The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 222

Translated by Novice Translations

Proofread by ScallopedPotato

New Neighbor, Big Bird and Python

    Little Eight asked, “Nan Xun, did your man burn his brain? Witches ah, the ancients fear those demon emissaries the most. He’s not only unafraid, but very excited?”

    Nan Xun: “Don’t say that about him. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. He just likes me, so he doesn’t mind my identity.”

    Nan Xun hugged A’Mang’s neck, leaned close to his ear, and explained with a chuckle, “A’Mang, although I’m a witch, I’m a good witch oh. A witch who brings happiness and joy to mankind.”

    A’Mang immediately replied, “I don’t care whether you’re good or bad. Anyway, I’ve already decided you will be the woman in my life!”

    A’Mang was very excited after discovering that Nan Xun was really a witch. He seemed to have a lot of energy. Thus, when he built the house for the big bird, he hummed a small tune like a kid.

    Nan Xun wanted to hand him something, but he took her aside and sat her down. “A’Xi, don’t move. Let me do it all.”

    Nan Xun watched him work. When she was hungry, she made a fire to roast some meat. The big bird squatted beside her and its round eyes were fixed on the barbecue in her hand.

    “Big uncle bird, thank you for helping me start the fire.” Nan Xun glanced at the big bird.

    Big Bird: “In the future, if you need a fire, directly tell Laozi. Laozi will breathe fire.”

    After that, the big bird suddenly patted Nan Xun with its wings and said, “Hey human, can Laozi have a taste of that meat? It smells so good.”

    Nan Xun was almost shoved by it into the fire.

    Your mother, the strength of this big bird is really strong.

    When Nan Xun was done roasting, she gave half the barbecue to it and the rest to the hardworking A’Mang.

    “Tweet, tweet tweet, the meat roasted in a fire is delicious ah! Laozi will exclusively start fires for you in the future!” the big bird praised.

    Nan Xun thought that the big bird’s IQ might be that of a five or six-year-old child. It only knew how to eat, sleep, and be bought off by a little bit of barbecue.

    The bird house was very simple to build. It was in the shape of a house with one door. The big bird could easily get in without craning its head.

    The big bird was very satisfied with its new nest and his favorability towards A’Mang and Nan Xun skyrocketed.

    As a result, Nan Xun and A’Mang had a big bird neighbor from then onwards.  

    The big bird liked to eat the barbecue made by A’Mang and Nan Xun. In order to show its worth, it soared into the sky, and before long there were two more animals similar to a rabbit and cat in its claws.

    A’Mang prepared the food the big bird contributed and roasted them in the fire. Then the big bird squatted on the side and watched him.

    When the meat was roasted and oozing oil, the big bird couldn’t wait to pounce on it and ignored being scalded. It pecked at it like a starving ghost.

    Halfway through the meal, the big bird suddenly stretched its neck, and its eyes warily stared towards the depths of the jungle.

    The rustling sound of friction was amplified in the quiet jungle, accompanied by the occasional one or two la sounds from the fire.

    A’Mang stood up and immediately pulled Nan Xun behind him, clenching the spear in his hand, and entering a state that was ready for combat at any time.

    When the thing finally showed itself, Nan Xun recognized the beast almost immediately.

    This is the python that swallowed A’Bao before!

    The python slithered from the grass and stopped moving. Instead, it swayed its head towards Nan Xun’s direction and spat out its forked tongue.

    After seeing the giant python, A’Mang relaxed a little. Among all the beasts in the jungle, he was the least afraid of snakes, because these things were slow when facing him and they had a natural fear towards him. When his A’Da was still alive, he said that it was because he was born a warrior and warriors were feared by snakes and insects.1A’Da referring to one’s father in this ancient world…

    The giant python had no malice. A’Mang who had been through a lot of battles, could interpret this from its relaxed body. 

    Nan Xun suddenly came closer and poked his arm, “A’Mang, this is the python that swallowed A’Bao.”

    A’Mang suddenly turned to look at her, then looked at the python again.

    After a while, A’Mang said, “A’Xi, can you please tell the python for me that I’m very grateful because it appeared in time to eat A’Bao and prevented you from having an accident.”

    Nan Xun was stunned. “A’Mang, I thought the death of A’Bao would make you feel a little sad.”

    A’Mang looked at her in surprise. “A’Xi, why did you think that? He wanted to hurt you damn it! If he had survived, then I would have killed him.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Her and A’Mang’s brain circuits were really different, completely different.

    Nan Xun expressed A’Mang’s gratitude to the python.

    There was shock in the python’s eyes, and its head peeped up at her. The voice in Nan Xun’s mind was very excited. “You can understand my snake language! Could it be…that you’re our snake ancestor?”

    The python’s voice was elderly.

    The corner of Nan Xun’s mouth twitched. Snake ancestor?

    How did this stupid python come to this conclusion? She and the snake were obviously two different species, okay!

    The python explained, “You have a faint smell on your body, it smells good. It makes snakes want to get close to you, but the man next to you, his smell makes all snakes afraid.”

    Nan Xun glanced at A’Mang and didn’t know how to answer at first. Then she went “oh” and replied, “Thank you for your affection.”

    Thus, this stupid and cute python also settled down in a small cave under the rock slope and became Nan Xun’s new neighbor.

    In order to facilitate communication, Nan Xun gave the big bird and snake names. They were called Big Gray and Big Black.

    The big bird was a little arrogant and liked to be close to A’Mang, who was the breadwinner, even though it couldn’t communicate with him. On the other hand, the elderly python was closer to Nan Xun and always played with her in the grass.

    Nan Xun sat on the python, her legs crossed and her hands around the python’s neck.  

    The python quickly slithered through the grass and Nan Xun had a great time riding it.

    However, Nan Xun’s good mood was interrupted after seeing a few familiar faces. They were from the cannibal tribe and there were seven in total. Nan Xun recognized the two women.

    After seeing the python and Nan Xun riding it, the women screamed, sitting on the ground in shock. Then the men raised their spears one after another.

    Nan Xun didn’t want any more trouble, so she patted the python’s head and said, “Big Black, let’s turn around and go back.”

    The python angrily raised a third of its body, lifting Nan Xun up high, overlooking those people.

    After a moment of confrontation, the python turned around and left.

    After traversing a long distance, Nan Xun vaguely heard A’Hua’s cry.

    She asked her, “is A’Mang still alive?”

    Nan Xun almost collapsed; it couldn’t be that she thought he was also swallowed alive?

    Nan Xun didn’t tell A’Mang about her encounter with those people and A’Hua. She thought they were merely passing by, and she also didn’t want to mention it. But after three days, they actually found them.

    Those seven people were shocked by the sight in front of them.

    They had never seen anything like the beautiful tree house, and the suspension bridge between the tree house and the stone cave was also very strange. They saw A’Mang and Nan Xun, but also the big bird squatting beside them, along with the black giant python coiled into a lump.

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