The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 219

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Sharing, Scenery on the Tree

    “A’Mang, we have a place to live now, so let’s hurry and stock up on food,” Nan Xun said.

    A’Mang proudly raised his chest. “A’Xi, don’t worry. Even if it’s cold, I can catch prey. You won’t starve.”

    The reason why tribes desperately tried their best to store food in the autumn was because in the winter, there were fewer wild beasts in the jungle. In addition, the cold slowed down their hunting speed. It was likely that in three to five days, they wouldn’t be able to hunt enough pray for their tribe to eat.

    But A’Mang was different. No matter the season, he was very agile, so food shortages weren’t a problem.

    In only one day, A’Mang hunted a huge beast weighing 250 to 300 kg, and also a long-necked bird the size of an ostrich. Even if A’Mang ate a large amount of food, these two animals were enough for two people to eat for more than two months. In addition, the sabretooth tiger meat was pickled by Nan Xun, so they didn’t have to worry about eating it for at least three months.

    A’Mang didn’t need to hunt anymore. Instead, he accompanied Nan Xun to look for rock salt. 

    Although they took a jar of refined salt with them when they left, Nan Xun used a lot of it to marinate the tiger meat. She needed more salt to preserve the other meat.

    After walking for a long time, they didn’t find any salt. Instead, A’Mang caught two burrowing ground squirrels the size of rabbits. Nan Xun also dug up some sweet potatoes.

    Seeing her disappointment, A’Mang put the back basket down, slanted the corner of his mouth, and hurriedly said to her, “Little Wild Leopard, you wait.”

    Then Nan Xun saw A’Mang’s pillbox climbing ability.  

    A’Mang took off the leopard skin jacket and straw sandals that Nan Xun made for him, and found the thickest looking tree and climbed up wordlessly.

    Nan Xun suspected that he had hooks on his feet. Otherwise, how could he firmly grasp the tree trunk? And his arms seemed like they had endless strength, holding the main trunk and climbing more than 10 meters in two or three strokes.

    Nan Xun looked up at him from under the tree and watched his figure disappear into the heavy branches and leaves. If it wasn’t for the yellow leaves and branches gently shaking, accompanied by the sound of rustling and many leaves falling, Nan Xun would have thought A’Mang had disappeared.

    “A’Mang—” Nan Xun shouted with her head raised.

    Nan Xun knew that A’Mang must be fine, but A’Mang didn’t respond to her, so she couldn’t help it. Her blood was stimulated.

    After taking off her animal skin coat and long skirt, Nan Xun began to climb the tree only wearing small suspenders and underwear.

    She often climbed trees and was very flexible, but it was her first time climbing such a high tree.

    After climbing about 20 meters, A’Mang’s shocked voice came from above. “A’Xi! What are you doing up here? Get down!”

    He had climbed no less than 100 meters up, but when he heard the movement below, he came back down again.

    Nan Xun waved at him happily. “A’Mang! I want to go up the tree with you!”

    A’Mang was scared by her. “A’Xi, don’t mess around. You can’t climb a tree. When I first met you, you fell off one!”

    Nan Xun laughed and said, “That’s just because you yelled and scared me.”

    A’Mang stood on a thick branch above and didn’t move. After discovering that Nan Xun’s climbing movements were relatively flexible, he didn’t continue to dissuade her.

    If A’Xi could really do it, then he would like to share the feeling of standing on top of such a big tree with her!

    A’Mang quietly waited for Nan Xun to catch up with him, and when they finally were together, he let Nan Xun continue upwards. If she really slipped on accident, he would support her.

    This was probably one of the few stupid things Nan Xun had ever done. She tirelessly climbed over 100 meters initially, and then another 200 meters on top of that.

    A’Mang was right below her, which made her feel safe.

    Although the branches became thinner the higher they climbed, that was just in comparison to the main trunk at the ground level. The branches up top were still strong enough to support two people standing side by side.

    Nan Xun didn’t know how she did it. When she stood at the top of the tree and had a panoramic view of the jungle, it caused her to cheer loudly.

    A’Mang stepped up and stood on the same branch as her.

    The branches shaking made Nan Xun shout, “A’Mang, don’t stand with me. Go to the branch next to me!”

    A’Mang laughed and shook the branches beside them mischievously, causing Nan Xun to scream out again. Then he held the branch with one hand and wrapped his other around her waist.

    “A’Xi, quickly look.” A’Mang had laughed enough and suddenly approached her ear, his voice deep and gentle.

    Nan Xun looked along his line of sight. She saw the dense trees closely intertwined, saw the rock slopes connected into several hills, saw a large patch of fern grass, saw the red rock forest hidden within the vegetation, and saw the gurgling streams and rivers. As soon as she looked up, she saw the dazzling sunset, and the surrounding clouds dyed in a golden orange with most of the sky red. 

    There were all kinds of strange birds flying across the sky, going southward.

    Nan Xun hugged A’Mang’s waist excitedly. “It’s beautiful! A’Mang, I like it!”

    A’Mang’s arm around her waist suddenly moved upward and stopped at the back of her neck. With slight pressure from his hand, Nan Xun’s head was pressed against him.

    A’Mang kissed the woman carefully and was very satisfied.

    When he was excited, he liked to climb to the top of trees and look into the distance. However, the people from the tribe didn’t understand his hobby and thought he was abnormal.

    A’Xi was the first person to climb to the top of a tree with him. He would have never imagined that a woman, his beloved woman, would follow him to do such a stupid thing.

    They climbed up the tallest tree in the jungle and stood on top, kissing each other. The afterglow of the sunset warmly hit them.

    The woman faced the direction of the sunset, her face wrapped in a golden-orange veil, looking incredibly beautiful.

    “A’Xi, you’re so beautiful!” A’Mang exclaimed.

    Nan Xun had heard this many times, but this time it sounded particularly pleasant.

    Although they were very reluctant to leave, they still had things to do. They took a final deep look at the surrounding scenery, and went down the tree one after the other.

    Under the tree, Nan Xun’s basket and clothes were still on the ground.  

    The two put on their coats and began to look for the rocky forest they had just seen.

    A’Mang pulled Nan Xun and ran into the jungle, going faster and faster, howling with joy from time to time.

    The rocky forest wasn’t too far away. It took about 40 minutes for the two to arrive after running. The high stone pillars were directly inserted into the ground and were shaded by the jungle, forming a small piece of the rocky forest. The stone columns were in various colors, different shades of red and yellow, with a small amount of milky white, all very beautiful.

    A’Mang found many salt stones in the stone forest, while Nan Xun found milky yellow translucent natural flint.

    “A’Mang A’Mang! We don’t need to start a fire by hand drilling the logs in the future!” Nan Xun happily collided the two flintstones together, and the sparks from the collision surprised A’Mang.

    Nan Xun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when A’Mang filled his back basket with the natural flint.

Novi’s Notes: So, the cave they found they describe it as a main hall with two smaller rooms. Imagine you have a 2-bedroom house/apartment. Basically, their living/kitchen room is going to be their main room while the two “bedrooms” are storage rooms…haha

Also, I was going finish the arc this weekend, but stuff happened in my life. I’ll do a formal announcement later this week.

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