The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 221

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by ScallopedPotato

Hehe, Two Fools

    A’Mang put the tiger skin gloves he just made on Nan Xun’s two paws. When he saw that she was getting moldy from being idle, he took her by the hand and led her to the river.

    “A’Mang, what are you doing ya? We aren’t fishing today ah.” Nan Xun looked at him suspiciously.

    A’Mang suddenly grabbed her hand, led her to the ice, and started running.

    Nan Xun exclaimed, then happily laughed and said, “A’Mang, hurry up, hurry up, fun, hahaha…”

    A’Mang ran so fast on the thick ice that he almost slipped halfway, which made Nan Xun even happier.

    Little Eight: “… Two fools.”

    With A’Mang and Little Eight, even in the cold winter Nan Xun had a lot of fun.

    Winter was very long, but Nan Xun felt that the snow in the jungle was melting in the blink of an eye. The most obvious was the ice on the river. As soon as Nan Xun stepped on it she heard a kacha, and A’Mang hurriedly pulled her back.

    The temperature began to rise, and spring arrived.

    Both A’Mang and Nan Xun took off their thick long-sleeved fur coats and replaced them with short-sleeved ones. The two ran through the jungle, watching everything grow and howling with joy.

    Little Eight: “Nan Xun, you really became a savage like him.”

    Nan Xun: “I’m a savage woman. I became a savage to match ah.”

    Little Eight felt powerless after roasting her.

    He was used to Nan Xun’s words, but he didn’t know when their roles were changed. Little Eight was a little sad.

    After a few more days, the snow outside the stone slope had completely melted, and some plants and trees began to sprout.

    A’Mang went out to hunt, while Nan Xun rolled around on the fur bed alone in the cave.

    “Little Eight, you said that this ancient world is full of aura, but why haven’t we seen any spiritual beasts here ah? No matter how bad the quality is, it should at least have a little intelligence like in the first world ah,” Nan Xun asked curiously.

    Little Eight explained, “Without immortals, there cannot be any spiritual beasts. All things in the world are mutually exclusive. The aura here is indeed really rich, but the knowledge isn’t developed ah. Such a smart species like humans haven’t even invented writing yet, let alone animals and plants, but those have long life spans.”

    Nan Xun nodded. “I see, it’s only a long life span. No brains.”

    Little Eight: “…You can say that.”

    Little Eight paused, then continued, “However, there are still some intelligent beasts in this world such as canines and birds—”

    There was a piercing la, and the sound of something sharp cutting through cloth was extremely harsh, interrupting Little Eight’s words.

    Nan Xun turned sharply to look at the entrance.

    The curtain used for wind protection at the cave’s entrance had been cut by some kind of sharp weapon!

    Nan Xun took a closer look and was startled.

    Fu, fuck! What a big bird’s claw! It was twice as big as a human’s hand!

    The sharp claws cut through the solid animal skin, and a bird’s head that was larger than a human’s head entered, followed by its plump body.

    Originally, the entrance could fit two A’Mangs side by side, but now the big bird was squeezed in through it, which was enough to show how large its body was!

    The big bird crowding the cave entrance saw Nan Xun. It gave a long angry cry, and rushed directly at Nan Xun.1Yo, that’s messed up, you a bird and you go hibernate for the winter to somewhere warmer. Then when spring comes, you fly back to your ‘summer home’ or other home and find people took your property over.

    Nan Xun rolled on the ground, dodging in time.

    The bird’s claws were too sharp. If she was caught by them, she would have died from blood loss.

    Little Eight was also nervous. “This is one of the intelligent birds I mentioned to you!”

    A’Mang had just left. It was impossible for him to return at this time, so Nan Xun had to find a way to protect herself.

    After she avoided the bird’s strikes in succession, it was completely enraged, and its beak spewed out fire.

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened, and was startled again.

    Your mother ah, there are even birds who can breathe fire in this ancient world!

    Nan Xun rolled on the spot and dodged the fireball, which burnt the fur hanging on the wall instead.

    Nan Xun unexpectedly applied the Zuili family’s beast taming technique.  

    Although she had no cultivation, she could use this secret method to release her spiritual power.

    Nan Xun tried to communicate with the fierce bird. “Big bird, let’s talk instead!”

    The big bird’s two claws landed on the ground, and the whole bird froze on the spot.

    It was shocked that this woman’s voice actually transmitted into its mind.  It clearly wasn’t in bird language, but it understood!

    After the big bird was surprised, it angrily said, “This is Laozi’s nest. You took advantage of when Laozi went to the South to spend the winter there and occupied this place. You’re courting death!”

    “I didn’t know this was your nest. It’s because by the time I came, you were already gone,” Nan Xun patiently explained, and said with a sincere expression, “Beautiful big bird, if I knew this was your territory, I definitely wouldn’t have occupied it.”

    The big bird’s two round eyes stared straight at her. “Humph! Forget it, seeing that you cleaned out this hole so well, as long as you scram immediately, I won’t eat you.”

    Nan Xun heard the word “eat” and her mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

    It turns out that this big bird is really a carnivore.

    “Beautiful big uncle bird, can I ask out of curiosity, why do you live in a cave instead of a tree?”

    The big bird impatiently replied, “Have you ever seen a big bird like me build a nest on a tree? A tree can’t shelter a bird’s nest from wind and rain. Although the entrance of this cave is a bit small, and I have to put in some effort every time I enter, it can keep out the wind and rain.”

    If it wasn’t for A’Mang really liking this cave, Nan Xun really would pat her ass and leave. She pondered about it for a moment and said, “Big uncle bird, since this cave isn’t very comfortable to live in, wouldn’t it be better if I build you a bird’s nest that can keep out the wind and rain?”

    Nan Xun pointed to the tree house opposite of the cave. “Like that kind of nest. I’ll make the entrance very big, so you won’t have to force yourself to squeeze in.”

    The big bird’s IQ wasn’t very high. When it heard that there would be a more comfortable place for it to live, it immediately agreed.

    There was a lot of space in the cave. After reaching an agreement with Nan Xun, it obediently found a corner to rest in. 

    When A’Mang return from hunting, the first thing he saw was the big carnivorous bird in the cave. His face suddenly changed, and he directly raised his spear to stab it.

    Nan Xun quickly grabbed him. “A’Mang, don’t aggravate it. This bird can breathe fire!”

    When Nan Xun finished building the bird’s nest, A’Mang looked at her strangely. “A’Xi, you can talk to beasts. Are you really…a witch?”

    Nan Xun wanted to smash her fist into his face, but soon realized something was wrong. If people found out she was a “witch”, they would be afraid and want to burn her to death. But how come A’Mang’s eyes burned with a strange heat?

    “A’Mang, what would you do if I was really a witch?” Nan Xun suddenly admitted her “identity” on a whim.

    A’Mang fiercely hugged her in his arms. His voice was filled with strange excitement. “A’Xi, I knew it! I knew that the woman I fancy is extraordinary. You turned out to be a witch! A’Xi, you surprise me so much!”

    Nan Xun: …

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