The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 22

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Starve to Death or Seeking Death?

    Nan Xun understood what he meant and shook her head quickly. “That…that…can you give me some more time?”

    If the beautiful man above her, suddenly transformed into a giant snake with red flesh and four claws, the picture would be too beautiful to see, she dares not to look and she’s definitely going to faint.

    In Xue Ming’s bloody eyes, there was a slight glint of disappointment and he sighed lowly. “Okay, benwang is waiting for you.”

    Nan Xun cried in her heart to little eight. She couldn’t understand why the Demon King wanted to entangle in his beast form. After she brewed in his sauce, does it seem like her mental capacity was large?

    The Demon King’s disappointment turned into strength, and his pancake was brimming with enthusiasm. From the excitement, Nan Xun couldn’t help but claw his back.

    Don’t look, it’s definitely bloody.  

    On his next stroke, his pancake was deeply rooted and suddenly the woman under him held tightly onto him.

    The next moment, the man’s bare back suddenly exposed a pair of huge flesh wings, and there was a row of sharp barbs along his spine, like a line of blood-colored knives.

    Nan Xun exclaimed. The four-clawed red-blood snake’s wings!  

    It is rumored that the root of the wings is the weakest spot, and the Demon King revealed his weakness to her?

    The huge flesh wings stretched out and closed, and soon the two were wrapped within and it covered up a spring.

    The next day, when Nan Xun woke up, she heard the void beast happily say, “The evil value has dropped to 40.”

    Nan Xun stretched and said: “The snake told me last night that he was invited by the Divine Serpent family as a guest. He said it might take him a while to come back and for me to stay here. Alas, I didn’t expect him to go to this grand banquet. He has been driven out by his family long ago. It wouldn’t be a good thing to be invited back as a guest.

    The void beast was unaware. “According to my examination of him, he is the most powerful existence in this world. Most people can’t touch him.”

    Nan Xun made a sound and laid back down and continued to sleep.

    Suddenly, she turned over and sat up. “Shit, I’m so screwed! Xue Ming told me not to step out of this palace.”

    The Demon King laid a strong protective enchantment outside the palace. No one else would be able to enter unless she took the initiative to leave.

    The void beast yawned, “Then don’t go out.”

    Nan Xun was paralyzed and replied: “He didn’t leave anything behind for me to eat. If I stay here the entire time, wouldn’t I starve to death?”

    This realm’s Demon King doesn’t need to eat grains, but Nan Xun wasn’t the same, she will starve to death if she doesn’t eat.

    The void beast was silent for a long time before it said: “According to this beast’s knowledge, there are many monsters outside who wants your life.”

    If you go out, you may be killed. If you don’t go out, you will starve to death.

    So, after three days of hunger, the light-headed Nan Xun finally stepped out of the Demon King’s palace.

    Nan Xun was unfamiliar with the Demon King’s palace. She was always held by the Demon King and teleported into his palace, she never left after she entered.

    “Madam! How did you get out?”

    Shortly after Nan Xun left the palace, she heard a cry.

    When she saw the person, she couldn’t help but say. “Hong Chou? You’re here. Why are you alone, where is Lan Shui?”

    Hong Chou listened to her and was so angry that she was stunned. “I was worried about you, so I came over here to look for you. All the beasts know that it’s forbidden by the Demon King to come near his palace. So, no monsters will come near, Lan Shui and the rest are very stiff and wouldn’t come with me.”

    Nan Xun was moved and quickly took her arm. “Thank you, Hong Chou, but don’t blame Lan Shui. In this whole demon domain, who dares defy the Demon King’s orders?”

    Hong Chou said: “I’m not defying it, but the Demon King hasn’t been present for a few days and doesn’t know I’ve been here.”

    Nan Xun was embarrassed to ask, “Hong Chou, I’m a little hungry. Can you get me something to eat?”

    Hong Chou was stunned at first, then laughed loudly, “Wang really forgotten that his wife is not like us and needs to eat all kinds of grain.”

    With Hong Chou’s help, Nan Xun has escaped starving to death.

    It’s just that she is worried again. Xue Ming clearly said not to step out of the palace, now that she is out, she doesn’t know if she can return?

    The answer is obviously no.

    “Madam, quickly return to your palace. You’re exposed to the knife’s edge right now. Those old demons have long wanted to take your life.” Hong Chou urges.

    Nan Xun looked embarrassed. “Can I return once I leave?”

    Hong Chou laughed and said: “The average person can’t, unlike them, you are his wife and have the Demon King’s love for several years. The Demon King’s scent already lingers on your body. Only a meager amount of Xuan can let you break through the barrier and enter.”

    Nan Xun was shocked after hearing the words, “several years” and asked the void beast, “Little eight, did I spent several years living in the Demon King’s palace?”

    The void beast answered, “Yes, or so you would think.”

    For a moment, Nan Xun felt endless emotions. She listened to Hong Chou and went directly to the enchantment, but her forehead was repelled by the barrier.

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but look at Hong Chou, didn’t she say she only need a little Xuan?

    Hong Chou said, “Sorry madam, I forgot that you’re just a junior master.”

    Nan Xun felt that she had made rapid progress but heard the disdain from Hong Chou’s mouth.  

    When she first arrived in the demon domain, she was still an apprentice. Xue Ming fed her all kinds of elixir every day and now is a junior master.

    From an apprentice to junior master, she feels that her progress was amazingly rapid. The palace was above the demon realm. There were almost no natural elements within the air, it was all dark elements. She can only practice with that element. Besides, she spends very little time practicing daily and the rest of her time is devoted to a certain snake.

    Hong Chou thought for a moment and said: “I have no intention spying from the shadows. If the madam doesn’t dislike it, I’ll be in your shadow and go with you.”  

    Nan Xun was in a daze, thinking back to when the Demon King had hidden in the long-eared rabbit’s shadow. Wasn’t this a secret method, how can Hong Chou use it?

    Nan Xun immediately clap her hands, “Very good.” Then said with a thick face, “Why don’t you take some more food with you?”

    Hong Chou waved the storage bag in her hand and smiled: “Here, it’s all dry food.”

    The two people went together with Hong Chou hidden within Nan Xun’s shadow. With her help, Nan Xun easily entered the protective enchantment and returned to the palace.

    This time with dry food reserves, Nan Xun doesn’t have to worry about starving to death.

    In the palace, Hong Chou left her shadow, and dumped the dry food from the storage bag onto the ground.

    “Thank you, Hong Chou. I’ll say a few nice words in front of Xue Ming when he comes back. Quickly leave, if you leave your scent here, you will not be happy when Xue Ming comes back.” Nan Xun reminded.

    Hong Chou didn’t answer, she stared at Nan Xun incredulously, and her voice was slightly elevated. “Xue Ming? You called wang’s name directly!”

TL Note: Wow guys, it has been several years since Nan Xun been abused by Xue Ming’s pancake…well after working hard on his evil value, it dropped to 40! Now I know why Xue Ming was disappointed when she said no, it’s been a few years. The arc is already over halfway done!

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