In the future, there will only be the two of us. We can do whatever we want. We can cuddle, hug whenever we want to.”

    Nan Xun: …

    So, your focus is actually the latter, right?

    A terrible rogue.

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