The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 220

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Come Ya, Let’s Mess Around Ya

    “Two or three pieces will be enough for us,” Nan Xun said, and under A’Mang’s slightly regretful eyes, she took out all the flint stones from the back basket and replaced them with salt stones.

    When they returned to the treehouse, it was already dark. A’Mang couldn’t wait to take out the flint and start experimenting.

    He fetched some grass scraps and wood, and piled them up. He then hit the place above it three to five times.

    Sure enough, the pile of grass and wood quickly lit, delighting him.

    Nan Xun sat on the side and looked at him while supporting her chin. When she saw him like this, she couldn’t help but smile and say, “Really, just like a child.”

    The jungle trees’ leaves were quickly turning yellow, but before they withered, the first snow of early winter came.

    After it snowed, the temperature in the jungle dropped sharply and some animals went into hibernation.

    A’Mang had caught a spotted leopard the day before the heavy snowfall. The leopard was as tall as Nan Xun when it stood up. Although Nan Xun already had tiger skin clothes for the winter, A’Mang still gave her the fur. Nan Xun didn’t like it very much, but still made leopard lounge clothes.

    The belly was sewn up, while there was an opening made from its buttocks. The limbs were cut open to be a little wider, especially at its two hind legs. Nan Xun connected the two trouser legs with other animal fur.

    After Nan Xun put on the home-made leopard clothes and wore the leopard head on her head, A’Mang’s expression changed.

    “A’Xi, you really turned into a little wild leopard!” A’Mang’s gaze was stuck to her and couldn’t move away.

    Nan Xun who didn’t expect that wearing a piece of animal skin could make the other person go into heat: …

    There was heavy snow outside the cave. However, inside the cave the rogue tiger pulled the little wild leopard’s legs out of the animal skin. The beautiful fur lounge clothes were pushed above the little wild leopard’s abdomen. Then, he pressed the little wild leopard to start making pancakes in various positions.

    In the huge luxurious cave, the air constantly warmed up and heated again. A broken sound that was out-of-tune was heard with a special flavor.

    The snow fell heavily for a full day. When it was getting dark, it began to lighten.

    A’Mang used a broom that Nan Xun made to first clear up the snow from the treehouse and suspension bridge. Then he cleared the open space under the big trees and rocky slope.

    There was a small stove at the foot of the stone slope, which was built by A’Mang with stone and clay. When it snowed, A’Mang covered it with hay to ensure that it wouldn’t get wet. When it was necessary to use it, A’Mang would remove the hay and snow that accumulated on it.

    Nan Xun took dry firewood from the firewood room, and A’Mang skillfully struck the flint and soon ignited a fire.

    The animal meat was cut into pieces by A’Mang with a stone knife, and cooked into a large pot made from hard nutshell. Nan Xun added some dried wild vegetables into the broth, which made the soup very delicious.

    The beast meat was very tough, and needed to be cooked for at least an hour. Nan Xun couldn’t wait, so she threw two sweet potatoes into the small stove.

    When the meat was almost done, Nan Xun laid on A’Mang’s back and said with a smile, “A’Mang, my sweet potatoes are ready. You peel the skin and feed them to me, okay?”

    A’Mang raised his eyebrows and carefully said his thoughts. “A’Xi, in fact, you just don’t want to dirty your hands, right?”

    “No, I’m just afraid of being scalded. I’m so delicate and tender, I can’t compare with your rough skin.” Nan Xun said and hmphed twice.

    A’Mang didn’t say anything and picked up the sweet potato with a stick, peeled it, and hand fed Nan Xun bit by bit.

    While Nan Xun was eating comfortably, she suddenly heard Little Eight’s exaggerated exclamation in her head. “Oh my God ah! I actually saw such an intimate scene right when I open my eyes. You’re having a good vacation!”

    Nan Xun’s mouth twitched. “Can you say hello in advance before showing up every time?”

    Little Eight uttered an insincere “oh.”

    However, Little Eight was suddenly very happy the next second and she didn’t know why.

    “Dear da, have a good vacation oh. If you need something just call grandpa three times. Grandpa is going to sleep.” 

    Nan Xun: “So, you weren’t sleeping before?”

    Little Eight growled, “Grandpa did closed-door cultivation before. Cultivation! Cultivation is a matter that needs your full attention!” 

    Nan Xun languidly gave an “oh.”

    Little Eight: …

    Without Little Eight’s voyeurism, Nan Xun continued to talk to A’Mang without any scruples.

    Although there was enough meat to eat every day, and A’Mang would go hunting for some fresh food from time to time, Nan Xun still wanted to eat something else. So, Nan Xun asked A’Mang to help make a fishing net.

    They slowly slid to the middle of the frozen river. A’Mang used a stone axe to cut a big hole in the ice, while Nan Xun threw the fishing net through the hole.

    “A’Xi, the big fish in the river aren’t good. My people and I have tried it for a long time before. They have bones in their bodies that can easily get stuck in your throat,” A’Mang warned. Although Nan Xun wanted to do something, he would never question her, but the big fish in this river wasn’t delicious ah.

    Nan Xun said with a smile, “If there are really many bones, we can only eat the fish head. The fish head has no bones and its brain is very nourishing.”

    Nan Xun discovered that the primitives here didn’t eat the head of any wild animal. The heads would be cut off and thrown away. It was probably a custom.

    But when A’Mang heard her say that she wanted to eat the fish head, he didn’t say anything. He just looked at her with doting eyes and said, “Okay, A’Xi, we’ll do whatever you want.”

    After a while, Nan Xun reeled in the net and actually caught two fish.

    Nan Xun used a stone knife to scrape off the scales and remove the entrails. One was grilled over the fire, while the other was boiled in soup.

    The fish was roasted yellow. Nan Xun almost drooled from the aroma of the fish.

    However, after Nan Xun tasted it, she immediately spit it out.

    “Hahaha…” A’Mang couldn’t stop laughing. “A’ Xi, I told you that it can’t be eaten with all its bones. But you still had to give it a try.”

    Nan Xun squinted at him. “So, A’Mang, were you especially waiting for me to make a joke out of myself?” 

    Although there were too many fish bones to eat it, Nan Xun ate the fish head and thought it tasted good. She wanted A’Mang to try it, but he refused.

    Nan Xun began to be naughty and wanted him to eat it. At last, A’Mang was really stiffed but stopped being stubborn. After he took a bite, his eyes brightened.

    A’Mang’s eyes looked as if he had opened a door to a new world.

    After a while, A’Mang tried to eat the heads of all kinds of wild animals. Nan Xun vomited with nausea and asked A’Mang to eat only fish heads and nothing else.

    A’Mang’s remorseful expression made Nan Xun deeply understand the truth of self-inflicted sin.1She sin since she doesn’t like him eating heads but enlighten him…

    On a cold day, Nan Xun laid in the cave bored. In the summer and autumn, she went out to pick fruits and vegetables but, in the winter, there wasn’t much to do.

    Nan Xun originally wanted to sit in the cave and sew clothes, but ever since A’Mang had discovered that her hand was always pricked by the bone needle until it bled, he never let her use a needle again.

    In ancient times, A’Mang was probably the only man who was willing to sew clothes with a bone needle.

    Nan Xun directed him on the side while A’Mang made all kinds of gloves ah, hats ah and scarves ah according to her description. The craftsmanship was so good that he immediately graduated from apprenticeship.

    Little Eight yawned ha and contemptuously said, “You are so lazy that you even let a savage do women’s work.” 

    Nan Xun: “My man loves me so much that he wouldn’t let me do it. I’m helpless ah~”

    Little Eight: “Your tone is really rippling.”

    Nan Xun directly sang and waved at him to show him. “Come ya, let’s mess around ya~ For there is too much scenery~”

    Little Eight: …

    Your mother, it’s this song.

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