The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 218

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New Home, Treehouse and Cave

    After eating the barbecue, they laid on the newly peeled tiger skin.

    They snuggled up together to plan for their future, but Nan Xun was so tired that she fell asleep.

    When Nan Xun woke up the next day, A’Mang was wiping her face and body with a piece of damp animal skin. Beside her were two roasted sweet potatoes and some fruit, which he apparently picked in the jungle earlier in the morning.

    At this time of year, the fruit was basically ripe, and fell on the soil and rotted. She didn’t know how long it took for him to find these few fruits.

    Nan Xun felt sweet in her heart. She bit into one, and stuffed two pieces of fruit and one sweet potato to A’Mang.

    A’Mang didn’t want to eat it, but Nan Xun hand fed him. He was stunned as the peeled roasted sweet potato was fed to him by Nan Xun.

    A’Mang ate a sweet potato, and also licked A’Xi’s finger while doing so.

    After a simple breakfast, the two embarked on a journey again.

    To the north was A’Xi’s tribe, while the south had the huge Alashan tribe. Apparently, A’Mang didn’t intend to join any tribe, and took Nan Xun to the southwest.

    The two rested when they were tired. Then after resting, they resumed their journey. A’Mang carried such a large sabretooth tiger, so he didn’t have to rush to hunt for food for the time being. After five or six days of efficiently traveling, they finally found a new water source.

    It was a small flowing river. Although it wasn’t as big as the river outside the cannibal tribe, it was five or six meters wide, which was enough to fit two people.

    A’Mang pulled Nan Xun down towards the river, and finally stopped when the river widened another meter or two.

    The two began to investigate the nearby terrain, trying to find an ideal place to inhabit.

    Suddenly, Nan Xun saw something. Her eyes lit up, and she quickly pointed to a small rock mountain. She was pleasantly surprised and said, “A’Mang, look, there’s a cave in there!”

    The rock mountain wasn’t large. It was just a slope, about seven or eight stories high. The surface of the rock slope was covered with green and yellow vegetation, and also an abundance of tender purple bell flowers. This kind of bell flower would bloom only in the autumn and once it bloomed, there would be a bunch. The bell flower heavily hung down from the rock slope, and gently waved in the wind. The faint and pleasant fragrance of flowers drifted in the wind and was very refreshing.

    Nan Xun was a little excited. The cave on the slope was about seven or eight meters above the ground. There was a huge bolder outside the cave, like a balcony.

    If they lived in that cave, it was equivalent to living in a small two-story building, it was perfect! 

    However, getting to the cave was a problem because the side of it was very steep, almost perpendicular to the opposite side.

    Nan Xun’s eyes turned and landed on a towering tree not far from the cave.

    The main branch of the tree was as thick as five or six people. The branches were simple and orderly. Only a few branches would need to be cut from the middle to build a luxurious treehouse and corridor on it. The branches on the outside were natural supports for the treehouse. The branches near the middle let it run through the middle of the treehouse as its pillars.

    Then, they could build a suspension bridge between the treehouse and the cave, connecting them on the rock slope.

    The treehouse could be built with wood or bamboo. Bamboo was relatively cool. A bamboo treehouse would be cool in the summer, and also was fast to build. 

    As for how to get on the tree, there were many thick and long vines hanging down from it, which they could swing up with just by pulling on.

Nan Xun quickly shared her thoughts with A’Mang, who stared at her with wide eyes and seemed surprised by her clever ideas.

    A’Mang didn’t know what a treehouse and suspension bridge looked like, but after Nan Xun’s explanation, they gradually took shape in his mind.

    When they walked downstream along the river, they found a bamboo grove, which they used to build the treehouse and suspension bridge.

    About half a month later, winter would come. A’Mang and Nan Xun didn’t dare delay anymore, and started building.

    A’Mang cut and split the bamboo, and Nan Xun started to make straw rope. They worked together and split the labor. When they were tired, they rested. When they were hungry, they cut some meat from the sabretooth tiger and roasted it.1Is anyone else questioning, like they had this tiger for at least a week now in the open…isn’t it bad by now???

    A’Mang’s efficiency was amazing. In just five days he made all the things that Nan Xun’s mind had conceived.

    The treehouse was more than 50 square meters in size, with one room and one hall. The thick bamboo was the treehouse’s framework, and the thin bamboo strips were used to make the walls. Another layer of bamboo board was used to cover the exterior. The roof was covered with half bamboo tubes in two layers, which were then covered with a layer of hay to prevent water leaks.

    Outside the treehouse, there was an L-shaped circular corridor with railings, which was very luxurious.

    The suspension bridge was also completed. The eight to nine meter long bridge connected the short distance between the treehouse and cave.

    The process of making a suspension bridge wasn’t easy. A’Mang climbed up from the relatively gentle end of the slope, then used a sling to send himself to the large boulder outside the cave. After fixing two wooden piles on it, he tied the suspension bridge to it.

    After everything was in place, A’Mang used the extra bamboo to build a simple wooden house under the tree house for storing firewood.

    “A’Mang, you’re awesome!” Nan Xun jumped excitedly onto A’Mang, hugging and kissing him.

    In the past few days, they had been building a treehouse day and night, and hadn’t been intimate. Now Little Wild Leopard had taken the initiative to deliver herself to his door. A’Mang naturally welcomed this. He pressed Little Wild Leopard in their new house and brewed sauce.

    With the luxurious treehouse built and the suspension bridge erected, A’Mang and Nan Xun couldn’t wait to enter the cave from the bridge.

    During the construction of the treehouse, the two tossed about and hadn’t yet confirmed if there were any fierce beasts in that cave. It should be safe, but A’Mang was still cautious and asked Nan Xun to guard the entrance of the cave. He went in alone with a spear to investigate the situation.

    After a while, Nan Xun suddenly heard A’Mang exclaim.

    The voice wasn’t from fright, but surprise.

    A’Mang ran out, picked up Nan Xun, and went inside.

    From the outside, the cave’s entrance looked like it was one person tall and two people wide. They didn’t think there was a whole other world inside!

    The cave was very large and high. It was almost as spacious as half of the rock mountain. Besides the main cave, there were two smaller caves in its walls. It was a super luxurious cave villa with two bedrooms and one hall! 

    A’Mang loved this cave villa more than the treehouse. He couldn’t wait to move all their luggage into the cave, then make a bed with hay and animal skin so big so that Nan Xun could roll on it.

    He also found a large stone in the cave, and flattened both ends of it to make a table for them. 

    Nan Xun began to unpack her piles of bottles and jars. There were two small side chambers in the cave. One could be used to store food, while the other could be used to store miscellaneous items. 

    Thinking that this was her and A’Mang’s future home, Nan Xun’s mood was a little complicated.

    This world with only two people, tsk, this kind of sweet trouble.2The first phrase implies romantic couple’s world and the second part means this trouble is so good since they can be intimate 100% of the time.

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