The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 223

Translated by Novice Translations

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Encircle and Annihilate, Brawl

    The witch A’Xi looked more beautiful than before. After a very cold winter, her skin had become plumper and fairer. It was in sharp contrast to themselves, as they had lost a lot of weight due to hunger.

    Several people were afraid of the witch and the big bird and python beside her, but the joy of seeing A’Mang again gave them the courage to boldly approach them.

    Perhaps they were fearless because what they had experienced was much more terrible than witchcraft and beasts.

    The men looked at A’Mang and one of them said, “A’Mang, go back. The cannibals are no longer united like in the past. The new clan leader is incompetent and squanders the stored food. He can’t lead the men to hunt enough prey in the winter. At the most difficult time, he even directly killed two wounded warriors in the tribe and had the clan eat them. The clan is starving and went so far as to actually compromise!”

    A’Hua also said with red eyes, “In the past, the eating burial was glorious for warriors after they died in battle, but now… the Patriarch. We have already thought about it. If you’re willing to go back, we will follow you. If you’re not willing, we won’t return to the tribe.” 

    “I don’t want to go back. I like living outside with A’Xi.” A’Mang didn’t want to, and bluntly refused the clansman without hesitation.

    Nan Xun saw that they were dirty and speculated that they had rushed here within a few days, so she said to them, “It’s getting late. You should rest here for the night.”

    They had anticipated A’Mang’s refusal, but didn’t expect that A’Xi didn’t hate them and actively offered to let them stay the night.

    A’Mang entertained them with barbecue. Nan Xun also took out her fruit wine which she had been keeping for a long time. Everyone sat around the fire. The big bird also joined them. The python was afraid of fire, so it went back to its nest first.

    The men talked about what happened to the cannibal tribe recently, while A’Mang listened indifferently.

    What did other people’s life and death have to do with him? He didn’t put them in that situation.

    The cave was given to the seven clansmen. When they entered the cave through the suspension bridge, they were shocked by the luxury.

    Early the next morning, A’Mang sent them away.

    He returned when it was almost dark.

    “I found two caves for them. It’s only half a day away from us,” A’Mang said.

    Nan Xun was puzzled. “A’Mang, why didn’t you let them stay here? If they want, they can live in the treehouse.”

    A’Mang touched her head and said sincerely, “It’s because they tried to hurt you before, and I also don’t want outsiders to disturb us.”

    Nan Xun was very moved after listening to the first half of his statement, but after hearing the latter half, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

    Little Eight went “yi hee hee,” then said, “I know, I understand. When there are outsiders, it’s not good to do those things. I counted ah, in the cave, in the treehouse, in the small river, in the big tree, in the grass…If Grandpa wasn’t here, I don’t know how many babies you would bear! A litter of savages, hehe.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Nan Xun didn’t pay attention to the small episode of their previous clansman, but over the last two days, Nan Xun always had a premonition something bad would happen.

    “Little Eight, my right eyelid always jumps, is something bad going to happen?”1The eyelid jumping is an idiom meaning bad premonition/omen/disaster.

    Little Eight replied, “You wait, I’ll take a look.”  

    After looking, Little Eight exclaimed, “I saw a group of cannibals—20 to 30 savages with spears! I don’t know who leaked your home. They are coming directly this way. Their goal is you and A’Mang!”

    At this time, Big Grey, who had gone out to hunt prey, also swooped down hurriedly. “A’Xi, no good! The cannibals are coming for us!”

    A’Mang listened to Nan Xun and was a little surprised. He didn’t understand why his former tribe would target them after they left the clan.

    “A’Xi, go back to the cave first!”

    A’Mang sent Nan Xun into the cave, then cut the suspension bridge connecting it to the treehouse with a knife.

    Nan Xun exclaimed, “A’Mang, what are you doing?”

    A’Mang looked back at her and said in a deep voice, “A’Xi, don’t go anywhere. You stay here.”

    After that, he turned around and jumped out of the cave.

    Seven or eight meters in height was nothing to him. He landed steadily on the ground with a spear in one hand and a stone knife in the other.

    Nan Xun was so anxious that she poked her head from the cave and yelled at him, “A’Mang, come back to me! Do you hear me!”

    A’Mang ignored her, but Nan Xun talked with the big bird. “Big Grey, can you fly over and take me down?”

    The big bird chirped a few times. “You just hide in the cave. The stupid snake and I will help your man.”

    The python angrily said, “Damn bird, who did you say is a stupid snake?”

    Nan Xun: …

    It didn’t take long for the new Patriarch to lead a group of 20 to 30 savages to surround their home.

    “Look ah, A’Mang really is collaborating with the wild beasts in the jungle!” A savage pointed at the python and big bird.

    Another savage shouted, “A’Mang, hand over the witch. Hand over that woman! Do you know what she did to our people? Half of our people are sick and now more than 20 people have died!”

    “He hasn’t been A’Mang for a long time! He’s been bewitched and has been converted into another demon envoy. Those two brought hunger and disease to our tribe!” the new Patriarch shouted.

    “Yes! Kill A’Mang! Kill that woman! As long as they are dead, our tribe will be saved!”

    The warriors of the cannibal tribe roared.

    When Nan Xun heard these words, she secretly scolded them for their ignorance. They wanted to kill them ah, for a plague that infected their cannibal tribe.

    She looked at A’Mang and the group of savages confronting him, and was worried in her heart. 

    A’Mang wasn’t a reckless person. Maybe he really was strong enough to deal with so many savages. Besides, Big Grey and Big Black were helping him. However, Nan Xun was afraid of something else.

    What if one of these people is infected with the plague and infects A’Mang?

    A’Mang didn’t talk nonsense with this group of barbarians. He directly raised his spear and clashed with them together with Big Black and Big Grey. 

    Nan Xun had never seen A’Mang fight against a beast, but now ah, she was shocked by the man in front of her.

    He killed people without batting an eye. Sometimes he would kill with a single move. Even if these warriors had fought alongside him in the past, they were regarded as enemies by him after they betrayed him.

    The fight was brutal and bloody. The ground was soon covered with corpses and a river of blood flowed.

    The remaining few cannibals wanted to escape, but Big Grey flew and broke their backs with its claws. Their entire bodies were almost crushed in two.

    Twenty or thirty savages came, but now there were none left. They all died there.

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